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Bunch Y-DNA Project: Participants, Patriarchs & Pedigrees



The great usefulness of y-DNA surname projects lies in combining information derived from genealogical research ("paper trail" genealogy, which is indispensible but relatively fallible) with information obtained from genetic testing (which is essentially infallible but relatively meaningless without paper connections). DNA testing can confirm paper trails, disconfirm them outright, or point to the need for further research; DNA testing can also show common descendancy where none was previously suspected. But, ultimately, it's traditional genealogical research that must make sense of DNA test results. This is the essence of "genetic genealogy."

This page contains patriarchal pedigree trees for the participants in the Bunch Y-DNA Surname Project, as well as for a number of lines of interest to the project. The trees with lines descending to project participants are (with one single exception) segregated by both genetic lines and paper trails: If project participants share a patriarchal ancestor on paper but have y-DNA results at odds with that, they are placed in separate trees; similarly, if participants are connected by y-DNA results but not by a paper trail, they (must necessarily) appear in separate trees.

Prior to 2015, only trees of patriarchs descending to project participants were included, and (with one or two exceptions) only those descendant lines ending in a project participant were shown. Trees were listed without title, description, or explanatory notes, and were sorted strictly by the birthdate of the patriarch at the tree's root (oldest patriarchs first). This organization made it difficult to discern participants who were connected by y-DNA results but not a paper trail, and impossible to identify trees/participants that were closely related on paper but separated by y-DNA results indicating a likely non-paternity event (NPE).

Near the end of 2014, it was concluded that using a different organization and including trees researched on paper but not represented by any project participants might, 1) provide a better way to show lines connected by  y-DNA results  but not by a paper trail, 2) provide SOME way to show lines connected by a paper trail but separated by y-DNA results, 3) provide a place for recording and sharing notes about paper trail research, whether already conducted or planned for the future, and, 4) hopefully encourage participant recruitment, especially for unrepresented lines and trees.

Toward those goals, a reorganization was begun in November 2014, and is currently ongoing. As before, only project participants who are connected by both a paper trail and y-DNA results are shown together in the same tree. However, trees representing project participants have now been given names and grouped together by y-DNA results (SNP haplogroups). This provides a better coordination between the trees shown here and the project's result table. In addition, a section of supplementary notes has been appended, with hypertext links between trees and their corresponding notes. A table of contents has also been added to provide an overview of the trees and notes, with links to them. Finally, trees that have been researched on paper, but are unrepresented by DNA results, will now be included (appearing at the end of the table of contents in dark gray font) -- hopefully, individuals conducting an internet search on their ancestors might come across these and be motivated to become project participants.



Table of Contents

Tree/Lineage Name

Tree/Lineage Description

Project Participants

Hypertext Links

Haplogroup C3 - Unmatched     ----- -----
     Tree 1 George G. Bunch of Augusta County, VA  B-0054 Link to Tree Link to Notes
Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I The "Old Line" - White Americans with an African Patriarch   ----- Link to Notes
     Tree 1 The Virginia Line & Link to the Corolinians  B-0002, B-0004, B-0008, B-0023, B-0028 Link to Tree Link to Notes
    B-0037, B-0041, B-0049, B-0059, B-0061    
    B-0065, B-0066, B-0068, B-0086, B-0087    
     Tree 2 Henry Bunch of Bertie County, NC  B-0001, B-0034 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 3 The Bunches (and Moores) of Wayne County, MS  B-0011, B-0072 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 4 The Bunches of Wilkinson County, MS  B-0035 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 5 Valentine Collins of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky  B-0018 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 6 Jesse Graham/Grimes of Virginia and Kentucky  B-0029 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 7 Solomon Bunch of Whitley County, KY  B-0053 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 8 Laford Bunch of Charleston County, SC  B-0032 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 9 The Bunches of Anderson County, TN  B-0005, B-0014, B-0021, B-0060 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 10 Meredith Bunch of Giles County, TN  B-0088 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 11 George Washington Nelson of Greenup County, KY  B-0015, B-0016, B-0019, B-0020, B-0058 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 12 Thomas Jefferson Richardson of Ohio and Tennessee  B-0017 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 13 James B. Bunch of Chowan County, NC  B-0025 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 14 William W. Bunch of Colleton County, SC  B-0076 Link to Tree Link to Notes
     Tree 15 William "the Patriot" Nuckols of Goochland County, VA  ----- Link to Tree Link to Notes



Patriarch Trees



The trees below are divided into two sections: Trees that include project participants first, followed by trees that don't.

In the first group, trees may include some lines that don't descend to participants as well as the lines that do. Lines that do ultimately run to a participant appear in teal font. Lines that don't go to a participant are shown in a shade of gray: Dark gray if there's a reasonable possibility of recruiting someone to represent that line, light gray if there isn't (e.g., a line without issue or that "daughtered out").

Superscript numerals (1, 2, 3...) following names indicate generations. The name at the root of each tree is shown in bold red with superscript 1 (first generation). For parallel lines headed by brothers, the brothers' names are bolded. Following on from the root, a sequential rainbow coloring scheme (orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) is used to help visually match names of brothers with parallel lines running to project participants. Note that as this works out in practice, a color might be used for third generation brothers (say) in one branch of a tree where it's used for fourth generation brothers in a different branch.

A terminal twig running to a participant will show his project ID in bold red (e.g., B-0008) -- project IDs can be cross-referenced back to the project's result table. The name heading such a twig will typically (but not always) be the participant's grandfather. E-mail contact information for correspondence about particular branches is indicated in bold black font at the head of a branch. The project administrators may be contacted with questions about any tree or branch shown.



  Haplogroup C3 - Unmatched - Tree 1

George G. Bunch of Augusta County, VA

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  • George G. Bunch1 b c1817 Louisa Co. VA d 1880 Staunton VA m Frances A. Lawrence - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
    • George Henry Bunch2 b c1843 Augusta Co. VA d 1908 Jefferson Co. AL m1 Annie Taylor m2 Mary Ann Beville
      • Edward Mercer Bunch3 [Annie Taylor] b 1868 Lynchburg VA d 1937 Lynchburg VA m Ola Lee Parrish
        • George H. Bunch4 b 1892 Lynchburg VA d 1956 Lynchburg VA m Nellie Zeigler
        • Booker Parrish Bunch4 b 1894 Lynchburg VA d c1951 Lynchburg VA m Mary V. Manning   B-0054
    • Millard Fillmore Bunch2 b c1857 Augusta Co. VA d ???? m ????
    • Willie Lee Bunch2 b c1863 Staunton VA d 1888 Staunton VA m ????



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 1

The Virginia Line and Link to the Carolinians

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  • John Bunch1 b c1630, acquired 450 acres in New Kent Co. VA 1662 (arrived Lancaster Co. VA c1651?)
    • John Bunch2 b c1662 prob. New Kent Co. VA (m Temperance Bates?)
      • John Bunch3 b c1690 New Kent Co., VA, d c1741 Hanover Co. VA m Rebecca (Harrison?)
        • John Bunch4 b c1716 New Kent Co. VA d c1777 Louisa Co. VA
        • William Bunch4 b c1718 New Kent Co. VA d c1775 Virginia m "Febe" (Phoebe Gibson?)
          • David Bunch5 b c1751 Louisa Co. VA d c1826 Grainger Co. TN
          • Martin Bunch5 b c1753 Louisa Co. VA d 1814 Claiborne Co. TN m Ann/Nancy (Hatch?) - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
            • David Winslow Bunch6 b c1795 Henry Co. VA d 1855 Clark Co. AR m Heister Midkiff
              • Jesse Hamilton Bunch7 b 1819 Claiborne Co. TN d 1912 Lampasas Co. TX   B-0086
          • Winslow Bunch5 b c1757 Louisa Co. VA d c1815 Grainger Co. TN m Selah
          • Winston Bunch5 b c1759 Louisa Co. VA d c1830 Clark Co. KY m Eliza (Bunch?)
        • Henry Bunch4 b c1720 Hanover Co. VA d c1785 Bedford Co. VA m Ann (Calloway?)
          • Zachariah Bunch5 b c1751 Louisa Co. VA d c1795 Clark Co. KY m Saby
          • Joseph Bunch5 b c1753 Louisa Co. VA d c1819 Hardin Co. KY m Sarah
          • Richard Bunch5 b c1759 Bedford Co. VA d c1815 Washington Co. KY m Mary
          • Charles Bunch5 b c1761 Bedford Co. VA d c1801 Warren Co. KY m ???
          • George Bunch5 b c1764 Bedford Co. VA d c1835 Warren Co. KY m1 Hannah Hibbs m2 Elizabeth Spencer
          • Calloway Bunch5 b c1766 Bedford Co. VA d c1807 Mercer Co. KY m Mrs. Ann Henderson
          • James Bunch5 b c1768 Bedford Co. VA d c1797 Nelson Co. KY m Ruth Hibbs
          • Simeon Bunch5 b 9 Sep 1775 Bedford Co. VA d 16 Oct 1834 Warren Co. KY m Celia Boone
        • David Bunch4 b 24 Jun 1722 Hanover Co. VA m Mary Jane Hughson
          • John Bunch5 b c1747 Louisa Co. VA d 1820 Louisa Co. VA m Hannah Cruze
          • Joseph Martin Bunch5 b 15 Jun 1748/49  Louisa Co. VA m Molly Anderson
            • Tarleton Bunch6 b c1783 Louisa Co.,VA d 28 Aug 1852 Perry Co. TN m Mary Beaver - Kelly Stern [kstern AT]
              • William Bunch7 b 14 Nov 1817 Dickson Co. TN d c1892 Saline Co. AR m Lucy Jane Mays
                • David H. Bunch8 b 29 May 1856 Logan Co. AR d 11 Mar 1901 Garvin Co. OK m Marenda H. Harris
                  • Elihu Bunch9 b 6 Mar 1882 Logan Co. AR d 2 Jan 1962 Garvin Co. OK m Lee Largent   B-0061
            • Joseph Anderson Bunch6 b 14 Mar 1788 Louisa Co. VA m Sarah Bunch - Brent Howard Bunch [brent.howard.bunch AT]
              • John M. Bunch7 b 10 May 1827 Grainger Co. TN m Sarah Denton
                • John Howard Bunch8 b 25 Dec 1861 Perry Co. TN m Rachel Elizabeth Horner
                  • Thetus Sims Bunch9 b 17 Jun 1899 Perry Co. TN m Willie Larlene Whitwell   B-0004
          • Pouncey Bunch5 b 15 Jan 1750/51 Louisa Co. VA m Elizabeth Bunch (cousin) - Dean Bunch [deanboggsbunch AT]
            • Suprey Bunch6 b c1774 Louisa Co. VA d 1841 Louisa Co. VA m Clarissa Bunch (cousin)
              • Richard Bunch7 b c 1820 Louisa Co. VA d c1848 m Sarah McClain?
                • †† Zachariah Americanus Bunch8 b 24 Feb 1848 Fluvanna Co. VA d 14 Feb 1926 Cabell Co. WV m Martha Garland Walker
                  • Walker Franklin Bunch9 b 26 May 1875 Louisa Co. VA d 12 Aug 1963 Duval Co. FL m Susan Swope   B-0049
          • William Bunch5 b 30 Nov 1752 Louisa Co. VA d 15 Dec 1831 Guilford Co. NC m Nancy Moore
          • David Bunch5 b 25 Mar 1759 Louisa Co. VA d c1835 Louisa Co. VA m Judith Bunch (cousin)
          • Anthony Bunch5 b 19 Nov 1762 Louisa Co. VA d 1827 Louisa Co. VA m1 Mary Bunch (cousin) m2 Mary Barnett
          • Thomas Bunch5 b 17 Feb 1765 Louisa Co. VA d c1835 Monroe Co. TN m Jennie
          • Nathaniel Bunch5 b 25 Jul 1767 Louisa Co. VA d 1833 Louisa Co. VA
          • Paul Bunch5 b 28 May 1772 Louisa Co. VA d 17 Jul 1802 Louisa Co. VA m Mary Hancock
        • James Bunch4 b c1724 Hanover Co. VA d c1802 Bedford Co. VA m Mary
          • James Bunch5 b c1768 Louisa Co. VA d 1838 Bedford Co. VA m Susannah Coffer
        • Samuel Bunch4 b c1726 Hanover Co. VA d 1783 Louisa Co. VA m Mary (Hudson? Moore?)
          • James Bunch5 b 1750 Louisa Co. VA d c1820 Knox Co. KY m Elizabeth Ann Asher - Linda Bunch [lindonos AT]
            • George Bunch6 b c1794 Clay Co. KY d c1849 Missouri m Nancy Maupin
              • Stokely Dallison Bunch7 b c1834 Missouri d 1910 Grays Harbor Co. WA m Sarah I. Pickens
                • Howard Stokely Bunch8 b 1868 Oregon d 1927 Grays Harbor Co. WA m Margaret E. McNally   B-0041
          • John Bunch5 b c1752 Louisa Co. VA d c1804 Grainger Co. TN m Mary Asher
          • Samuel Bunch5 b c1754 Louisa Co. VA d c1794 Louisa Co. VA m Salley
          • George Bunch5 b c1764 Louisa Co. VA d c1820 Knox Co. KY m Sally Sargent
          • Charles Bunch5 b 1765 Louisa Co. VA d c1812 Grainger Co. TN m Mary Bellamy
            • Nathaniel Bunch6 b 1793 Louisa Co. VA d 1859 Newton Co. AR m Sarah Wade Ray - ResearchingBunch [ResearchingBunch AT]
              • Charles Robert Bunch7 b 1815 Overton Co. TN d c1880 Newton Co. AR m Mary A. Coffman - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
                • James Larkin Bunch8 b c1847 Carroll Co. AR d 1921 Newton Co. AR m Mary (Maxwell? Moore?)
                  • Oliver Larkin Bunch9 b c1899 Carroll Co. AR d 1990 Eddy Co. NM m Lois Audrey Berry   B-0059
              • Nathaniel Bunch7 b 1824 Overton Co. TN d 1896 Newton Co. AR m Orlena Newberry
                • Lewis C. Bunch8 b 1846 Newton Co. AR d 1913 Carroll Co. AR m Nancy Jane Stamps
                  • James Stamps Bunch9 b 1874 Carroll Co. AR d 1941 Muskogee Co. OK m Dora Alice Walters
                    • Charlie (Charley) Lewis Bunch 10 b 1913 Muskogee Co. OK d 1969 Muskogee Co. OK m Lucille Woodward   B-0002
            • Charles Albert Bunch6 b 1798 Grainger Co. TN d 1877 Walla Walla, Washington Territory m Kathryn "Katie" Carlock - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
              • James Calvin Bunch7 b 29 Sep 1827 Overton Co. TN d 1897 Santa Rosa Co. FL m Mary Ann Saunders
                • William H. Bunch8 b 16 Jan 1856 Polk Co. MO d 1938 Washington Co. OR m Elizabeth Louise Roberts   B-0023
                • Frank S. Bunch8 b 11 Feb 1865 Lyon Co. KS d 1933 Coos Co. OR m Mary Elva Leek
                  • John P. Bunch9 b 14 Jul 1904 Coos Co. OR d 1976 Malheur Co. OR m Velda Marie Schroeder   B-0008   B-0037   B-0065   B-0066   B-0068   B-0087
    • Paul Bunch2 b c1664 prob. New Kent Co. VA d 1726 Chowan Co. NC - Mike Bunch [sundownersc AT]
      • John Bunch3 b c1692 prob. King William Co. VA d c1760 Amelia Township SC m Mary ???
        • Gideon Bunch4 b c1714 perhaps New Kent Co. VA d c1775 prob. Berkeley Co. SC m Mary (Gilmore?)
          • Daniel Bunch5 b c1755 prob. Orange Co. NC d c1816 South Carolina m Amy Joyner
            • Peter Bunch6 b 1794 Holly Hill (Orangeburg CO.) SC d 1861 South Carolina m Betsy Lewis
              • Middleton Bunch7 b 1825 Holly Hill (Orangeburg Co.) SC d 1907 South Carolina m Henrietta Evens
                • Emory C. Bunch8 b 1853 Holly Hill (Orangeburg Co.) SC d 1929 South Carolina m Joanna Laquire
                  • Oswald G. Bunch9 b 1898 Orangeburg Co. SC d 1978 South Carolina m Janie Savage   B-0028


Most sources attribute Winston Bunch as a son of John Bunch III's son Henry, based on a claim (apparently unsubtantiated) made in a membership application to the Daughters of the American Revolution (national member number 181229) that Winston was born in Bedford County, Virginia. If that were in fact true, then Winston would indeed most likely have been Henry's son. However, actual records for Winston place him in the area of Albemarle (military service) and Louisa (his son David's marriage) Counties before he moved on to Clark County, Kentucky. I suspect the claim that he was born in Bedford County is ultimately an inference based on associating Winston with one of Henry's sons (Zachariah) in Clark County. If Winston was actually born and raised in the Louisa/Albemarle area he would most likely have been a son of Henry's brother William (the other 4 brothers in that neck of the woods left wills which named their children). Winston fits better among William's sons for another reason: Of William's other three sons, two (Martin and Winslow) were apparently named for families living in the Louisa/Albemarle area, or perhaps for military acquaintances -- Winston also seems to follow this pattern. On the other hand, with the exception of Calloway, Henry's apparently numerous sons were all given Biblical or common English names. The William/Winslow/Winston alliteration is also hard to ignore. While this is far from an airtight argument, until records come to light that more definitely place Winston in Bedford County, I'm inclined to place him among William's sons.    <return>

†† The line given here for Zachariah follows the research of R. H. Bunch, and also of one of Zachariah's grandsons. It's supported by Zachariah's death certificate which indicates that his father's name was Richard. The fact that Zachariah and his sister lived for awhile with Samuel C. and Marina Bunch (see the 1860 and 1870 federal censuses) can perhaps be understood by noting that Samuel would have been Richard's maternal uncle (so grand uncle to Zachariah and Willie). In "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West," Alice Park places Zachariah Americanus Bunch as the son of Americanus F. Bunch through the line John Bunch III => David Bunch => David Bunch => Samuel C. Bunch => Americanus F. Bunch. This is based no doubt in part on their names and ages, but also on the strong evidence that Zachariah and his sister Willie are listed in the 1860 census among the household of Robert and Sarah Mitchell (Sarah was the widow of Americanus F. Bunch -- Zachariah also appears in a separate 1860 listing with Samuel C. and Marina Bunch, presumably his grandparents). In the 1870 census, Zachariah and Willie were living with Marina Bunch, widow of Samuel C. Bunch (and presumably their grandmother). Confirmatory research on this line continues.    <return>



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 2

Henry Bunch of Bertie County, NC

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  • Henry Bunch1 b c1690 prob. Virginia d c Jun 1775 Bertie Co. NC - Snowden Bunch [BunchDNA AT]
    • Jeremiah Bunch2 b c 1715 d c Mar 1796 Bertie Co. NC
      • William Bunch3 b c 1740 Bertie Co. NC d c 1816 Bertie Co. NC m Mary Bunch (cousin?)
      • Henry Bunch3 b c 1742 Bertie Co. NC d c 1815 Orange Co. NC m Eleanor Bayson
      • Jeremiah Bunch3 b c 1744 Bertie Co. NC d 1809 Bertie Co. NC m Judith Hill 14 Feb 1765 Chowan Co. NC
        • Solomon Bunch4 b 18 Oct 1775 d 11 Mar 1864 m Ann Brown
          • James Whitfield Bunch5 b 7 Mar 1833 m Mattie Minerva Ledbetter
            • Henry Ross Bunch6 d 1966 m Hilda Meacham
        • Jeremiah Bunch4 b c1778 Bertie Co. NC d 18 Apr 1863 m Judah Hannah - Jeff Bunch [jeff.bunch AT]
          • Jeremiah M. Bunch5 b c1823 Bertie Co. NC d c1888 m Narcissa Bunch (daughter of Nehemiah Bunch)
            • Washington Lafayette Bunch6 b 2 May 1848 Bertie Co. NC d 1922 m Katie Nicholson
              • Luther G. Bunch7 b 14 Mar 1882, Bertie Co., NC d 1954 m Mary Elizabeth Hoggard
                • Wayland Mitchell Bunch8 b 5 May 1909 Bertie Co. NC d 1975 m Alice Estelle Weathersbee   B-0034
      • Nehemiah Bunch3 b c 1746 Bertie Co. NC d c 1815 Bertie Co. NC
      • Frederick Bunch3 b c 1748 Bertie Co. NC d c Feb 1810 Bertie Co. NC
        • David Bunch4 b 3 Aug 1787 Bertie Co. NC d 26 Oct 1853 SC m Winifred Pierce
          • John Frederick Bunch5 b 11 Sep 1825 SC m Anne Elizabeth Mealing
            • George Austin Bunch6 b 7 Nov 1853 SC m Margaret Melona Tillman   B-0001
    • Embrey Bunch2 b c 1730 prob. Bertie Co. NC d 1789 Bertie Co. NC m Elizabeth ???
      • Micajah Bunch3 b c 1760 Bertie Co. NC prob. to Christian Co. KY c 1803
      • Zadock Bunch3 b c 1766 Bertie Co. NC d c 1801 Bertie Co. NC



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 3

The Bunches (and Moores) of Wayne County, MS

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  • ********** Lovet Bunch1 b c1750 (North Carolina?) d c1805 Barnwell District SC - George Young [oldhiker50 AT]
    • George W. Bunch2 b c1773 South Carolina d after 1850 Wayne Co. MS m Elizabeth Wild
      • Lovick "Love" Bunch3 b 7 Mar 1823 Wayne Co. MS d 15 Mar 1892 Wayne Co. MS m Elizabeth Ann McRae
        • George William Bunch4 b 16 Jun 1848 Wayne Co. MS d 1 May 1907 Stone Co. MS m G. Prudence Davis
          • Robert Perry Bunch5 b c1871 Wayne Co., MS, d 5 Feb 1923 Vernon Parish, LA m Noeli M. Baudry   B-0072
          • Andrew "Charles Moore" Bunch5 b 1 Mar 1885 Wayne Co. MS d 2 Feb 1960 Ventura Co. CA m Hazel Sweezy   B-0011



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 4

The Bunches of Wilkinson County, MS

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  • Elijah Bunch1 b c1748 (South Carolina?) d c1815 Mississippi Territory - Melvin Hopkins [melvinhopkins AT]
    • Jacob Bunch2 b c1780 (South Carolina?) d 1824 Wilkinson Co. MS m Rebecca
      • Dennis Bunch3 b c1815 Wilkinson Co. MS d c1875 m (2) Mary Jane Welch c1850 Wilkinson Co. MS
        • George Moses Bunch4 b 28 Jan 1859 Wilkinson Co. MS d 1932 m Josephine Knight 1881 Wilkinson Co. MS   B-0035



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 5

Valentine Collins of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky

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  • Valentine Collins1 b c1765 Wilkes Co. NC d Kentucky m Lucidia "Dicey" Gibson - Don Collins [dacollins7 AT]
    • David Collins2 b 1807 Floyd Co. KY d ca 1875 Johnson Co. KY m Mary "Polly" Dale
      • Hiram (Herrison) Collins3 b 1835 Floyd Co. KY d 28 Apr 1863 Lawrence Co. KY m Mary "Polly" Caudill
        • Andrew B. "Cap" Collins4 b 6 Mar 1862 Johnson Co. KY d 23 Oct 1937 Lewis Co. KY m Georgia Ann Collins
          • Tinbrook Collins5 b 19 Dec 1881 Johnson Co. KY d 18 Aug 1937 Lewis Co. KY m Vessie Dalbow   B-0018



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 6

Jesse Graham/Grimes of Virginia and Kentucky

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  • Jesse Graham/Grimes1 b c1768 VA d 1807 m Margaret Ray 30 Jun 1790 Franklin Co. VA - Kay Hoover [kayhoover AT]
    • Thomas Jefferson Graham2 b 5 Oct 1807 Lincoln Co. KY d 4 Dec 1878 Nemaha Co. NE m Rachel Nokes 16 Dec 1830 Lincoln Co. KY
      • George Washington Graham3 b 18 Sep 1831 Lincoln Co. KY d 26 May 1919 Buffalo Co. NE m Elizabeth Jane Camden 16 Dec 1858 Lincoln Co. KY
        • Marion Jefferson Graham4 b 21 Dec 1861 Lincoln Co. KY d 29 Apr 1943 Buffalo Co. NE m Joanna Hill 15 Sep 1881 Graham Co. KS   B-0029



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 7

Solomon Bunch of Whitley County, KY

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  • Solomon Bunch1 b c1783 d c1870 Whitley Co. KY m Nancy - Scott Bunch [bunchyjump AT]
    • Burton Bunch2 b c1804 Whitley Co. KY d aft 1880 m Mary "Polly" Leforce
      • Joel G. (Joseph) Bunch3 b c1830 Whitley Co. KY d 19 Apr 1913 Whitley Co. KY m Jane Rains
        • William Emby Bunch4 b 30 Jun 1855 Whitley Co. KY d 20 Jul 1937 Whitley Co. KY m Martha E. Fore
          • Dan Elkins Bunch5 b 6 May 1900 Whitley Co. KY d 1969 Blount Co. TN m Hattie Irene Wells   B-0053



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 8

Laford Bunch of Charleston County, SC

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  • Laford Bunch1 b c1784 SC d c Aug 1833 Charleston Co. SC m Mary Parler - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
    • George Bunch2 b c1819 Orangeburg Co. SC d c1885 GA m Joanna M. Hutto
      • Morgan Asbury Bunch3 b c1845 SC d 29 Aug 1929 Dougherty Co. GA m Eliza Gilmore
        • John Luther Bunch4 b Jul 1868 GA d c1937 Leon Co. FL m Ada Cornelia Rainey   B-0032



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 9

The Bunches of Anderson County, TN

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  • James Bunch1 b c1793 South Carolina d c1882 probably Anderson Co. TN m Nancy Phillips
    • Isaac Bunch2 b 1820 TN d 1867 Anderson Co., TN m Mary Dolly McGhee
      • Isaac Bunch3 b 1846 Anderson Co. TN d 29 Aug 1918 Knox Co. TN m Marth Ann Reynold   B-0021 - Teresa Bunch Noe [tbnglobal AT]
    • Laford Bunch2 b 1825 TN d 1859 Anderson Co. TN m Elizabeth Patterson
      • Laford Bunch3 b 1845 Anderson Co. TN d 13 Jun 1924 Morgan Co. TN
        • Ramsey Bunch4 b 15 Feb 1882 Sullivan Co. TN d 2 Nov 1962 Anderson Co. TN m1 Melvina Patterson m2 Lecty Daugherty   B-0014 - Ruby Short Redding [rcredding2242 AT]
      • Matthew Bunch3 b May 1848 Anderson Co., TN d 5 Nov 1914 Anderson Co., TN m1 Frances Daugherty, m2 Nancy Ann Phillips
        • George M. Bunch4 b 24 Feb 1888 Anderson Co. TN d Oct 1943 Anderson Co. TN m Annie Patterson   B-0060
        • Haskell L. Bunch4 b 24 Apr 1890 Anderson Co. TN d 15 Jan 1969 Anderson Co. TN m Bessie Daugherty   B-0005 - Yvonne Edwards [ycedwards AT]



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 10

Meredith Bunch of Giles County, TN

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  • Meredith Bunch1 b 1795 Tennessee d 26 Jun 1873 Giles Co. TN m Dicey Reynolds - Mark Bunch [marktherustic AT]
    • Isaac Alexander Bunch2 b 23 Aug 1838 Giles Co. TN d 4 Oct 1918 Chickasaw Co. MS m Ophelia Elliott
      • Rassa Doras Bunch3 b 5 Mar 1871 Chickasaw Co. MS d 22 Oct 1946 Chickasaw Co. MS m Mary Pearl Johnson
        • Doras Elliott Bunch4 b 8 Sep 1904 Chickasaw Co. MS d 1983 Chickasawe Co. MS m Wilmer E. Reeves   B-0088



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 11

George Washington Nelson of Greenup County, KY

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  • George Washington Nelson1 b 1812 Mulberry Gap, Claiborne (later Hancock) Co., TN m Nancy Tussey - Tom Nelson [k495071 AT]
    • Jacob Nelson2 b 25 Dec 1840 Claiborne (later Hancock) Co. TN d 23 Jan 1916 Greenup Co. KY m Barbara Ellen Wadkins - Minnie Anderson [capricorn2 AT]
      • Green Nelson3 b 7 Aug 1873 Greenup Co. KY d 5 Nov 1950 Lawrence Co. OH m Maretta Belford
        • Jacob Nelson4 b 19 May 1903 Greenup Co. KY d 7 Aug 1992 Lawrence Co. OH   B-0058
    • Thomas Nelson2 b 1862 Floyd Co. KY m Alpha Hubbard
      • Jefferson Nelson3 b Jul 1898 Floyd Co. KY m Belle Smith   B-0015
      • Hiland Nelson3 b 22 Apr 1902 Floyd Co. KY m Martha Osborne   B-0016  B-0019  B-0020



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 12

Thomas Jefferson Richardson of Ohio and Tennessee

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  • Thomas Jefferson Richardson1 b 25 Sep 1833 Ohio d 28 Jul 1908 Monroe Co. TN m Louisa Arterburn - James Edward Richardson [jim AT]
    • James Madison Richardson2 b 27 Mar 1871 Loudon Co. TN d 12 May 1947 Monroe Co. TN m Dora Ida Smith
      • Paul Richardson3 b 19 May 1915 Monroe Co. TN d 11 Feb 1984 Monroe Co. TN   B-0017



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 13

James B. Bunch of Chowan County, NC

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  • James B. Bunch1 b 6 Jan 1846 Chowan Co. NC d 4 May 1915 Chowan Co. NC m 25 Jul 1872 Martha Ann Sitterson - Richard Bunch [Richard_Bunch AT]
    • Clarence Bunch2 b 10 Oct 1878 Chowan Co. NC d 17 Oct 1954 Suffolk VA m 11 Sep 1904 Ophelia Williams
      • James Vernon Bunch3 b 26 Aug 1908 North Carolina d 5 Feb 1991 San Diego Co. CA m Helen Louise Eichorn   B-0025



  Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 14

William W. Bunch of Colleton County, SC

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  • William W. Bunch1 b 28 Jun 1849 South Carolina, d 8 Feb 1883 Colleton Co. SC m Sarah Catherine Bee
    • Matthew Joseph Bunch2 b 8 Dec 1880 Colleton Co. SC d 21 Oct 1944 Dorchester Co. SC m Anne Elizabeth Powers
      • Robert Michael Bunch3 b 26 Feb 1909 Charleston Co. SC d 11 Nov 1958 Dorchester Co. SC m Jeannette Frances Melfi   B-0076



  •  Winston Bunch1, b c1759 Virginia, d c 1830 Clark Co., KY m Eliza ??? 
    • David W. Bunch2 b 1786 Louisa Co., VA d 1845 Montgomery Co., MO, m Elizabeth Wright
      • John J. Bunch3 b d 1809 Louisa Co., VA d 1895 Montgomery Co., MO m Francis Lewis
        • William R. Bunch4 b 1832 Montgomery Co., MO d 1903 Montgomery Co., MO m Nancy Hays
          • Frank William Bunch5 b 1861 Montgomery Co., MO d 1910 Montgomery Co., MO m Alice Blackshaw
            • Fred Henry Bunch6 b 1891 Montgomery Co., MO d 1970 Hillsborough Co., FL m Lillie Seale   B-0062  B-0063
        • James Marion Bunch4 b c1836 Montgomery Co., MO d c1866 Montgomery Co., MO? m Matilda "Tilla" Freeman   B-0070



  • Charles Bunch1 b ca 1789 KY d 1849 Washington Co., KY m Frances "Fannie" Lyons - Nicholas Bunch [nickbunch53 AT]
    • Martin Bunch2 b ca 1829 KY d 1872  m Martha Hardin
      • Henry Bunch3 b 4 Jul 1866 Washington Co., KY d 12 Apr 1938 Madison Co., IL m Hettie Holmes
        • Jesse L. Bunch4 b Feb 1899 Christian Co., IL 26 May 1984 Hamilton Co., OH m Marie F. Gimbel  B-0048



  • unknown1 (Cherokee Indian?) b ~c1795  m Phoebe Melton  - Russ Klicker [ogemah AT]
    • Lorenzo Dow Bunch2 b c1820 Kentucky, d c1894 Barren Co., KY m Rebecca Lawson
      • Fayette A. Bunch3 b 1852 Clinton Co., KY, d 1929 Barren Co., KY m Sarah Francis Harvey
        • Willis Bat Bunch4 b 1885 Kentucky, d 1962 Barren Co., KY m Virginia Pickett  B-0042



  • James Bunch1 b c1805 Virginia, d c1885 Augusta Co., VA m Sallie ??? - Doug Bunch [sdbunc AT]
    • DeWitt C. Bunch2 b 1853 Augusta Co., VA, d c1915 Augusta Co., VA m Mary J. ???
      • Hugh H. Bunch3 b 1887 Augusta Co., VA, d 1961 Augusta Co. VA m Eva ???
        • Hugh H. Bunch4 b 1922 Augusta Co., VA, d 1992 Waynesboro, VA m Edith A. Walter  B-0047



  • Armstead Bunch1 1812  Grainger Co., TN d after 1891 m Louisa Leffew - Donna B. Miller [donna.b.miller AT] 
    • John W. Bunch2 b 14 Apr 1843 Grainger Co., TN, d 21 Oct 1929 Fayette Co., KY m Martha Adeline Bunch
      • John Wesley Bunch3 b 4 Jul 1880 Grainger Co., TN, d 1 Oct 1914 Fayette Co., KY m Ellen Brock Smith
        • Clyde Newton Bunch4 b 7 Apr 1908 Fayette Co., KY, d 9 Jan 1942 Fayette Co., KY m Daisy Mae Baker  B-0027



  • Samuel Bunch1 b ca 1814 NC, d 2 Jun 1865 Camp Chase, OH, m Purlaina Trent - Elizabeth Smiddy [ebsmiddy AT]
    • Jesse A. Bunch2 b ca 1837 TN, d ca 1865, prob Camp Chase, OH, m Sarah "Sallie" Trent
      • Jesse Bunch3 b ca 1861 Hancock Co, TN, d before 1900 Hancock Co, TN, m Ellen Williams
        • Henry Bunch4 b 7 Aug 1881 Hancock Co, TN, d 23 May 1964 Dickenson Co, VA, m Maggie Melinda Wilder Harris
          • Robert William Bunch5 b 5 Apr 1902, Hancock Co, TN, d 31 Jul 1987 Norton (IC), VA, m Maxie Stanley  B-0051
          • James Carson Bunch5 b 30 Apr 1907, TN, d 1 Feb 1975 Anderson Co, TN, m Erma H. Bolling  B-0012



  • Oo-se-nal-lah Bunch1 b c 1815 Georgia?, m Soch-in-na
    • Rabbit (Che-Shoo) Bunch2 b c 1841 Cherokee Nation West, IT (Oklahoma), d 1925 Adair Co., OK m (2) Jennie Chuculate
      • Richard (Ge-ska-leesky) Bunch3 b 1887 Cherokee Nation West, IT (Oklahoma), d 1939 Adair Co., OK m Jennie Christy   B-0064



  • William Bunch1 b c1823 Colleton Co., SC d c1885 Colleton Co., SC m Margaret Johnston - Jeannie Fullerton [zookpr AT]
    • ?John Wesley Bunch2 b 4 Mar 1867 Colleton Co., SC d 31 Jan 1922  m Mary Irene Amand Ferrell
      • ?Herbert Clifford Bunch3 b 21 Apr 1904 Savannah, GA d 3 Mar 1973 Charleston, SC m Corrine Lane  B-0031



  • Isaac Bunch1 b 25 Dec 1837, Indiana, d 6 Apr 1862, Pittsburg Landing, Hardin, TN (Battle of Shiloh), m Arabella Greenleaf - Frank Bunch [fbud462000 AT]
    • Frank Chester Bunch2 b 6 Dec 1860, Clark Co., MO d 7 Aug 1940 Ventura Co., CA m Birdie Davis, 1908 Santa Barbara, Co., CA
      • Vernon Myles Bunch3 b 8 Apr 1920, CA, d 7 Dec 1996 WA, m 7 Nov 1942, WA   B-0056



  •  John Bunch1 b c 1842 Tennessee or Kentucky d c 1883 probably Nashville, TN m 20 May 1864, Nancy Jane McCool, Nashville, TN - John L. Bunch [john47bunch AT]
    • Walter Joseph Bunch2 b 26 Sep 1873 Nashville, TN, d 24 Mar 1954 Cleveland, TN m 3 Feb 1893 , Pamly Carney, Davidson Co., TN  B-0038



  • John Bunch1 b ca 1845 Kentucky d 1902 Lawrence Co. IN m Elizabeth Caroline Fisher - Tammy Bunch [tbunch AT]
    • Charles Elza Bunch2 b 6 Dec 1884 Lawrence Co., IN d 25 Dec 1965 Lawrence Co., IN m Sally Laura Walters
      • Charles David Bunch3 b 18 Sep 1917 Lawrence Co., IN d 30 Jan 2003 Marshall Co., AL m Hattie Ruth Mims  B-0007
    • ?Thomas Riley Bunch2 b 20 Jul 1893 Lawrence Co., IN d 2 Apr 1967 Lawrence Co., IN m Villa Jane Miller
      • ?Harley Wayne Bunch3 b 2 Jul 1932 Lawrence Co., IN d 31 Jul 1995 Lawrence Co., IN m Anna Bernice O'Laughlin  B-0067



Tree Notes



Haplogroup C3 - Unmatched - Tree 1: George G. Bunch of Augusta County, VA

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There are two project members (B-0047 and B-0054) who can trace their Bunch roots back to the Augusta County, Virginia, in the early 1800s, prior to which their antecedents become a bit more obscure. Neither of these lines exhibit y-DNA that matches the "Old Virginia Line" Bunches, nor do they match each other.

Project member B-0054 (about whose line these notes are concerned) can trace his lineage back through the federal censuses to "George Bunch" listed in 1850 as residing in District 2 of Augusta County; the 1870 census lists him as "George G. Bunch." In all respects George G. Bunch looks like a son of the Old Virginia Bunch line on paper (see notes on the "Old Line") -- the 1860 census even lists his birthplace as Louisa County, Virginia, which was the heartland of the Old Line Bunches from that county's formation from Hanover County in 1742. Yet the y-DNA of George's descendant matches that of a Dobbs line (y-DNA haplogroup C3, ultimately originating from Mongolia, perhaps more recently originating from the area of modern-day Germany), not the Old Line Bunches (y-DNA haplogroup E1b1a out of sub-Saharan Africa).

This has every appearance of a "non-paternity event" (or "NPE", cf.,, with an established family name acquiring a new y-DNA signature rather than the discovery of a completely independent, previously unnoticed Bunch line. An NPE can occur by a number of means, perhaps most likely in this case through an illegitmate birth with the child taking his mother's surname, or through an adoption (quite possibly unrecorded). Allowing that an NPE occurred, the best way forward in this case would seem to be pinpointing WHEN it occurrred. Or to put it another way, a break in the chain of y-DNA transmission is (presumably) indicated, but the particular link where the break occurred isn't -- it may have occurred before George G. Bunch, after him, or he himself may be the break. Since the lines after George G. Bunch appear continuous (despite the interesting circumstance that George G. Bunch's only known grandson was raised by his maternal grandparents) and the lines preceding him are unknown, attention focuses on George G. Bunch himself.

Exploring the time frame of George G. Bunch's birth for a possible Dobbs connection (an exploration at this point mostly conducted through Ancestry's online census indexes and images), we find there were only a handful of Dobbs families listed in Virginia in the early censuses, which is helpful. Among these there certainly were one or two living not too far from Bunches in 1820 (Albemarle County), 1830 (Albemarle and Louisa Counties), and 1840 (Albemarle County and Lexington City). The 1850 census shows an Elizabeth Dobbs (probably the widow of Martin Dobbs listed in 1840) living literally next door to James Bunch and Pouncey Bunch in Albemarle County. The 1850 census also shows Patrick H. Dobbs living in Augusta County along with George (G.) Bunch and James Bunch (the other as yet unconnected Augusta County Bunch line mentioned in the opening paragraph above); Patrick and James are listed as carpenters, while George was a plasterer, suggesting a possible mutual association through the building trades.

Being hampered by unfamiliarity with Dobbs genealogy, it's difficult (to say the least) to identify possible candidates for a Dobbs-to-Bunch adoption. Furthermore, the format of early censuses, listing only heads of households by name prior to 1850, provides little light for speculation along that line (while perhaps giving some rope to speculate about the possible identity of George G. Bunch's father). Compounding the problem, the remnants of the 1810 census (the census preceding George G. Bunch's birth) are particularly spotty for Virginia -- there are, for example, apparently no surviving records at all for Louisa County.

Probably the best we can do with what's at hand is use early census records combined with a knowledge of Bunch genealogy to identify possible candidates for George G. Bunch's mother (assuming an illegitimate birth). To summarize investigations along this line, the most likely possibility seems to be that George G. Bunch was the son of Elizabeth Bunch, who was the daughter of David Bunch II (<= David Bunch <= John Bunch III) and Judith Bunch (<= Samuel Bunch <= John Bunch III) -- David and Judith were first cousins. If this theory is correct, then George G. Bunch was born about a decade before his mother Elizabeth's marriage (1825) to David Eastham; George would be the "male under 10" enumerated in the 1820 census with his mother (presumably) and Bunch grandparents in Louisa County, and would likely also be be the male age 10-15 listed in David Eastham's Louisa County household in 1830.

Besides the census entries cited, there's another line of evidence supporting this theory. George G. Bunch's eldest son, George H. Bunch, left Virginia for Alabama about 1869 (following the birth of his son Edward Mercer Bunch on 24 Feb 1868, and death of his young wife Annie Taylor Bunch 5 days later on 1 Mar 1868 in Lynchburg, Virginia). The 1870 census finds George H. Bunch living in a Pharris household in Sumter County, Alabama; on 4 Jan 1873 he married Mary Ann Beville, whose mother's maiden name was Mary Ann Phares. If Elizabeth Bunch was indeed George G. Bunch's mother (George H. Bunch's grandmother), then her first cousin would have been Martha Bunch (<= Samuel Bunch II <= Samuel Bunch <= John Bunch III) who married Benjamin Farris in Louisa County on 15 Nov 1813. So the Pharris family that George H. Bunch landed among in 1870 (as well as his second wife) may have been his (2nd?) cousins.

Other possibilities for George G. Bunch's mother include:

Elizabeth Bunch's older sister Clarissa (<= David Bunch II <= David Bunch <= John Bunch III), who married her first cousin Suprey Bunch (<= Pouncey Bunch <= David Bunch <= John Bunch III) on 11 Dec 1811, as Suprey's second wife. The marriage date (preceding George G. Bunch's birth) casts doubt on this, but Clarissa would also have been a Farris cousin and her father's will left provision for her children but not for her -- perhaps to make allowance for children born out of wedlock without naming them (Alice Crandall Park, "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West," believed the bequest was so stated to show disapproval of Clarissa's marriage to her cousin, even though -- or perhaps because -- her parents were cousins).
Martha Bunch or her sister Judith (<= Samuel Bunch II <= Samuel Bunch <= John Bunch III), whose offspring would have been Farris first cousins. As noted, Martha married Benjamin Farris; Judith never married, but may well have borne a child out of wedlock. It's perhaps worth noting that George G. Bunch's only daughter was named Mary Martha Bunch.
Avenues for further paper research: Certainly, learning more about the Dobbs families living near Louisa, Albemarle, and Augusta Counties in the early 1800s, and how those families might connect to the lines of the two Dobbs men who match project member B-0054, could provide some useful insights. Learning more about whether and how the Virginia Farrisses were related to the Alabama Pharrisses could also add support to (or remove it from) the theories suggested above. Finally, obtaining copies of the wills of David Bunch, Jr. (Elizabeth Bunch Eastham's father), David Eastham (Elizabeth's husband), Suprey Bunch (Clarissa's husband, Elizabeth's brother-in-law), and Benjamin Farris (Martha Bunch's husband) could lead to some interesting and worthwhile discoveries.

Avenues for further DNA research: With regard to y-DNA testing, recruiting a testworthy descendant of the younger George H. Bunch (George G. Bunch's great grandson) would potentially confirm B-0054's results or could send us off in an entirely different direction. The elder George H. Bunch (George G. Bunch's son) had two brothers, Millard F. (probably "Fillmore") Bunch and Willie Lee Bunch. Willie Lee Bunch died at about 25 years of age -- it isn't clear whether he ever married or had offspring, but he was buried with his parents suggesting he was single. As for Millard F. Bunch, no record later than the 1880 census has yet been located, either of his marriage, or of his death, or of his simple existence. Recruiting (y-DNA) testworthy descendants of either Millard or Willie could be enlightening but the prospects for this seem dim. Finally, any current or future project member belonging to this line (B-0054 in particular) might be encouraged to undertake autosomal DNA testing on the possibility of corroborating genetic connections to other Bunch, Dobbs, or Farris family lines.

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Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I: The "Old Line" - White Americans with an African Patriarch

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The early representatives of this Bunch line in Virginia and the Carolinas were fairly well-to-do landowners who were apparently of mixed race with a recent African patriarchy. This latter fact has come as a surprise to project participants who are descendants of this line and have considered themselves "white". Yet it's evidenced not just by their E1b1a y-chromosome haplogroup, but also by the association of the early American Bunches with other mixed race clans like the Gibsons and Collinses, and by various documents such as tax records and a 1705 petition by John Bunch and Sarah Slayden to the Virginia Council requesting permission to marry despite a recently enacted anti-miscegenation law. At least in part because of their black patriarch's early arrival (before slavery was legally instituted in Virginia) and the family's relative wealth, they were apparently able to cross the racial divide through intermarriage with European stock, eventually losing track of their African heritage. Maybe 50% to 75% (or more!) of all American Bunch families appear to be descendants of this line.

If this history of a black patriarch born in Africa (maybe as recently as 1610) is true, then it poses the question of how this Bunch line acquired its family name in the first place. That question (as well as consideration of other possible histories for the family's patriarchal line) deserves a lengthier treatment than can be provided here. To give a brief assessment, though, the name is likely of European origin. It may have been acquired from an early, probably British, matriarch of the clan in Virginia. Another possible European origin for the name is that it might be an anglicized version of a Portuguese forename or surname. In 1607 the Portuguese began the practice of baptizing African slaves before their departure from Africa (slaves had been baptized in Portugal going back to the early 1500s), and baptism involved receiving a Christian name. It's possible that a "Ponce", say, from Portuguese-controlled Africa became a "Bunch" (or "Punch", see below) in British Virginia. As a final possiblity to consider, maybe "Bunch" originated as the anglicization of an African clan OR tribal name, along the lines of the American Mozingo family whose story in some ways parallels that of the Bunches (see Joe Mozingo's book, "The Fiddler on Pantico Run"). Without a similar-sounding African name to point to, though, this seems a less likely possibility.

Whatever the source of the Bunch name, having established themselves early (by 1662) in Virginia, within two or three generations these "Old Line" Bunches had colonized to North Carolina (by 1726) and South Carolina (by 1735). From that three-legged base they followed the general tide of pioneers westward and southward, sending early branches into Kentucky and Tennessee, then Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and points further afield. Because of the frequently sketchy nature of surviving records it isn't always possible connect the paper trail dots backward through the generations, but a distinctive y-chromosome signature (STR haplotype) gives living proof that most American Bunches share the same deep roots back to early colonial Virginia.

Not all of the Bunches connected to the Old Line still carry the Old Line y-DNA -- many apparent descendant lines have acquired a new y-chromosome signature while retaining the Bunch name through a "non-paternity event" (or "NPE", cf., of one kind or another. Their trees appear under other haplogroup headings and are (or will eventually be) identified by the notes attached to those trees.

On the other side of the NPE coin, the Bunch y-chromosome signature has in some cases apparently become attached to different family names. Because of the deep and peculiar known history of the Old Line Bunches' African y-DNA, when it's found in other white American families it's probably a safe bet to assume it came from a Bunch male somewhere in their pedigree: The trick becomes locating when and where that occurred. Trees carrying other family names but with individuals whose y-DNA is characteristically "Bunch" are included in the group below. In some cases the connection to the Bunches has been discovered; in some cases it hasn't been pinpointed but there are good clues to the connection; in some cases we are left utterly clueless. What can be shared about these connections will be indicated in the notes (to be) attached to each tree.

Of final note: In 2012 a group of professional genealogists commissioned by presented a theory to the effect that this Old Line of Bunches may be the descendants of John Punch. John Punch was an African indentured servant whose term of indenture was made permanent in 1640, as punishment after he attempted to escape by boat from Virginia to Maryland -- some historians thereby account him the first African slave in British America. The proposal by the Ancestry research group wasn't the first time such a theory had been formulated, but it was the first time a concerted effort had been made by professionals to explore the idea and provide documentary support for it. Although unproven, it is nevertheless a plausible and intriguing theory -- see the "Obama-Bunch Family Research" document on the Ancestry website for details. (The proposal was of particular interest in 2012, an election year, owing to President Barack Obama's descent from this Bunch line through his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.)

[20150117: Original notes posted; 20150124: Typographical corrections and minor revisions.]



Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 1: The Virginia Line and Link to the Carolinians

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This is the Bunch "Big Tree"!

The John Bunch (I) who appears at the root of this tree (and who would, by the Ancestry theory mentioned in preceding notes, be the son of John Punch) is believed to be the same John Bunch as is mentioned in an 18 Mar 1662 land acquisition record involving 450 acres in New Kent County, Virginia. He had long been assumed to be the same John Bunch mentioned in a number of Lancaster County (Virginia) records dating back to 1654, but discovery of a mention of that John Bunch's death (a nuncupative will cited in the 1657 Lancaster County order book) casts doubt on that. There are also mentions of a John Bunch (probably John Bunch I) in York County records from 1658 and 1659 -- see the "Obama-Bunch Family Research" document on's website for other early documentation of John Bunch in York County.

A later tax list (the Virginia Quit Rent Roll of 1704) shows a John Bunch (II) with 100 acres in New Kent County and a Paul Bunch with 150 acres in King William County, across the Pamunkey River from New Kent. Those two Bunches are believed to be the sons of the earlier John. John Bunch II was probably the father of a third John Bunch (III), who was named as "John Bunch junior" in a 1722 Hanover County land patent and whose will was mentioned in a 1742 Louisa County deed detailing a land transaction among 3 of his 6 sons. The descendants of this third John Bunch (who are referred to here collectively as the "Virginia Line") have been researched and documented in considerable detail in Alice Crandall Park's book "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West" -- available for purchase through Higginson Books.

Regarding the Virginia Line, John Bunch III had six sons, as noted, and they were: John (IV), William, Henry, David, James, and Samuel (see Park, cited above, and/or Heinegg, cited below, for the documentary support of this conclusion). All six, along with their own known or surmised sons, are included for reference in the "Big Tree." Of the six: John Bunch IV left a will indicating that he apparently never married and had no progeny; David, James, and Samuel left wills naming their children; David's offspring are further detailed in a family Bible; William and Henry left no (extant) wills, but their progeny have been pieced together with variable degrees of reliability from tax records and other sources. From his will, James had eight daughters but only one son (James Bunch, Jr.), while the will of James Jr. names three daughters and no sons -- from a genetic genealogy perspective, the elder James' y-chromosome line appears to have "daughtered out" in the second generation. From all of this we can conclude that any project participants representing the Virginia Line will be descendants of William, Henry, David, or Samuel.

Of these four brothers, two (David and Samuel) have been represented in the project since early on (2005/2006); a descendant of William has more recently become a project participant (September 2014). The male-line descendants of these three brothers have y-chromosome DNA matching one another, and also matching to descendants of the Carolina Bunch lines (see directly below, also see the notes attached to trees for various branches of Carolina Bunches). The implication is that the name Bunch has been associatied with the signature y-chromosome of these men since at least the most recent common male ancestor of the Virginia and Carolina lines (John Bunch I).

As for the fourth brother of the Virginia Line (Henry), four participants have so far joined the project believing themselves to be his direct descendants, but none of them match the Old Line y-DNA. One of them matches no one else in the Bunch project; from his paper genealogy it seems he's most likely a downstream NPE descendant, not of Henry Bunch but of Henry's brothers David and/or Samuel (see Haplogroup C3 - Unmatched - Tree 1, and notes). The other three match one another, and here too it seems they're most likely downstream NPE Virginia Line descendants, again not of Henry but of Henry's brother William (see Haplogroup R1b - Lineage II - Tree 1 and notes).

So as yet there are no (unequivocal) descendants of Henry Bunch represented in the project. Henry did have a sizable number of sons, pretty much all of who left Bedford County, Virginia, for various parts of Kentucky around the 1790s or early 1800s. (Winston Bunch, who is usually accounted as a son of Henry, seems more likely to have been a son of William and that's how he's shown in the Big Tree -- see Haplogroup R1b - Lineage I - Tree 1 and notes for an explanation.) With all those sons, it's probably only a matter of time before Henry is represented in the project, too.

Finally, there's the link shown in the Big Tree from the Virginia line to the Carolinians to consider. Paul Bunch, presumed son of the first John Bunch, apparently departed Virginia for northeast North Carolina (Chowan County) in late 1725 or early 1726. He passed away about a year later, bequeathing land and personal property (including slaves) to his son John Bunch, among other individuals named in his will. Pauls's son John later (about 1735) removed to Amelia Township in Berkeley County, South Carolina, and is probably a patriarch (perhaps THE patriarch) of an extensive branch of the Bunch family in that area (the "South Carolina Line"). Paul Heinegg provides some detail on Paul Bunch's line in his excellent compilation, "Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware" -- scroll down to the section about the Bunch family at "Brooks-Byrd." The line of descent shown in the Big Tree, from Paul Bunch to Oswald G. Bunch, is probably a bit more speculative than for the Virginia Line -- in particular the links from Gideon Bunch to Daniel, and from Daniel Bunch to Peter, are supportable but the documentation is a little weak. Nevertheless, the lineage seems broadly on track and is included for illustrative purposes, at least. In following the paper trails backward for Carolina Bunch lineages, it's usual for the thread to be lost somewhere in the early 1800s, and, except in one case, even the longest continuous lines end in the 1720s. An unbroken Carolina line from the present back to the 1630s is remarkable.

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Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 2: Henry Bunch of Bertie County, NC

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Earliest Bunch References in North Carolina: Paul Bunch's purchase of land in Bertie County, North Carolina, on 1 Jan 1725/61 seems to be the earliest extant record of any Bunch in North Carolina.2   This is believed to be the same Paul Bunch who appeared in earlier records from King William, New Kent, and Hanover Counties in Virginia. He is generally accounted as the brother of John Bunch II, and uncle of John Bunch III (patriarch of the Virginia Line, see notes for Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 1: The Virginia Line and Link to the Carolinians), and the evidence of y-chromosome DNA supports this accounting.

Not long after Paul Bunch's purchase, other Bunches began appearing in North Carolina records: John Bunch in Paul's March 1726/27 Chowan County will; Henry Bunch in a 1727 purchase of Bertie County land recorded in Chowan County; Jesse Bunch in a 1729 tax list for Perquimans County; and a younger Paul Bunch in a 1729 Bertie County land transaction. Most of these references are noted by Bunch family historian DeWitt Bunch in his 1965 "Bunch Family Record" compilation (personal copy on hand), others by Heinegg cited above. DeWitt also makes note of a Shadrack Bunch among the earliest North Carolinians, but the references to him (first in a 1746 Chowan County land purchase and in subsequent tax lists) seem to place him about a generation later, born perhaps about 1720.

The exact family connection (if any) among these earliest North Carolina Bunches (Paul, John, Henry, Jesse, and the younger Paul) isn't known, with the exception that John Bunch is mentioned as the older Paul Bunch's son in Paul's will; the others seem generally to have been about a generation younger than the elder Paul. In his 1965 “Bunch Family Record,” DeWitt Bunch was inclined to place Henry, Jesse, the younger Paul, and even Shadrack (see the paragraph above) as additional sons of the older Paul by default. This is a possible solution to the matter, but if true it seems strange that Paul made no mention of them in his will. Alternatively, these younger Bunches may have been nephews or cousins of old Paul, or may even not have been related at all. The last possibility, however, seems unlikely, and in Henry’s case there’s an indisputable connection based on y-DNA matching.

In later writings (“Bunch Family Record,” 2000, spring and summer issues -- personal copies), DeWitt Bunch speculated that some of the Bunch pioneers in North Carolina (among them old Paul, Henry, and Jesse) were actually the sons of a Jeremiah Bunch, whose headright was claimed in a 1671 record for King William County, Virginia, but for whom no other record appears to exist.3  I think DeWitt’s inspiration and main justification for this idea comes from the recurrence of the name “Jeremiah” among Henry’s descendants. I’m inclined to discount the Jeremiah theory (but not lightly), not only for the lack of documentary evidence but also because, 1) there’s substantial y-DNA evidence connecting Henry and old Paul to the Virginia Line (and Jeremiah seems to have come along to Virginia a bit late to be part of that), and, 2) the common thread of land ownership that connects the others doesn’t seem to run to Jeremiah.

Again with the exception of John Bunch (old Paul's only named son), who transplanted to South Carolina around 1735 (see notes for Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 1: The Virginia Line and Link to the Carolinians), these contemporaries of old Paul Bunch and their descendants generally remained in northeastern North Carolina, at least for a generation or two. It seems likely that most Bunch family lines emanating from that area would be traceable to one of them, although a paucity of records for some locales and periods can stymie attempts to do so. Genetic genealogy may eventually help sort the lines out, especially if it turns out some of them are distinct in terms of y-chromosome DNA.

Henry Bunch of Bertie County: Among the Bunch pioneers of North Carolina, probably the most extensively documented line of descendants belongs to Henry Bunch. Two project members (B-0001 and B-0034) – including the Bunch DNA Project's founding member – count themselves among Henry's progeny. Only one other project member (B-0025) can definitely trace his roots to the northeastern corner of North Carolina (to Chowan County, so perhaps ultimately a descendant of Jesse or Shadrack - see notes for Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 13: James B. Bunch of Chowan County, NC), although other lines represented by project members probably originated there (see the notes for Tree 3, Tree 5, and, Tree 7 of Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I, also the notes for Haplogroup R1b - Lineage I - Tree 1). The Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I trees, of course, all connect by y-DNA evidence to the Virginia Line of Bunches (Haplogroup E1b1a - Lineage I - Tree 1).

As noted above, the earliest record for Henry is of a 1727 land purchase in Bertie County (200 acres on Reedy Branch on December 18, at which time Henry was a resident of Chowan County). About a year-and-a-half later, on 30 May 1729, Henry purchased an additional 640 acres on Conaritsa Swamp, also in Bertie County. His name appears in a number of subsequent Bertie County tax lists, and in 1765 he deeded (presumably the same) 840 acres to his grandson, Jeremiah Bunch, Jr. The most significant record for Henry from a genealogical perspective is his will, made in Bertie County on 21 Apr 1775 and proved a few months later in August. In it, he named his two sons (Jeremiah and Embrey) and four daughters (Tamerson, Susannah, Rachel, and Nancy), as well as his grandson Cader Bass (son of Nancy Bunch and Isaac Bass), allowing us to definitely track his descendants into later generations.4 The foregoing references are provided via Paul Heinegg, cited in footnote 1.

Among Henry’s descendants, there was a string of individuals who combined farming with the trade of homebuilding, starting perhaps with Henry’s son Embrey (also spelled "Embry") and continuing on through Henry’s grandson (Embrey’s nephew) Jeremiah Bunch II, and great grandson Jeremiah Bunch III. There were other Bunches in the area who had specialized carpentry and joining tools in their estate inventories and who may also have participated in the trade. Six homes attributed to Jeremiah Bunch III are catalogued on the Bunch Family page of “North Carolina Architects & Builders”, a website maintained by the North Carolina State University Libraries. In addition, representatives of the Historic Hope Foundation (a non-profit organization that maintains and provides access to the site of former North Carolina governor David Stone's Hope Plantation near Windsor, North Carolina) have also attributed the Hope Mansion probably to Jeremiah Bunch III (e-mail communication with Benjamin F. Speller, Jr., 9 Dec 2014). See the Historic Hope Plantation website for additional information.

Tracing the main branches of the descendant y-DNA lines for Henry Bunch is a fairly straightforward task. As mentioned, Henry left a will naming two sons (Jeremiah and Embrey), both of whom also left wills. Jeremiah's 1797 will in turn named five sons (William, Henry, Jeremiah (II), Nehemiah, and Frederick), three of whom (William, Nehemiah, and Frederick) left wills in Bertie County; there is apparently no extant will for the younger Henry, but he relocated to Orange County, North Carolina, probably in his mid-to-late thirties, so his offspring are to be sought in records there; Jeremiah II died intestate in Bertie County in 1809, but his offspring can be provisionally identified by process of elimination.

Embrey, the younger son of old Henry, named two sons (Micajah and Zadock) in his will: Micajah apparently left Bertie County5 and identifying his offspring is an uncertain business; Zadock died relatively young, never married, and left a (Bertie County?) will naming no offspring (references from Heinegg, op. cit.)

All of Henry's known or dependably surmisable y-line grandsons are included in the tree for Henry's descendants. In addition to the lines for the two project members who are Henry's descendants, one or two other lines of interest have been traced out a number of generations further.

[20151209: Original notes posted, with links and footnote stubs; 20160109: Major updates on earliest Bunches in North Carolina, with footnote revisions; 20160227: Revisions to text and footnotes regarding earliest Bunches in North Carolina.]


1 256 acres on the south side of the Roanoke River adjoining Quankey Pocosin and Gideon Gibson, cf. Paul Heinegg, "Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware", scroll down to the section about the Bunch family at "Brooks-Byrd".    <return>

2 The "Chowan County, North Carolina, Cross Index to Deeds - Grantees 1696-1878 Vol. B" (accessed online via actually cites three earlier records: A 1702 deed from Richard Bunch to William Early, a 1713 deed from William Bunch to Adram Bullate, and a 1718 deed from Jacob Parker to Micajah J. Bunch. Obtaining copies of these records from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources reveals at least one error in each citation (the 1702 grantor is Richard Buck, the 1713 grantor is William Bush, and the transactions between Jacob Parker and Micajah J. Bunch occurred in 1840, not 1718). While records indexes are very useful tools for genealogical research, this case underscores the importance of verifying historical citations as closely as possible to their original sources.    <return>

3 DeWitt claimed that this Jeremiah took an Indian wife, thus implying he'd found other records, but provided no citation.    <return>

4 Nancy Bunch married Isaac Bass, and Nancy's sister Tamerson married Isaac's brother Thomas. Isaac and Thomas were the great great grandsons of John Bass of Norfolk County, Virgina. In 1638 (about 100 years prior), John Bass married Keziah Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Robin the Elder, a king of the Nansemond Indians (Heinegg, op. cit., section on the Bass family).    <return>

5 Paul Heinegg traces Embrey Bunch's son Micajah to an 1803 land record in Christian County, Kentucky, where a Micajah Bunch also appears in the 1810 federal census. There were a number of Micajah Bunches of roughly the same vintage, easily confused with one another, but Heinegg's identification may be correct in this instance. If so, this Micajah was the one who married Talitha Smith in Bertie County in 1801. He apparently died not long after the 1810 census, and Talitha remarried to Mark Provo, removing to Alexander County, Illinois. There is an earlier (1791) Bertie County marriage record for a Micajah Bunch to Lavinia Holder -- this could well be the same Micajah.    <return>



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Haplogroup R1b - Lineage I - Tree 1: Samuel Bunch of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio

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American History: Did Barack Obama's mother have Colonial African-American ancestry?
The Y DNA and documentary evidence
Compiled by Ted Kandell [ted_kandell AT]

"Obama also has roots that run deep in Northwest Arkansas. Obama's great-great-great-great-great grandparents were Nathaniel and Sarah (Ray) Bunch, who came to Madison Co. Arkansas about 1840":
Legal Ruralism: Rural Arkansas claims kinship link to Obama
Obama ancestors found a home in state in 1840s


John Bunch, b c1630, d 1700 New Kent, VA
John Bunch, b 1662 VA, d 1704 VA
John Bunch, b 1690 New Kent Co., VA, d c1741 Hanover Co., VA
Samuel Bunch, b 1726 Hanover Co., VA, d 1783 Louisa Co., VA
Charles Bunch, b 1765 Louisa Co., VA
Nathaniel Bunch, b 1793 Louisa Co., VA, d 1859 Newton Co.,  AR

"Madison County (population 14,243; population density 17/square mile; 96% white; .1% African American) is in Northwest Arkansas and sits between Newton County (the least densely populated in the state) and Arkansas's second urban area (after Little Rock)"

Ancestry of Barack Obama (find "John Bunch" from New Kent Co. VA)
Anna Bunch (1814-1892) - Genealogy  

One person who tested was descended from Nathaniel Bunch (1793-1859), who was the founder of the Bunch family in Arkansas and Barack Obama's 5th g-grandfather. He was the husband of his mtDNA ancestor Sara Wade Ray, who herself is of unknown parentage from Tennessee. (As you know I emailed Tammy Bunch who put up the tree on Rootsweb to ask if any descendant tested her mtDNA yet.)

Here are the DNA results:

Kit # 17113 has 67 STRs:

The Bunch DNA Project |  
Melungeon Core DNA Project Y haplotypes  



John Bunch, born about 1630, New Kent, VA



























(Y haplogroup E1b1a derives from sub-Saharan Africa and is found in the western hemisphere typically in association with the trans-Atlantic slave trade.)

John Bunch, the probable patriarch of the oldest and most extensive Bunch lineage in America, first appears in records from Lancaster County on the Northern Neck of Virginia, dated to 1654.  These records locate him around the area of present day Kilmarnock, Virginia.  Somewhat later (1662), a John Bunch (probably the same person) acquired 450 acres of land in New Kent County, Virginia, across the Rappahannock River from Lancaster County. This parcel was probably located south of the York River in the general area of West Point, Virginia (perhaps near Barhamsville).

From subsequent records for early Virginia Bunches (and from current DNA evidence), John Bunch was probably an Afro-European mulatto.  His father was likely born in western Africa and would have been one of the earliest Africans in English colonial Virginia.  In the early colonial period, the instituion of racially based slavery had not been fully established and in many cases African "importees" were treated like European indentured servants:  They were released after serving a specified period of bondage.  This would explain how John Bunch came to be a free, land-owning African-American in seventeenth century colonial Virginia.  It even appears from later records that some of John Bunch's descendants came to acquire African slaves of their own.

It remains a mystery how this African paternal line acquired a British surname, but one likely possibility is that John Bunch took his last name from his European mother.  That the origins of the Virginia Bunch family were bound up with early (1662) anti-miscegenation laws in colonial Virginia is clearly shown by the case brought before the Virginia Council in 1705 by a later John Bunch (probably the son or grandson of the patriarch) and his intended spouse, Sarah Slayden:

Virginia Genealogical Society Speech November 2008

Bunch Family

The Bunch family apparently descends from John Bunch who patented 450 acres in New Kent County in 1662.  Another John Bunch, "a Mulatto," and Sarah Slayden, a white woman, petitioned the Council of Virginia in 1705 to allow them to marry because the minister of Blisland Parish (New Kent and James City counties) refused to marry them. The Attorney General was undecided whether the petition "came within the intent of the Law preventing Negros and White Persons intermarrying" because he could not resolve

Whether the issue begotten on a White woman by a Mulatto man can properly be called a Mulatto, that name I conceive being only appropriated to the Child of a Negro man begotten upon a white woman or a white man upon a negro woman, and as I am told the issue of a Mulatto by or upon a white person has another name viz. that of Mustee?

Paul Bunch patented 265 acres in present-day Halifax County, North Carolina, adjoining Gideon Gibson?s land and left a 1726 Chowan County will by which he left a considerable estate to a "Mulatto woman" Keziah Holdebee and her three children. And Samuel Bunch was indicted in the Gibson?s Mill area of Louisa County, Virginia, for failing to list a tithable which was probably his wife, but this branch of the family was considered white by the end of the colonial period as were the other branches of the family that went to South Carolina.


There is more on Barack Obama's ancestor Samuel Bunch and his "Mulatto" father John Bunch here:

The interesting thing is that some of the VA Bunch family owned slaves.

There is an African connection here since Nathaniel Bunch of Arkansas's cousin Nathaniel Bunch of Virginia requested that upon his death his slaves be freed with the option of going to Liberia.



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