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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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  • William Buell b c 1610 probaly England d 1681 Windosr, CT 41614 & SMGF-1
    • Samuel Buell b 1641 Windosr, Ct d 1720 Killingworth, CT m Deborah Griswold
      • David Buell b 1679 Killingworth, CT d 1749 Killingworth, CT m Phoebe Fenner 41614
        • Jedediah Buell b 1704 Killingworth, CT d 1786 Killingworth, CT m. Deborah Shether
          • David Buell b 1737 Killingworth, CT d 1816 Killingworth, CT m Mary Hurd
            • Timothy Buell b 1768 Killingworth, CT d 1837 Marietta, OH
              • George D. Buell b c 1826 Marietta, OH
                • Samuel Buell
      • John Buell b 1671 Killingworth, CT d 1746 Litchfield, CT m Mary Loomis SMGF-1
        • Ebenezer Buell b 1713 Lebanon, CT d 1801 Litchfield, CT m Dorothy Gillett
          • Ebenezer Buell b 1747 Litchfield, CT d 1823 Litchfield, CT m Hannah Plumb
            • Miles Buell b 1772 Litchfield, CT d 1858 Litchfield, CT m Agnes Tuttle & Susannah Hinman
              • Lewis Tuttle Buell b 1804 Litchfield, CT m Mary Brown
                • William W. Buell b 1832 Goshen, CT
                  • George Lewis Buell b 1878 Murray, NY m Lulu Ball


  • Jeptha Buell b before 1765 France or NY or CT m Rachel Strong 84523
    • Elijah Buell b 1801 Utica, NY
    • Henry Buell b c 1803 Utica, NY
    • George Buell b 1804Utica, NY m Electa Dix
      • Freeman Buell b 1840 Ohio d 1919 m. Nancy Ball
        • Arthur L. Buell b 1884 Muscatine, IA


  • Jacob C. Buell b New York N49697
    • Benedict Buell b 1834 St. Louis, MO m Mary Kieff
      • Lee Buell b 1865 St Ferdinand, MO m Vesper Lewis
        • Roy Lewis Buell b 1886 Monroe, MO


  • John Bull b 1 Nov 1719 St. John's Par., Baltimore Co., MD m Hanna Ruff 88849
    • Jacob Bull b 24 Feb 1756 Maryland m Sarah Vincent
      • Jesse Bull b c 1794 Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN m Jane Daniel
        • Jesse Brittain Bull b c 1838 Harlan Co., KY m Margaret J. Pittman
          • William W. Bull/Buell b 5 Feb 1860 Bell Co., KY m Lucinda Wilson
            • Rufus Buell b 16 Aug 1903 Harlan Co., KY m Bertha Scott


  • James Turnbull b 1788 TN d 1865 Lincoln Co, MO m Jane unknown 101472
    • George Washington Turnbull b 1811 TN m Sarah Jane Smith
      • John Morgan Turnbull b 1834 Lincoln Co., MO m Matilda Elston
        • Richard Lee Turnbull b 1866 Calhoun Co., IL m Mary Lee LaRue
          • Omer Hayden Turnbull b 1899 Lincoln Co., MO m Lucille Lillian Carter


  • Nicholas Bull/Turnbull b ca 1785 TN or NC m Sidney Petrey 102447
    • George W. Turnbull b c 1828
    • William Turnbull b c 1928 Lincoln Co, KY
    • John Turnbull b 1832 Lincoln Co, KYm Minerva Adams
      • William Craig Turnbull b 1863 Crab Orchard, KY
      • John L. Turnbull b 1871 Crab Orchard, KY
      • Martin Christopher Turnbull b 1872 Crab Orchard, KY d 1950
      • Herman Wirth Turnbull b 1883 Crab Orchard, KY d 1958 Oklahoma
      • Albert Huffman Turnbull b 1862 Crab Orchard, KY d 1936 m Mollie Adams
        • Ora Thomas Turnbull b 1892Crab Orchard, KY d 1970 m Clara Toops


  • John Bull Sr. b ca 1754 d aft 1830 Knox Co KY 104940
    • Richard Bull b ca 1775 d ca 1841 Knox, Co, KY m Fanney Bray
      • James Bull b ca 1825 Knox Co, KY M Lucy C. Parker
        • John M. Bull b 1857 Knox Co, KY m Martha J. Bennett
          • William Bull b 1887 Bell Co, KY m Maddie Nicholson
            • Everett Bull/Buhl


  • Ambrose Bull b ca 1755 North Carolina 183377
    • unknown Bull m Janet
      • Reuben Bull b 1800 North Carolina
        • William Jackson Bull b 1826 Yazoo Co., MS
          • James Reuben Bull b 1853 Fisher, Co TX
            • John Bull b 1889 Fisher Co., TX



  • John Buel 1791 Connecticut m. Luna Whelan B20937
    • Silas A Buell b 1844 Granby, NY m. Mary Lent
      • George Buell b 1878 Granby, NY m. Elizabeth Bachelor
        • George Edward Buell b 1907 Fulton, NY m Alice Bowe


  • Each Family will be listed here, by earliest known ancestor - Each listing will include a Line Leader (Researcher)

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.


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