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The Britton DNA Project would like to sponsor DNA collection in the British Isles by offering free Y-12 tests to Britton and Bretton men (all variants of the name are included) who can prove descent from a Britton/Bretton ancestor born in the UK c 1800 or before.  Our goal is to identify the Y-DNA signatures of as many Britton and Bretton families as possible and use the genealogical information provided by their living representatives to trace their common ancestry back as far as records permit.  Once the DNA signature of a family has been established, we will be able to identify other descendants of the line by a simple DNA match.


Since most Brittons and Brettons are not related to each other, DNA testing is often the only way to distinguish one family from another, especially in areas like Bristol, Colchester, Birmingham, or York where the name is common and several unrelated families may have lived next to one another for many generations.  


If you would like to help us sponsor DNA testing in the UK, we invite you to contribute to the Britton International DNA Project Fund by check, PayPal, or credit card:


Unless otherwise specified, donations will be used to pay for test kits and shipping to the UK.  (Participants will be responsible for return postage.)   Your contribution will help all Brittons interested in tracing their ancestry regardless of whether they live in the UK or a former British colony.


For more information, please write to : Dr. Lindsey Britton, Volunteer Adminstrator, 


Be sure to select the Britton Project from the drop-down menu before making a contribution.


For more on DNA Testing please write to the Administrator or see Frequently-Asked Questions.





Families are listed by county and ID#:


If you know a Britton male willing to represent any of these families, please write to Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey Britton.


Group 7 in Britton DNA Project: Brittons of Bitton Parish, Gloucestershire:

Lineage# 1:

Johannes Britton bc 1470 Bitton m Aliene Lauderback

John Britton bc 1492 Bitton

Thomas Britton bc 1530, Bitton m Agnes Horsington

Jasper Britton bc 1551 Swinford m Joan de Swinford

John Britton b 1576 in London m Elizabeth Cutt

John Britton b 1605 Bitton m Elizabeth Deane

Morris Britton b 1642 Bitton m Margaret

Morris Britton b 1668 Bitton m Jane Braine

Morris Britton bc 1701 Bitton m Elizabeth Robbins

Morris Brtton bc 1722 Bitton m Jane Jones

Emmanuel Britton b 1754 Bitton m Mary Nash

William Britton b 1779 Bedminster m Grace Britton

John Britton b 1809 Bedminster m Eliza Peters

Joseph Britton b 1849 Bedminster m Elizabeth Burge

Oscar John Britton b 1883 Bedminster m Daisy Decima Badman


Lineage #2:

Edward Britton m Martha Perry

Isaac Britton c 1796-1882 m Sarah Hawkins

Isaac Britton c 1834-1892 m Mary Ann Batemen

Sarah Anne Britton b 1860 Hanham


Bristol Avon:

Lineage #1:

James Britton born 18 Sept 1814, Bristol, Avon d 29 Nov. 1900 in Lambeth

Edward John Britton b 1 May Clerkenwell, Islington, London, d 18884 Fulham, London

William Edward Britton b 31 Aug. 1876, Hammersmith, Middlesex, d 1941, Hove, Sussex

Gerald Lesley Britton b 23 September 1902 Colwell, Herefordshire d Dec 1987 Bradford District, Yorkshire



Lineage #1:

Edward Brittain Issue: Edward Brittain ch  7 January 1689 and  John  ch 24 Nov 1690 Leckhampstead, probable father of:

Edward Brittain  marr Anne Davis, 21 May, 1712 at St Peter and Paul, Leckhampstead; Issue: John ch 13 July 111713; Thomas ch 17Feb 1718;  George ch 6 April 1720; Anne ch 15 April 1722; William ch 1 Feb 1725m, all at Leckhampstead, Bucks.

John Brittain ch 13 Jun., 1713 at St Peter and Paul, Leckhampstead, Bucks., m Susanna Page 1739

William Brittain ch Jun.,. 1745--either born or marr at St Mary the Virgin, Leckhampstead

Jacob Hurst Brittin, ch 29 Aug., Leckhampstead, Bucks

Joseph Proctor Britten ch 15 October 1820 , Deanshanger, Northants. d 1864, Pottersbury

Joseph Brittain  ch 14 Dec 1857, Market Harborough, Leics. d 1916 Issue:

John b 1898--his only son, John b 1921 killed in war 1943; Joseph, 1897-1977, had 2 sons Joseph & David-- Joseph had only one daughter; Gladys (1904-1986)



Lineage # 1:

The Rev. James Britton DD  Master of Grammar School at Durham & later presented to the living at Bossall, Yorkshire; m Adelaide____ & had an only son:

The Rev. James Britton MA Christ Church, Oxford, m Julia Down 1818, London, later Vicar of Great Bardfield, Essex

Sons: Richard Ware Britton b 1826

Edward Frazer Cass Britton b 1833

Edward Key Harwick Britton b 1834, Great Bardfield



Lineage # 1:

Thomas Britton b 1789 Great Waltham, Essex d 1825 m Hannah Lacy 11 Oct 1811

Sons: William b 1814 John b 1817 Thomas b 1819 James



Lineage #1:

Isabella Britton born Ashton in Makerfield Wigan Lancashire England c 1792  md Robert Atherton 14th November 1814, All Saints parish church Wigan .  Died

1853 at Church Street in Tyldesley Lancashire,  buried at St

Georges Church in Tyldesley 5th June 1853 aged 51 years.  (???)

ISSUE: Elizabeth 1815-died before1822, Thomas 1817-1862, William 1819, Jane 1820-1884, Elizabeth 1822, James 1823, Robert 1825-1887,Benjamin 1827-1828

Charlotte 1831-1905, Benjamin 1833-1894, Samuel 1837-1854



Lineage #1:

William BRITTAIN and Mary HARDING who according to the IGI married on 5/7/1813 at St Martin, Birmingham, probable father of:

Mary Ann BRITTAIN, christened 27/6/1814 at St John, Coventry


Lineage #2

Richard King Brittain & Elizabeth Greenfield, m Birmingham, 1826 – believed to Believed to be parents of Richard Britton b Birmingham 1832 m Emma Wood, 15 September 1861 Aston Juxta Birmingham,Warwick,England


Lineage 2A:

Richard King Britton born c1832, Birmingham, marr Emma Wood 1861.

Alfred Arthur King Britton born 1868, Aston, marr Emma Baker 1890.

Howard King Britton born 1903, Aston, marr Doris Curry 1930.

Peter J King-Britton born 1932, West Bromwich, marr Ms Guert


Lineage# 3:

William Britton b 1820 Birmingham m Frances Smith 1842

Charles Britton b 1852 Birmingham m Elizabeth Lowry 1878

Sons:  William Stanley Britton m Vera Edwards and

  Edward Lester Britton b 1894 father of Anthony Edward Lowry Britton b 1924




Lineage #1:

James Brittain bc 1804, Lofthouse, N. Yorkshire m Ann____bc 1805 Eston, N. Yorkshire

Issue: George bc 1841 Middlesbrough, N. Yorkshire and an older son who died before 1861


County unknown:

Lineage #1:

Thomas Brittain b 1798 d after 1861 m Elizabeth Rainsford (1793-1860)

Issue: George b 1820 m Sarah Newey b 1822; Mary b 1823; Sophia b 1825? D 1883 m William Stone; Elizabeth b 1829?; William b 1832 m Mary Johnson b 1834


Lineage for Kit# N113847 who is a female-line descendant with autosomal DNA results and a member of the Britton Project:

William Britton/en/ain, convicted inLondon and was sent to Australia in 1812 where he later died.

James Brittian

Edward Brittain

May Brittain


Kit N112847