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The Britton DNA Project would like to sponsor DNA collection in the British Isles by offering free Y-12 tests or $50 toward purchase of a higher resolution test to Britton and Bretton men (all variants of the name are included) who can prove descent from a Britton/Bretton ancestor born in the UK c 1837 or before.  All applicants are required to provide sources for their pedigree, including the birthplace (county or parish) for their qualifying ancestor, and all applications must be approved by the Administrator before project funds can be released.


Our goal is to identify the Y-DNA signatures of as many Britton and Bretton families as possible and use the genealogical information provided by their living representatives to trace their common ancestry back as far as records permit.  Once the DNA signature of a family has been established, we will be able to identify other descendants of the line by a simple DNA match


Since most Brittons and Brettons are not related to each other, DNA testing is often the only way to distinguish one family from another, especially in areas like Bristol, Colchester, Birmingham, or York where the name is common and several unrelated families may have lived next to one another for many generations. 


If you would like to help us sponsor DNA testing in the UK, we invite you to contribute to the Britton International DNA Project Fund by check, PayPal, or credit card:


Unless otherwise specified, donations will be used to pay for test kits and shipping to the UK.  (Participants will be responsible for return postage.)   Your contribution will help all Brittons interested in tracing their ancestry regardless of whether they live in the UK or a former British colony.


For more information, please write to : Dr. Lindsey Britton, Volunteer Adminstrator, 


Be sure to select the Britton Project from the drop-down menu before making a contribution.


For more on DNA Testing please  write to the Administrator at