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C. Breese

John Brees

  Cornelius Breese b. 1718, m. Sarah Skillman

    Moses Breese Sr. b. 1744 Basking Ridge, NJ; d. 1775 Morristown, NJ

      Moses Breese Jr. b. 1775 Basking Ridge, NJ; d. 1847 Muncie, IN; m. Anna

        Israel Breese b. 1818 Ohio; d. 1869 Ohio; m. Delila McConnell

          Walter Calvin Breese b. 1862, Hamilton Co., OH; d. 1927, Hamilton Co., OH; m. Mary Winders

            Clifford Breese b. 1882 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 1955 Toma WI; m. Goldie Schull

    DNA Testee: kit # 68690


C. Breese

John Brees b. 1765 NJ, d. 1835, Sullivan Co., IN; m. Sarah

  Samuel Brees b. abt 1798 PA, d. 1860, Fulton Co., IL; m. Jane Pritchett

    Watson Clark Brees b. 1831 Sullivan Co., IN; d. 1911 Riley Co., KS; m. Sarah Ann Dugan

      Albert Valentine Breese b. 1856 Fulton Co., IL; d. 1847, Morris Co., KS; m. Margaret Ann Berry

        Richard Lewis Breese b. 1887 Butler Co., KS; d. 1966 Morris Co, KS; m. Vera Fern Allen

DNA Testee:  kit # 69539

R. Breese

Ephraim Breese, b abt 1794 in Basking Ridge, NJ, d  probably aft 1872
   Isaac Breese, b Nov 10, 1821 in Ohio, d Oct 7, 1909 in > Indianapolis, IN
     Joseph Clayton Breese, b Jun 30, 1849 in Indiana, d Jun 15, 1921 in PA
       Robert Clayton Breese, b Apr 24, 1884 in PA, d Aug 3, 1936 in PA
          Clayton Kelso Breese, b Apr 8, 1909 in PA, d Mar 22, 1996 in CO

   DNA Testee:  kit # 120910


S. Breese

     Sidney Breese (1709-1767) m. Elizabeth Pinkethem

          Samuel Breese (1737-1800) m. (1) Rebecca Finley; (2)  Elizabeth Anderson

               Samuel Sidney Breese (son of Elizabeth Anderson) (1768-1848) m. Helen Burrows

                    Samuel Breese (1802-1873) m. Ophelia Jane Bacon

                         Arthur Bacon Breese (1858-1941) m. Rena Schermerhorn

                              Samuel Sidney Breese (1906-1990) m. Ruth Avery Page Keyton

  DNA Testee: kit # 69540


T. Breese

John Breese (1713-1803) m. Dorothy Riggs (1713-1803)                             

         Henry Breese (1753-1835) m. Ruth Pierson (1754-1833)                               

                  Stephen Breese (1776-1853) m. Harriet Ogden (1742-1842)

                           Charles Ogden Breese (1811-1885) m. Phoebe Bockoven (1818-1891)

                                    Lemuel H. Breese (1845- 1909) m. Lucinda Caroline Miller (1844-1919)

                                             Lemuel Walter Breese (1884-1967) m. Bertha Leah Webb (1892-1959)

  DNA Testee: kit # 428961                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

J. Breece

Henry Breece b. 1792, Carteret Co. NC; d. 1833, Hickman Co TN; m. Lavina Pounders

  William Breece b. 1816, Bedford Co. TN; d. 1894, Boone Co. AR; m. Tressie Harris

    William Breece b. 1847, Hickman Co. TN; d. 1914, Boone Co AR; m. Rachel Young

      Chester Arthur Breece b. 1882, Boone Co. AR; d. 1951, Boone Co. AR; m. Maude Allen

        Allen Breece b. 1913, Boone Co. AR; d. 1999, Batesville AR; m. Opal Davidson

  DNA Testee:  kit # 351507

R. Breese

John Breese (1713-1803) m. Dorothy Riggs (1713-1803)                             

         Henry Breese b. 1753 Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., NJ; d. 1835, Chemung Co., NY);  m. Ruth Pierson (1754-1833)  

               Joel Breese b. 1791 NJ, d. 1872 Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY; m. Elizabeth Douglas (1791-1870)

                     William Henry Breese b. 1816, Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY; d. 1866; m. Caroline Elizabeth Truesdale

                            Thaddeus Wakeman Breese, b. 1850, Elmira, Chemung Co., NY; d. 1897, Elmira, Chemung Co., NY; m.   Emma Jane Shemerhorn

                                     Thomas Franklin Breese, b. 1880, Niagara Falls, Niagara Co., NY; d. 1941, Elmira, Chemung Co., NY; m. Bertha Bell Dann

 DNA Testee:  kit #271157                 

G. Nicholson

Mary Breese b. 1740, Bernards, Somerset, NJ; d. 1820, Morris, NJ; m. Benjamin Hinds

  Jeanette Ossie Hines b 1782, Elizabeth, Union, NJ; d. 1854, Osnaburg, Stark, Ohio; m. Douglas Wilson

    Osee Wilson b. 1815, Waynesburg, Stark, OH; d. 1892, Sandy, Stark, OH; m. John Harris Elson

      Edward Wiggins Elson b. 1850, Waynesburg, Stark, OH; d. 1917, Ash Grove, Greene, MO; m. Mary Belle Jones

        Benjamin Franklin Elson b 1881, Boone Township, Greene, MO; d. 1974, Ash Grove, Greene, MO; m. Rhoda Buckner

         Mary Kathleen Elson b 1904, Murray Township, Greene, MO; d. 1999, Columbus, Franklin, OH; m. Jonathan Jefferson Nicholson

  DNA Testee:  kit # 343315 (Family Finder) GEDmatch Kit # A414671, # M122351 23andMe Gary Nicholson



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