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Steve Bowers followed Robert Strong, becoming Bowers Project Administrator in 2015 and resigning in March 2016.  We'll miss Steve and his enthisiasm.  The Bowers project will welcome a Family Researcher Volunteer to join the Bowers Surname Project Administration team - initially as a co-administrator.  After "learning the ropes", the volunteer can take a larger role.  Terry


Welcome to the Bowers DNA Project (written by Steve Bowers in 2015)

The Bowers DNA Project was launched by Terry Barton of in 2005.  Not being a Bowers descendant himself, Terry recruited Robert Strong to assist in the administration of the project.  Besides being a Bowers descendant, Robert has been an active Bowers researcher.  His Bowers research can be viewed at Our Bowers and Anderson Ancestors.  


This has been a terrffic partnership. has provided a host website for this project, tremendous administrative support, and also valuable technical expertise in analyzing the Y-DNA results.  However, as time passed Robert desired to make some changes to the standard format of the WorldFamilies website that have proven to be difficult to accommodate.  Accordingly, it was mutually decided to create a companion website -- one that would be easier for Robert work with -- that would work in tandem with this WorldFamilies website.  That companion website can be viewed at the Bowers DNA Project.  At the pages for each website, you will find a variety of cross-links.  From the standpoint of navigating the pages of this project, we admit this is not the most elegant of solutions, but it is much better from the standpoint of administering the project the way Robert wants. WorldFamilies will continue to assist Robert in matters relating to the Y-DNA results.

Introduction - Rory Bowers, Administrator - 2017

It is a Great Honor to be passed the reins as Co-Administrator for the Bowers DNA Project.  My name is Rory E. Bowers and I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I stay in close contact with Robert Strong and refer to him regularly about our family.  I have been researching the Bowers family since 2007.  My father, Bobby E. Bowers got started on the "Bowers Family History" as early as 1997.  He passed away in 2000 and the project was handed over to me along with boxes of old family photograps and documents saved by my Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  The old photos go back as far as my ggg-Grandfather and Grandmother; William Bowers and Mary E. (Allen) Bowers.  I have tested for Autosomal DNA through Ancestry and I am waiting for my Y-DNA test results from FT-DNA.  Robert and I both believe that my test results along with his will make giant strides forward in confirming our family line.  If you are a Bowers male, I sincerely hope that you will march forward with us and complete an FT Y-DNA test.  I look forward to assisting all of you in your quest for our Family History.

Rory E. Bowers

Update on my y-DNA test - Rory Bowers, Administrator - 2017

My y-DNA test results are in and much to our surprise Robert Strong and I are not related.  We appear to be from two vastly different Haplogroups.  My Haplogroup is I-M223.  There are currently no matches in the database within a Genetic Distance of 0 at 37 markers.  Needless to say, I am somewhat less than pleased with the results.  I still have no clue as to who my Bowers family Patriarch is.  In December 2017 I have upgraded to Y67.  I am hoping that the results improve.

Rory E. Bowers

Update on Site changes - Rory Bowers, Administrator - July 2017

We are in the process of making changes to the web site.  The Patriarchs Page has been updated, corrected and is now found under Patriarchs at the top of the page.  There is a great deal of good information on Robert Strong's "companion site" server.  Robert has been kind enough to forward the files to me and in the following weeks I will begin to add them to the Project site.

Rory E. Bowers, Administrator

Discussion Page Updated - Rory Bowers, Administrator - July 2017

I have updated the Discussion Page for results through B-77.  There is some great information here on the known and unknown patriarchs and associated matches.


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