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The Botts Surname Project invites any males with the surname Botts (or variants, Bott, Botz, Botte, or Bates) to summit yDNA and genealogy results in order tto assist in establishing the various Botts lineages in the US and across the ocean. Please join and help us by providing validated lineages and DNA results. For the Y-DNA results (males only), we recommend that one consider at least providing the Y-DNA25 test results (Y-DNA37 is highly recommended as a minimum). However, we welcome any Y-DNA tests, as well as any known patriarch lineages that are not yet connected to DNA tests.

Patriarch trees are provided under the Patriarchs menu item above. These are derived from traditional genealogy research and will be used to recognize what DNA signatures characterize the different lineages (note: patriarch trees only provide ancestors up to early 1900 in order to protect the privacy of living persons). With enough DNA results for any given tree, we should be able to determine with which ancestors given changes in the DNA occurred and thus be able to map out divergent DNA branches. For orphaned lineages (i.e. those without complete mapping back to emigrants and beyond), matches in DNA signatures with other lineages can help us determine common ancestors between them and thus connect orphan lineages with their parent lineage. Please help us by adding missing patriarch lineages and correcting those that are listed. And certainly we would greatly appreciate you adding your y-DNA results to this project in order to help us establish DNA signatures for each lineage and to help us map convergences and diverges of the Botts family tree(s).

The DNA results for all participants are provided under the y-Results menu item above. These are divided according to  Haplogroups and recognized lineages. Discussions regarding the DNA results and their relationship to the Patriarch lineages are provided under the Discussion menu item above. If you wish to add your pedigree, you can post it under the Pedigree menu item, or email it to me (see contact information below. Finally, you are greatly encouraged to open threads of discussion using the Forum menu item above.

We greatly need your help to make this project a success. It is always challenging to get such a project moving forward.  You need people who are willing to contribute in order to get the group started and get momentum going but its of course more attractive to join the group when there are already a large number of participants. We appreciate your willingness to contribute your time, money, and of course your DNA to this project. If you are willing to contribute funds to the project in order to encourage DNA testing of others for a particular lineage or for the project in general, you may do so using the link above. Your financial help would of course be greatly appreciated by all.

Thanks.  Mike Botts

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