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Jacob Schwarzwalder (d. 1646, Burgberg, Wurttemberg, Germany)                    
  Christian Schwarzwalder (m. Anna Gotz)                        
    Jacobus Schwarzwalder (b. 1649, Buchenberg, Wurttemberg, Germany; d. 1690, Monchweiler, Wurttemberg, Germany; m. Margaretha Lehmann)    
      John Blackwelder (b. 1684, Monchweiler, Wurttemberg, Germany; d. 1756-1763, (Lunenburg Co., VA)?; m. Elisabetha Maushardt)        
        John Adam Blackwelder (b. 1719, Durrn, Wurttemberg, Germany; d. 1794-1805, (Cabarrus Co., NC)?; m. Catherine -----)        
          Charles Blackwelder (b. 1761, Anson [Cabarrus] Co., NC; d. 1844)                  
            Jacob Blackwelder (b. 1789-1790, (Cabarrus Co)? NC; d. 1850-1860, (Chambers Co., AL)?; m. Elizabeth Suitor?|Suther?)        
              Elam Blackwelder (b. (1823-1826)|1829, (Cabarrus Co.)?, NC; d. 1898, (Randolph Co., AL)?; m. Permelia Edison|Eidson)      
                Elam Pinkney Blackwelder (b. 1854, (Randolph|Chambers Co.)?, AL; d. 1921, Carroll Co., GA; m. Mary L. -----)        
                  Dessassure Ford Blackwelder (b. 1890, Heard Co., GA; d. 1948 Carroll Co., GA; m. Sallie Lucinda Ayers) (FTDNA 70383)      
        Caleb Blackwelder (b. 1722, Durrn, Wurttemberg, Germany; d. 1794, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Betsey Phifer)          
          Isaac Blackwelder (b. 1757, Lunenburg [Mecklenburg] Co., VA; d. 1843, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Mary Reidling)          
            David Blackwelder (b. 1796-1797, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 1851-1852, (Cabarrus Co., NC)?; m. Esther Stough)          
              James A Blackwelder (b. 1823, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 1876, (Rowan Co., NC)?; m. Christina F. A. Blackwelder)        
                Robert Locke Blackwelder (b. 1857, (Cabarrus Co.)?, NC; d. 1947, Fresno Co., CA; m. Mary Alice Bostian)          
                  John Wilson Blackwelder (b. 1889, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1980, Butte Co., CA; m. Nora Lorraine Weeks (FTDNA 74298)      
            Jeremiah Blackwelder (b. 1797, (Cabarrus Co.)?, NC; d. after 1870, (Columbia Co., FL)?; m. Sarah Lipe)          
              Moses Blackwelder (b. 1830|1831, (Cabarrus Co.)?, NC; d. 1881, Bradford Co., FL; m. Mary Ann Lastinger)          
                Martin Van Buren Blackwelder (b. 1852, Columbia Co., FL; d. 1913, Lake Butler, Bradford [Union] Co., FL; m. Nancy Nettles)      
                  Moses Alonzo Blackwelder (b. 1874, Lake Butler, Bradford [Union] Co., FL, d. 1946, Apopka, Orange Co., FL; m. Lula Arkansas Alderman) (FTDNA 145117)
          Martin Blackwelder (b. 1766|1767, (Mecklenburg [Cabarrus] Co., NC)?; d. 1840, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Elizabeth Meisenheimer)      
            Reuben Blackwelder (b. 1805, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 1878, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Catharine Lipe)            
              Allison James Blackwelder (b. 1832, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 1912, Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Henrietta Margaret Litaker)      
                Arthur R. Blackwelder (b. 1884, Cabarrus Co., NC; d. 1949, Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Della Estelle Lippard) (SMGF 1)      
          Daniel Blackwelder (b. ca. 1774, (Mecklenburg [Cabarrus] Co., NC)?; d. 1828-1829, (Cabarrus Co., NC)?; m. Maria Frank)        
            Hiram Blackwelder (b. 1801, (Cabarrus Co.)?, NC; d. 1866, (Rowan Co., NC)?; m. Susannah Deal)            
              Sampson Timothy Blackwelder (b. 1846, (Cabarrus|Rowan Co.)?, NC; d. 1911, (Rowan Co., NC)?; m. Mary Ann Elizabeth Stirewalt)      
                Locke Winfield Blackwelder (b. 1875, (Rowan Co.)? NC; d. 1961, Spalding Co., GA; m. Minnie Madeline Beaver) (FTDNA 85750)      
  Note: Place names in brackets ("[" and "]") indicate current geographical boundaries.                

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