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Surname DNA testing (using the Y-chromosome) is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father's father, and so on) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way.


Surnames included: Blackwelder, Schwarzwalder

The Blackwelder DNA Project has several key objectives:


1. Identify the DNA profile ("haplotype") of the immigrant John Blackwelder, who was born in Monchweiler, Wurttemberg, Germany (as Johannes Schwarzwalder) on 29 January 1684. He married 27 November 1708 in Durrn, Wurttemberg, Germany to Elisabetha Maushardt. Johannes immigrated to America on the ship Friendship, arriving in Philadelphia on 20 September 1738. He is the direct ancestor of (probably) all of today’s Blackwelder families in the USA. Another facet of this objective is to determine what unique Y-DNA markers (STR, or short tandem repeat, mutations) are associated with each of the branches of John Blackwelder’s descendants. Achieving this will require a good number of samples across the various branches, but will create a baseline to which a present-day Blackwelder descendant can compare his own Y-DNA to determine where he fits in John Blackwelder’s family (to complement research with historical records).

Several of the descendants of John Blackwelder and Elisabeth Maushardt have participated in the Blackwelder DNA Project and their Y-chromosome haplotypes are posted on the y-Results page. These haplotypes should be almost identical to the haplotype of John Blackwelder (Johannes Schwarzwalder). More samples are needed from descendants of Caleb and John Adam to confirm the exact (modal) haplotype of John Blackwelder. The Y-chromosome haplogroup to which John Blackwelder is "E1b1b1a1b"; this subclade is also known as "E-V13". This haplogroup has its highest European prevalence in the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe, indicating that as a possible homeland for our Blackwelder (Schwarzwalder) ancestral line prior to arriving in Germany. As more samples are gathered for comparison, we may find close matches to Schwarzwalder and other families in Europe and elsewhere.

See Mark Arslan's Blackwelder Genealogy website:



2. Establish the relationship of the John Blackwelder (Schwarzwalder) family to other families of the Schwarzwalder surname (and its variants) in Germany.


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