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Comments on B-1 and Bissell Lineage I
A 33/37 match is considered a shared ancestry
B-1's differences from the others at 389 are only one mutation, as 389-1 and 389-2 move together
B-1 and B-5 are 32/37 - a mutation distance of 5, which is slightly greater than typically considered as a "match"
B-1 and B-5 are separated by only 12 birth events (6 generations) which is unusually close for a 32/37 result
The results for B-2 are intermediate between those of B-1 and B-5, so B-2 is currently (as of 09 Mar 2007) the most likely representative of the ancestral haplotype. However, another clear result which bridges the 4 mutation differences between B-2 and B-1 would be reassuring and might possibly shift the Lineage I ancestral haplotype (original comments modified 3/14/07 by REB)
B-1 is a match to B-2 (33/37), and B-2 is a match to B-5 (36/37), and they all share a common ancestor - John, b 1591 - so B-1 and B-5 must also be considered a "match," even though their result (32/37) is slightly greater than what is typically considered as a match. Upgrades to 67 markers for B-1 and B-5 would likely confirm the shared ancestry, but B-2 already serves as a bridge for this purpose (original comments modified 3/14/07 by REB)
B-2 and B-5, who are descended from Captain John's son Thomas, now have a 12/12 match with B-6, who is descended from Captain John's son John Bissell Jr. This gives further weight to the provisional idea that B-2 is the most likely representative of Captain John's haplotype.
It would be useful to have a full 37-marker upgrade for B-6, to compare his profile to that of his closer cousin B-1 with whom he only has an 11/12 match, and to those of his more distant cousins B-2 and B-5, with whom he has 12/12 matches. This could provide the bridge (mentioned above) for the mutation differences between B-2 and B-1 and help further clarify Captain John's probable haplotype (these comments submitted 9/28/07 by REB)
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