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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Claude Belanger b 1794 Canada m Angelique Goulet - Snookums [vcaruso AT]
    • Narcesse Belanger b 1823 Canada m Mary Smith
      • Louis Belanger b 1848 Canada m Delina Couture
        • John Baptiste Belanger b 1880 Coos, NH m1 Marie Anne Bienvenue
          • Leo Richard Belanger b 1904 Derry, NH m Ellen Virginia Newman
  • Ives (Yves, Evi) Bellange b c1660 d 1720 m Christian De La Plaine - jbestep [larryestep AT]
    • Isaac Bellange b c1719 NJ d 1792 Monroe Co., WV m Jean
      • Isaac Ballengee Jr. b 1788 d 1854 m Mary Meadows
        • Archibald Ballengee b 1819 d 1894 Summers Co., WV m1 Elizabeth Graham m2 Margaret Honaker
          • Herndon Ballengee b 1850 d 1904 Summers Co., WV m Delilah Melvin Deboys
            • Lonnie David (Davis) Ballengee b 1881 d 1937 Fayette Co., WV m1 Melissa Bertha Cales m2 Mary Catherine Burdette m3 Corda V. Treadway
  • Col. Peter Bellinger b.1725 Mindon, NY d.1813 Fall Hill, NY m. Adelia Herkimer - BelangerAdmin [BelangerAdmin AT]
    • John Peter Bellinger  b. 1768 NY d. 1819 Herkimer, NY m. Nancy Anna Staurring
      • Adam Bellinger b. 1811 Little Falls, NY d.1889 m. Olive Bernard
        • James Christopher Bellinger b.1838 NY d.1819 m.Arminda Paige
          • Frank Paige Bellinger b. 1862 d.1920 m. Anna Jacobs 
  • Anselme Belanger b 1843 m Saraphine - poketz [poketz AT]
    • Ernst b Dec.,1868 Ottawa, ON Canada m Marie Melchior Chicago
      • Dorothy Belanger b 1903 Holland, MI m William Boldt Chicago

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