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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.



  • Adolf Beckmann m Margaretha - Matt Pryber [heeroyuy280 AT]
    • Johannes Beckmann b 1642 Germany m Susanna Koehler
      • Johann Nikolaus Beckmann b 1666 Germany m Marie Margetha Mangold
        • Abraham Beckmann b c1695 Germany m Anna Maria Pasquay
          • Johann Ludwig Beckmann b c1733 Bavaria, Germany m Katharina Judith Herbruck
            • Abraham Beckmann b 1780 Bavaria, Germany m Sophia Caroline Strubel
              • Johann Philip L. Beckmann b 1810 Bavaria, Germany m Appolonia Stoehr
                • Frederick Beckman b 1846 PA m Matilda Louise Veit
                  • Raymond Frederick Beckman b 1877 PA m Ella Marie Cardinal
                    • Florence Matilda Beckman b 1905 PA m Fred Frederick Moser

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