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Special Sponsorship Program: The Barton Historical Society has a special sponsorship program for Barton families who are not already known to be represented in the Barton DNA Project.   You may receive a 37 marker test for $100 or £70 or €90.  This is less than 2/3 of the regular project price. Contact Terry to confirm eligibility and make the arrangements.


The Barton DNA project is ongoing, with much more to learn.  We started in the spring of 2001 and are still having fun.  Join us in Phase 6, as we try to understand the heritage and genetic connections of every Barton family - no matter where they are from.

The Barton (and variations) surnames in this DNA Project are also researched as part of the Barton one-name study. You can learn more about this supporting research by visiting the one-name study web site 

The primary location for Barton pedigrees and family trees is at the Barton Database, located at 

Our project is open to any male Barton or man believing that he is descended from a Barton male.  Participants to-date have come from all parts of the USA, from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and Scotland. We're looking for more participants - no matter where they live or where their family came from.  (We also welcome men who have already yDNA tested and are matching a Barton) 

We have found that our Barton men make up at least 30 separate Lineages (families with separate ancestors).  Our Lineages are listed and defined at the Barton Historical Society Lineages page:  Lineages

  • About 1/3 of our participants (to date) belong to Lineage 1, which includes over 50 families that don't have paper trails to connect them together.  Three different branches can each trace their line back to the 1600s.  It seems likely that the common ancestor for Lineage I lived in the 15th or 16th century - or even earlier.

  • The other Barton Lineages aren't as large or complex, but each contains learning which reaches beyond what we knew from "traditional" genealogy. Along the way, we have proven numerous researcher’s family traditions and matched some families together. We have also proven that most of the Barton families of the colonial time match into separate Barton families as the written genealogies expected and that "Northern" and "Southern" Bartons aren't related (with some exceptions).

We have also helped several folks find their families and focused many as they continue their search. The project has also been a big asset to our creation of a strong Barton Historical Society and website:

Along the way, we have also found at least 30 of our genetic kin who have a different surname.  We welcome any others whom we can find - or who find us.

Our primary testing company has been Family Tree DNA since 2005.
  • Our project is now being handled by Family Tree DNA, but testing was originally done at the Center for Molecular Genealogy at BYU, then at Relative Genetics.  We welcome all participants who have paternal Barton heritage, regardless of their last name or place of genetic testing.  Our single requirement is that you must believe that your father's father's ... father's father was a Barton.  (or you must be a very close match to a man surnamed Barton)
  • The Barton DNA Project got an early start and was probably the second largest surname project in the early days and is still one of the largest Surname DNA Projects in the world.  Our goal is to eventually have representation from every known Barton family.    Please make sure that your Barton family participates!  We suggest that you test with either the yDNA 37 or yDNA 67 marker test at FTDNA.
  • We will accept yDNA results, along with the paternal ancestry from any Testing Company.  Contact Terry to join.

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