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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.  Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page, how to add your pedigree or how to contact a pedigree provider.
  • Hugh Alley, b 1608 London, England wife Mary Graves- [eva.alley AT]
    • Hugh Alley, b 15 May 1653 MA USA wife Rebecca Hood
      • Joseph Alley, b 22 June 1693 MA USA wife Hepzibah Newball (Newhall)
        • Joseph Alley, b 7 Sep 1728 MA  USA wife Rebecca Hall
          • Joseph Alley, b Mar 1755 MA USA wife Hanna Batcheller
            • George Alley, b 30 Dec 1792 Lynn, Essex, MA USA wife Mary Symonds or Semens
              • Charles Henry Alley, b 15 Apr 1839 MA, USA wife Nancy Adaline York
                • Willis David Alley, b 2 Nov 1882 Utah, USA wife Della Young Pugmire
  • Thomas Alley, b 1650 Rowley, Essex Co, MA, m Abigail Killam PATTY JO (ALLEY) DOWDEY AND CLIFTON EUGENE ALLEY [dowdeygen AT]
    • Thomas Alley, b 12 Dec 1683 Rowley, Essex Co, MA
      • Thomas A. Alley, b 1702 Henrico Co, VA, m Francis Reavis
        • Samuel Simpson Alley, b c1746 Henrico Co, VA, m Elizabeth Newman
          • Samuel Simpson Alley, b c1770 Wake Co, NC, m Dicey Tabitha Glenn (2)
            • Major Henderson Alley, b 27 Jan 1817, Sumner Co, TN, m Sarah Elizabeth Perdue
              • George Washington Alley, b 11 Oct 1849, Jackson Co, MO, m N. Ellen Brackney (2)
                • Joseph Elmer Alley, b 18 May 1877, Henry Co, MO, m Verdie May Temple  131933
  • Thomas Alley m Mary Jennings Seward - Jack R. Templeton [jacktemp AT]
    • Thomas A. Alley Jr. b 1690 Henrico Co., VA m Fancis Reavis
      • James L. Alley b 1728 Henrico Co., VA m Asbury "Azby" Christian
        • Thomas Joseph Alley b c1750 Henrico Co., VA m Sarah Jane Green
          • David Jessee Alley b 1791 Russell Co., VA m Nancy Jane Kilgore
            • David Jessee Alley b 22 Dec 1831 Scott Co., VA m Mary "Polly" Williams
              • Nancy Jane Alley b 1831 Scott Co., VA m William Benton Pendleton 63127
  • Walter W Allee, b. 1796, Scipio, Cayuga, New York, married Sybil Sawdy -Muriel King [kingsgarden4 At]
    • Albert E Allee b. 15 March 1827, Dansville, Livingston, New York, married Lucinda Sargent
    • Louis E Allee b. 10 November 1870, Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota, married Carrie Belle Myers 411319
  • Claude Allee b 19 Sep 1897 Crockett, Houston, TX d 6 Jun 1968 Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX b Beulah - Joseph N. Allee [nate AT]

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