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Notes from May 27, 2007 Results Posting:
1) Kits 49312, N22675 and 78764 show a match. 49312 & 78764 are an exact match even though their most recent common ancestor was 7 generations ago.
2) It was thought that kits 49982 & 39945 both descended from Johannes Arrants (b: 1719), however, the test results show there is no relation.
3) Kits 54701, 60191, and 65460 show a match. This is a great example of DNA proving a relationship between distant relatives. All 3 participants descend from different sons of Thomas Solomon Aaron (b: mid 1700's). As we would
expect going back two and a half centuries before sharing a common ancestor, some 1-step mutations have occurred. These show in the markers highlighted in red.
4) Kits 52663 and SMGF-5 appear to show a match, though a 2-step mismatch at DYS390 is a little odd and a 25-marker test may be required to prove a relation.
5) Kits 61222 and 86774 are a perfect match for these lines from South Carolina. Kit 85199 with the surname 'Voiles' had oral family history saying they may have originally been 'Arons'. DNA results proved this to be true, matching kits 61222 and 86774.

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