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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: The Yoder DNA Project is intended to complement the genealogical work on the Yoder family. The goal of the Project is to use focused testing of Yoder male descendants to create YDNA profiles of the earliest known common ancestors, and to establish or to rule out the links between the various family lines. By "focused testing" we mean we intend to encourage the testing of representatives which should provide the most genealogically significant results to the overall study. This does not mean you cannot seek testing under the project (and at project rates) regardless of whether your family "profile" has been worked out.

For example, it is known that the Oley Valley Yoders and various Alsatian and German Yoder lines descend from the brothers Jost Joder (b. 1607) and Nicolas (b. 3/25/1609) of Steffisburg, Switzerland. It has been suspected, but not proven, that the Mennonite Hans Yoder of Great Swamp, the Amish Yoder immigrants of 1742, and Melchior Yoder of Weidenthal also come from this family. If the DNA profile determined for the progenitor of each of these lines is found to match one another, our hypothesis would be supported. YDNA testing of living male descendants CANNOT PROVE who was the father of a Yoder immigrant. It can, however, establish that a common ancestor was shared within a certain number of generations (depending on how precise the analysis). It can also rule out a close relationship.

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SURNAMES COVERED: Ioder, Joder, Jotter, Yetter (selected), Yoder, Yoders, Yoter, Yother, Yothers, Yotter, Youther

INITIAL TARGETS FOR TESTING: Volunteers are needed! We seek to test one or two male descendant from each of the sons (those marked in blue-unless otherwise indicated) of the major Yoder lines at the "25 marker" level of testing. These include:

Oley Valley Yoders- Descended from Adam Joder and Barbara Ochsenbein of Steffisburg, Switzerland (son of Nicolas b1609)
... OH- Hans Yoder (1672 Steffisburg, Switz.- 1741 Berks Co, Pa) m1. Veronica Iselmyn
... ... OH1- John (1700 Europe-1799 Berks Co.,Pa) m1 Barbara ___ m2 Elizabeth () Keim

... ... ... OH11- John Jr. (c1726-1797 Berks Co.,Pa ) m. Barbara Shankle
... ... ... OH13- Samuel ( -1771 Berks Co.,Pa) m. Elizabeth Oyster
... ... ... OH14- Peter ( - 1809 Berks Co, Pa) m. Eve Levan

... OY- Yost Yoder (1679 Steffisburg, Switz- 1741 Berks Co, Pa) m Elizabeth _____
... ... ...
OY1- John Yost (1718 Berks Co.,Pa- 1812 Berks Co.,Pa) m. Catherine Oyster
... ... ... OY4- Jacob (c1735 Berks Co, Pa- c1804) m. Maria Keim

Mennonite Yoders- European ancestry not established
... YB- Hans Yoder of Great Swamp (c1680 Europe-c1753 Bucks Co., Pa) m. Anna _____
... ...
YB1- John Jr. (c1708-1782 near Coopersburg, Pa) m. Anna Maria ____
... ... YB2- Casper Sr. (c1720-1781 Bucks Co, Pa) m. Barbara ____

The Amish Yoders of 1742- European ancestry not established
... YR1- ... ____ Yoder and the "Widow Barbara"
... ...
YR12- Christian (c1722-1772 Berks Co,Pa) m. Barbara
... ... YR14- Jacob ("Strong Jacob") (c1726-1790 Lancaster Co., PA) m. Anna
... ... YR16- Michael (c1730-1799 Mifflin Co, Pa) m. ?
... ... YR17- John (c1732-1804 Berks Co, Pa) m. Anna ____

... YR2- Christian Yoder (c1700-1775 Berks Co., Pa) m. ?
... ...
YR23- Christian ("Schweitzer") (1728-1816) m1. m2. Barbara Hooley
... ... YR25- John (1732- ) m? Anna Mast
... ... YR26- Yost (1734- ) m1. ___ Hooley? m 2. Mary Siever

Conrad Yoder of North Carolina- European ancestry not established
... Con-Conrad Yoder (c1735-1790 NC) m1. Christina Cline m2. Miss Sietz m3. Catherine Huffman
... ...
Con1- John (1764-1835 NC) m. Mary Reep
... ... Con2- Jacob (1767-c1854Ind) m. Catherine Dellinger
... ... Con3- David (1770-1864 NC) m. Barbara Reep
... ... Con6- Daniel (1780- Ind) m. Elizabeth Cline
... ... Con8- Adam (1785- ?) m. Sally Davis (2 volunteers from different sons of Adam needed)

Melchior Yoder Line- one Generation into Europe is Known
... M- Melchior Yoder (c1735 Europe) m Anna Godshalk
... ...
M1- John (11/27/1768-1833 Union Co, Pa) m. Catherine Hart
... ... M2- Jacob Yoders (c1770-1843 Washington Co. Pa) m. Elizabeth ___
... ... M3- Benjamin (c1773- by 11/15/1801) m. Elizabeth (Mary) (Schoch?)
... ... M4- Henry (c1775- ? ) m. Catherine Seidel, res. Northumberland Co, Pa
... ... M5- Melchior Jr (c1777-c1829 Pickaway Co., OH ) m. Catherine Bolender
... ... M6- J. Peter (c1780- 1856 Juniata County, PA ) m. m. Ellen ___________

Yost Yoder, unlinked Amish immigrant- European ancestry not established
... YRB- Yost Yoder ( - )

... ... YRB1- Christian (1761- Mifflin Co., Pa) m Magdalena Yoder
... ... YRB6- Peter (1773- 1849 Logan Co., Oh) m. Veronica Kauffman

Michael Yoder, Immigrant of 1825, son of Samuel Joder and Mary Gingerich, gggrandson of Caspar Joder and Verena Stauffer of Steffisburg- son of Jost b. 1607
... YRC- Michael Yoder (1788 Germany-1874 Holmes Co., Oh) m. Magdalena Eash
... ...
YRC81- Jacob M (1822 Germany -1894) m1 Barbara Schlabach m2 Barbara Gingerich
... ... YRC84- Daniel M (1830 Somerset Co., Pa- 1910 Holmes Co., Oh) m Fanny Miller

Alsatian Yoder Immigrants of the 19th Century
Descendants of Jost Joder m1 Magdalena Gerber m2 Madeleine Reiss, son of Hans Joder & Catherine Risser, son of Jost b. 1607 (test from 2 or 3 from different lines)
... ...
YA1- Capt. Joseph Yoder (1790 France- ) m. Barbara Weiss
... ... YA7- Christian Yoder (1789- ) Stark Co,Pa m. Catherine Klopfenstein
... ... YA3- Christian Yoder (1796 France- ) m. Maria Yoder
... ... YA4- Jonathan Yoder (1795 France- ) m Marie Conrad/ Mary Schmucker
... ... YA8- Jacob Yoder (1779 France- ) Barbara Liechty

Descendants of Caspar Joder who m. Verena Stauffer, son of Jost b. 1607
... ... YA6- Michael Yoder (1825 France- ) m. Francis Roth

Yotters from Eppstein, Germany, Descended from Christian Joder (b1687 Steffisburg) m. Margaret Gerber, son of Christian Joder m. Barbara Gerber, son of Jost b.1607

Desc. of Heinrich (1777-1848)
... ...
Peter Yotter (1865-1934) m. Elizabeth Steinmetz
... ... Christian Yotter (1831-1914) m1. Kath. Boyer m2 Sarah Schmidt Lee Co, Iowa
... ... Heinrich Yotter (1833-1925) m. Eve Asmus, Alden, New York

Desc. of Peter (1771-1843) m. Elisabeth Blum
... ...
Peter Jotter (1796->1870) m. Margarethe Strupp West Branch, Iowa
... ... Jacob Jotter (1804- ) m. Catherine _____, Lee Co., Ia

Others- Each of whom is unlinked at this point
... ...
Daniel Yothers (1775-1853 Centre Co., Pa) m. Rebecca Mortorff
... ... Frederick Yoder (1813-1884) m. Maria Shartle - Berks Co, Pa.
... ... Joseph Ioder (1805 Bavaria, Germany- 1857 Bureau Co., Ill) m. Barbara Albrecht

Miscellaneous Tests:
... ... Selected Yetter, Yotty, Yorty lines, to rule out or identify a possible Yoder link. We will also try to arrange testing for several of our European Joder/Jotter family members to further enhance the analysis baseline.

FUNDING: Under the Family Project rate, testing for 25 "markers" costs $169. As only one or two test results are needed within any one extended family, we encourage folks to "pass the hat" and find a person to represent them in the study. The Yoder Newsletter is also hoping to partially subsidize the testing of key lines when needed. Contributions to this end are welcome.