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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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Updated August 23, 2015



o   Johann Yost Weigandt, b 1671, Freinsheim, m. Anna Barbara Margaretha Scherrer


o   Johan Peter Wigandt, b. 1700, Freinsheim, Palatinate, Germany m Magdalena Eigenbrod


o      Johan Henrich Weyandt, b 1748, Freinsheim, Palatinate, Germany m Catherine Miller


o      Jacob Weyandt b.1790 m. Elizabeth Hengst


o   James H. Weyandt, b. 1830 Greenfield, Blair Co, PA m Anna Smith - Diana Crawford [Diana AT]


o   James Egbert Weyandt, b. 1854 m. Rebecca Estep


o   William Weyandt, b.1879 Claysburg, PA m Amy Ake W-3

o   Joseph Weyandt, b 1789 Jerusalem Twp, Washington Co. MD m Susan Ickes - Jack Weyant [jweyant AT]

o   James Albert Weyandt, b 1838 Union Twp, Bedford Co. PA m Rachel Crist


o   Albert Weyandt, b 1858 Union Twp, Bedford Co. PA m Lucinda Long


o   Herbert Nelson Weyant, b 1893 Union Twp, Bedford Co. PA m Elsie Mae Wirick W- 9



o   Paul Weyandt, b. 1733, Germany, m Elizabeth Margretha

o   Peter Weiand, b ca 1770, Berks Co. PA, m Elizabeth Roth

o   George Weiand, b 1794 Berks Co PA, m. 2 Barbara Snook

o   Reuben R (or K) Wyant b 1827 Union Co. PA, m 1. Sarah Sprout - James Wyant [jcwyant AT]

o   Samuel Isaiah Wyant b 1857 Sandusky Co. OH m Margaret Mason

o   William Reuben Wyant b 1886 Bradner, OH, m Hattie Emmons

o   Clair William Wyant b 1913 Matamora OH, m Ida May Burroughs - W-7

John Weiand b 1809 Snyder Co PA m Anna - John Wion [johnwion AT]

o   Michael S Weiand b 1838 Snyder Co PA m Hannah

o   William J Weiand b 1879 Snyder Co PA m Ida Threaster - W-8


o   Alonzo Perry Wyant, b1847 Kansas, Seneca Co. OH m Emily Ann Wagner DianeLRice [dianelrice AT]

o   Alonzo Harrison Wyant, b 1888 Eckford, MI, m Mabell Inez Kendall - W-4 and W-12


o   Jacob Weiand, b 1745/50, m Catharina and Christina - John Wion [johnwion AT]

o   Jacob Weiand Jr, b 1770, Berks Co PA m Catherine

o   George Weiand, b ca 1794 Nrthumberland Co PA, m 1 Barbara 2 Anna

o   John Weiand, b 1816 Snyder Co PA, m Katherine Kline

o   Isaac Weiand, b 1843, m Susannah

o   John Henry Weiand, b 1871

o   Elmer Isaac Weiand, b 1897-W-2

o   Burkett Wyant, b ca 1780, PA

o   George Wyant, b ca 1803 Nrthumberland Co PA

o   William Wyant, b 1848 Hancock Co, OH

o   Alfred Wyant, b 1895 English Twp, Iowa Co IA - W-30


o   George Weiand, b 1745/50 of Lancaster, Berks, Northumberland, Perry Cos PA, m 1. Catherine Kuchler  2. Catherine Gensel

o   John Wiant, b 1771 Lancaster Co, PA, m Catherine Mertz

o   Philip Wyant, b 1794 Nthumberland Co PA, m Barbara - John Wyant [jpw669 AT]

o   James E Wyant b 1830 Blair Co PA, m Mary Ann

o   William H Wyant b 1857 Blair Co PA, m Laura Cyphers

o   John G Wyant b 1880 Blair Co PA, m Goldie McCoy - W-6 and W-20


o   Solomon Wian b1802 Mifflin Co PA, m Catherine Rearick -Patsy Wion [patsywion AT]

o   Peter Wian b 1833 Mifflin Co PA m Elizabeth Hyle

o   John M Wian b 1864 Centre Co. PA m Almeda Kline

o   John L Wion b 1894 OH m Mary Kling - W-5


o   John Wian b1805 Mifflin Co PA, m Sarah Anderson – (harvjc AT]

o   John Wion b 1832 Cambria Co PA m Mary Harman

o   Albert G Wion b 1856 Mifflin Co. PA m Mary Martzall

o   Albert E Wion b 1887 Centre Co. PA m Eva Pierce

o   Arthur L Wion  b 1918 Darke Co. OH m  Waveline Winn - W-23


o   Benjamin Wian, b 1811 Mifflin Co PA, m Eve Moser - John Wion [johnwion AT]

o   Daniel Wion, b 1833 Mifflin Co PA, m Mary Jane Swab

o   Francis Henry Wion, b 1860 Centre Co PA, m Annie Garbrick

o   George Henry Wion, b 1886, m Marianne Turner - W-1 and W-22


o   George Wiand, b ca1772 Berks Co, PA, m Magdalena Hahn–John Wion [johnwion AT]

o   George Wiand, b c 1772 Northumberland Co, PA,

o   Solomon Wyant, b 1830 Harrison Co, OH m Margaret Wyandt

o   George Wiant, b 1849 Harrison Co, OH m Catherine ?

o   Joseph Wiant, b 1888 Sumner Co, KS m Elizabeth ?

o   Clifford Wiant, b ca 1916 Sumner Co, KS W-13


o   Conrad Weigand b 1697 Hesse-Hanau, Germany - Allen Wiant [aawiant AT]

o   Johannes b 1757 Hesse-Hanau, Germany

o   Adam Wiant b 1794 Shenandoah Co VA

o   John Wiant b 1832 Champaign Co OH

o   William Allen Wiant b 1862 Champaign Co OH

o   Bliss Mitchell Wiant b 1895 Clark Co OH W-10


o   George Weigand b ca 1867 Philadelphia, PA– Donna Davis [dldavis AT]

o   Philip Weigand b 1886, Philadelphia, PA

o   Philip C. Weigand b 1917, Alameda, CA W-14


o   James L. Wyant b 1797, NY – Robert Wyant [robertwyant AT]

o   William Wyant b 1832, PA

o   Oscar M. Wyant b 1862, MI

o   Clarence C. Wyant b 1884, MI W-11


o   George Wyant b  1872, NY – Robert James Wyant [bwyant AT]

o   George Wyant b 1893 Dutchess Co. NY

o   Ernest T Wyant b 1922 Dutchess Co. NY W-15


o   Peter Weyant m Maria Maull 1803 Baltimore, MD d 1880 – Pegy Stevenson [pegys1 AT]

o   Johan Peter Weyant b 1806 Baltimore, MD

o   Ephraim Weyant b 1835 Lebanon Co, PA

·       Charles William Weyant b 1868 Lancaster Co, PA

o   Robert Emery Weyant b 1891 Bedford Co, PA W-17

o   Charles G C Weyant b 1889 Bedford Co PA – Jan Weyant King (scooter AT

o   Leroy D Weyant b 1914 Blair Co PA


o   Johannes Weygand b 1750 Eifa, Hesse-Darmstadt, m Anna Margaretha PlackWalter Wiegand [w.wiegand AT]

o   Johannes Wiegand, b 1779 Eifa, Hesse-Darmstadt

o   Johann Jost Wiegand b 1808 Eifa, Hesse-Darmstadt

o   Jacob Wiegand b 1845 Eifa, Hesse Darmstadt

o   Jacob Wiegand b 1872 New Britain, CT

o   Walter Jacob Wiegand b 1905 New Britain, CT W -19


o   Charles F Wyant b c 1802 New Paltz, NY – (beth.wyant AT

o   Charles Elsworth Wyant, b 1831 Columbia Co. NY

o   Ellsworth C Wyant  b 1863

o   Franklin Robert Wyant b 1887

o   Franklin John Wyant b 1917 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co. NY W -21


o   Johann Friederich Wigand b c 1759 Germany – (rwehunt_black AT

o   John Wehunt, b 1798 Rowan Co., NC

o   Eligah A Wehunt b 1862 NC

o   Loy W Wehunt b 1908 NC W-24


o   J. Nicholas Weygandt b 1744 Germany, m Anna Maria DeHoff, lived York Co. PA, died MD

o   Frederick Wion b 1781 York Co PA – John Wion [johnwion AT]

o   John Wion b 1809 Muskingham Co OH

o   Henry Wion b 1844 OH Dave Wion - [dwion AT]

o   George Jacob Wion b 1868 IA

o   Jake Wion b 1901

o   Charles Jacob Wion b 1926  W -33

o   John William Wion b 1850 Jasper Co IN

o   Albert Wion b 1899 Decatur Co, IA

o   Paul Henderson Wion b 1919, Ringold Co, IA W -25

o   David Thomas Wion b 1820 Muskingham Co OH

o   David Thomas Wion, Jr b 1859 Wisconsin

o   Fred J Wion b 1913 Oklahoma Todd Wion [todd.wion AT]


o   Christian Wyand,  b. 1753 Germany m. Amelia Putnam, lived Washington Co. MD – John Wion (johnwion AT]

o   Jacob Wyand b. 1779, Washington Co. MD

o   Simon Wyand b  1804 Washington Co MD

o   Caleb Wyand b.1840 Washington Co MD

o   Ora B Wyand b. 1869 Washington Co. MD

o   Robert R Wyand b 1907 Washington Co. MD W-26

o   Henry Wyandt b. 1787, Keedysville, MD – Steve Wyandt (swyandt AT

o   Simon Wyandt b. 1812, Somerset Co. PA

·       John Wyandt b. 1837, Stark Co. OH

o   David Franklin Wyandt b. 1882, Van Wert Co, OH

o   Paul Donald Wyandt b. 1911, Van Wert Co. OH W-36


Peter W Wyant  b. 1758/63 Germany, m. Mary Burras, d. Rockingham Co VA Daniel Lee Wyant (earlinewyant AT

o   John Wyant  b. 1794 VA

o   Robert Harrison Wyant b 1838 Rockingham Co. VA

o   George Thomas Wyant b 1881 Rockingham Co. VA

·       Bernard Thomas Wyant Sr b 1916 Rockingham Co. VA W-16

o   Peter Wyant  b. 1795 Rockingham Co, VA– John Wion (johnwion AT]

o   Elizah Wyant b ca1823 Rockingham Co VA

·       Peter Wyant b ca 1852 Monroe Co WV

o   George A Wyant b ca 1881 Monroe Co WV

o   Ivan G Wyant b 1909 Hinton, WV

o   Fenton Wyant b 1929 Shelby, KY W-31


o   Jacob Weyand  b. 1746 Alsace, Germany– m. Catherine Miller Jim Weyand (]

o   Henry Weyand b 1791 Somerset Co. PA

o   Jacob Weyand b 1828 Beaver Co. PA

o   Paul Weyand b 1874 Beaver Co. PA

o   James Gilbert Mason Weyand b 1910 Allegheny Co. PA W-27


o   Georg Weyandt  b. 1711 Germany – d 1784 Philadelphia Co PA m. Katarina – John Wion (johnwion AT

                           o  Peter Weyand b 1743 Philadelphia Co. PA

                                             o  Andreas Weyand b 1764 Philadelphia Co. PA

                                                               o  Isaac Wyant b 1808 Montgomery Co. PA

                                                                                 o  George Washington Wyant b 1834 Luzerne Co. PA

                                                                                         .         o  David W Wiant b 1866 Luzerne Co. PA

                                                                                                           .         o  Herman E Wiant b 1899 Luzerne Co. PA


o   J. Jacob Weigandt  b. 1679 Freinsheim, Germany – John Wion (johnwion AT]

o   J. Wendel Weygandt b 1709 Freinsheim, Germany

o   Wendel Wyant b 1745 Montgomery Co, PA

o   Peter Wyant b 1782

o   David Henry Wyont b 1824 Lincoln Co, NC

o   Thomas Wyont b 1861 Lincoln Co, NC

o   Loy Tresse Wyont b 1886 Catawba Co, NC W-32


o   Johannes Weigandt  b. 1730 Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany –Joe Wyant [joewyantjr AT]

o   John Wyant b. 1757 Hanau, Hessen, Germany

o   David Wyant b.1792 Albemarle, VA

o   William Jarman Wyant b. 1823 Albemarle, VA

o   Adam Keblinger Wyant b. 1855 Whitehall, VA

o   William Keblinger Wyant b. c1884 VA

o   Joseph A b. 1918 Guilford, NC


o   Johannes Weyand  b c  1780 Mörlen, Westerwald, Germany m. Anna Maria unknown–Patrick Weyand [patweyand AT]

o   Johannes Ludwig. Weyand b. 1812 Mörlen, Westerwald, Germany

o   Friedrich Wilhelm Weyand b Norken, Westerwald, Germany

o   Hermann Weyand b. 1875 Morlen, Westerwald, Germany

o   Reichwald Weyand b. 1901 Morlen, Westerwald, Germany

o   Richard Weyand b 1938 Augsberg, Germany W-35


o   Johannes Martin Daniel Wigand  b c  1700 Würzburg, Franconia, Germany–Jim Wigand [jim3719 AT]

o   Friedrich Wigand b 1754 Göttingen, Hanover, Germany

o   Johann Martin Daniel Wigand b 1797 Göttingen, Hanover, Germany

o   Otto Friedrich Wigand b 1829 Göttingen, Hanover, Germany

o   Charles Frederick Wigand b 1862 Mount Vernon, NY

o   Robert Charles Wigand Sr. b 1890 Atlantic Highlands, NJ W-34


o   David Wigand  b c  1753 Wiesenburg,Northampton Co. PA–Susan Perong [Sperong AT]

o   Frederick Wyant b 1795 East Penn Twp, Northampton Co. PA

o   Benjamin Wyant b 1818 Fairfield Co, OH

o   Samuel Benjamin Wyant b 1845 Clinton Twp, Seneca Co, OH


Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.


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