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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Wolford  Sr. b c1787 in Rockingham Co, VA m Mary "Polly" Charles - Kathleen Wolford Davis [Kathleenmdavis AT]
    • George Wolford b c1816 in Russell Co, VA  m Abigail Coleman
      • Daniel Wolford b Sept 22, 1838 in Phelps, Pike Co, KY m L. Matilda Baker
        • William (Greenville?) Wolford b Sept 2, 1871 Buchanan Co. VA m Emma Palmer W-3 88503
    • John "Jack" Wolford Jr. b 1816 VA m Kezziah Davis - mlds [leagene AT]
      • Pricy Wolford b 10 Mar 1861 m Anderson Jackson Dotson
        • Anthony Wayne Dotson b 28 Feb 1892 Jamboree, KY m Lillian Prater
    • Frederick Wolford b c1825 KY m Margaret "Peggy" Mounts
      • Elkanah "Cane" Wolford b Jun 1859 m Sarah Johnson
        • Ida Wolford b 8 May 1887 m Henry Thomas Sanders
          • Claude Sanders Sr. b 27 Jun 1910 m Minnie Robinette
  • William Wolford b c1832 VA m Julia Holland Melton - Mava Wolford [mavawolford AT]
    • George Lafayette Wolford b 18 Oct 1852/56 Clinton, Hickman Co., KY m Malinda Banning
      • Noah Richard Wolford b 4 Sep 1900 Cushman, Independence Co., AR m Donne Mozelle Coats 167741

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