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  • David Wotherspoon, b c1796 SCOT, d c1858 SCOTLAND, m Mary Robertson Robert G Witherspoon [rgwspoon AT]
    • Marrion Wotherspoon, b 1823 SCOT, m William Pate
    • Mary Wotherspoon, b 1825 SCOT, m John Pollock
    • Eneas Wotherspoon, b 1827 SCOT
    • George Wotherspoon, b 1829 SCOT, m Margaret Swan
      • Mary Robertson Wetherspoon, b 1857 SCOT
      • Robert Weatherspoons, b 1861 SCOT
      • David Weatherspoon, b 1863 SCOT
      • Margaret Wotherspoon, b 1866 SCOT
      • Helen Wotherspoon, b 1868 SCOT
      • Georgina Wotherspoon, b 1871 SCOT
      • Thomas Wotherspoon, b 1873 SCOT
    • Thomas Wotherspoon, b 1831 SCOT
    • Robert Wotherspoon, b 1833 Linlithgow SCOT, d 1910 ONT CAN, m Jane Ann Hunter
      • Robert Weatherspoon, b c1865 CAN, d bef 1910
      • Jane Weatherspoon, b c1867 CAN, m John B Wilson
      • David Weatherspoon, b c1869 CAN
      • Elizabeth Weatherspoon, b c1873 CAN, m W.A. Morton
      • William H Weatherspoon, b 1875 CAN, d aft 1930, m Leona J.
        • David R Witherspoon, b c1903 IN, d 1969, m Harriette Rowley
        • Margaret J Witherspoon, b 1906 NJ, d 1971 AR, m William Murl Westfall
      • Hannah Weatherspoon, b c1877 CAN, m W.R. Fairman
      • Hendry/Harry Neilson Weatherspoon, b 1883 ONT CAN, d 1917 NJ, m Ethel Ada Graham
    • Ann Wotherspoon, b 1835 SCOT, residing in SCOT 1910, m John Hendry  #44848


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