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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • William Wyncelowe b c1300 London, Middlesex, England - James Winslow [melroseeng1 AT]
    • John Wynslowe b c1330 London, Middlesex, England m Mary (Mariota) Crouchman
      • William Wynslowe n c1372 Burton, Oxfordshire, England m Agnes Poure
        • William John Wyncelowe, Esq. b 1416 Burton, Oxfordshire, England m Cecelia Agnes Tansley
          • William Winclow b bef 1510 Kempsey Co., Worcesershire, England m Mary Bucke
            • Kenelm b c1543 Droitwich or Kempsey Co., Worcesershire, England m Elizabeth Morgan
              • Edward Winslow b 1560 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England m Magdalene Ollyver
                • Kenelm Winslow b 1599 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England m Eleanor Newton
                  • Nathaniel Winslow b 1639 Plymouth, MA m Faith Miller
                    • Nathaniel Winslow b 1667 Marshfield, MA m Lydia Snow
                      • Oliver Winslow b 1702 Marshfield, MA m Agatha Bryant
                        • John Winslow b 1742/43 Scituate, MA m Dorothy Simmons
                          • Snow Winslow b 1796 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co., ME m Elizabeth Hock
                            • Roscoe Green Winslow b 1838 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co., ME m Laura Ann Davis
                              • Leonard S. Winslow b 1870 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co., ME m Nora O'Donoghue
                                • Leon Everett Winslow b 1898 Dover, NH m Mary Rebeca Fay N106756
  • Josiah Winslow, b. 28 July 1741, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, m. Elizabeth Lamb -Jacob Edward Winslow [jacob.winslow1 At]
    • John Woolman Winslow, b. 4 Mar 1784, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, m. Phebe Lacy
      • John Winslow, b. 28 Jun 1834, Washington County, Indiana, m. Dianah Denny
        • Lewis  Carl Winslow, b. 20 Aug 1886, Washington County, Indiana, m. Deltha Mary Boling 760699
  • Ezra Winslow b. 1751 m. Rosamond Spooner b. 1751 - oconnorterri [oconnorterri AT]
    • Alice Winslow b. 1777 m. Clark W. Dexter b. 1772
      • Solen Fordyce Dexter b. 1815 m. Rachel Chambers b. 1813
        • William White Dexter b. 1849 m. Ida Arvilla Gutterson b. 1857
          • Muriel Leone Dexter b. 1892 m. Arthur Wisner Tyler b. 1891

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