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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Wickham / Wicker
  • Richard Whicker b 1520 Colyton, Devon Co., England m Agnes Collyer - George Edward Wicker [gewicker AT]
    • John Whicker b 8 Sep 1547 Colyton, Devon Co., England m Joyce Bowden
      • John Whicker b 25 Oct 1588 Colyton, Devon Co., England m Anna Starnes
        • John Whicker b 1614 Colyton, Devon Co., England m Judith Ticker
          • Thomas Whicker b 18 Apr 1652 Colyton, Devon Co., England
            • Benjamin Whicker b 1695 Hanover or Kent Co., VA
              • Thomas O. Wicker b 11 Aug 1717 Kent Co., VA m Mary Hester
                • Thomas Wicker Jr. b 1745 Chatham Co., NC m Elizabeth
                  • Robert Wicker b c1770-80 Chatham Co., NC
                    • Ambrose Wicker b 1818 Chatham Co., NC m1 Nancy Britton m2 Mary Ann Engles
                      • Thomas Wicker b 12 May 1844 Greene Co., TN d 1915 m Martha E. Johnston
                        • George Washington Wicker b 24 Nov 1893 Greene Co., TN d 1980 m Laura Jones
                          • Johnny Lee Wicker b 24 Aug 1913 McMinn Co., TN d 1964 m Nannie Lee Wallis 150675
  • William Wickham, b c1811 Hanover Germany - Bill Wickham [bill.wickham AT]
    • John D Wickham, b 1842 Ohio Co., VA
      • Harry E Wickham, b 1893 Ohio Co., WV W-2 54020

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