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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
John Whitman m Sarah Chubbuck, abt 1760 - 1820, Mass. > Vermont - kkbgenealogy [kkbgenealogy AT
  • John Whitman m Dorcas Davis, 1788 VT. - 1866 MI.
    • Laura Whitman m Harvey Higgins
    • John Alderman Whitman m Lucinda Cogswell m Joanna Moran
    • Nathan Whitman m Elizabeth Holtslander
    • Harvey Whitman m Ellen "Lucy" Hilton
    • Robert Whitman m Hannah Arman, 1823 NY - 1894 MI.
      • Un-named Whiman, infant death
      • Caroline Whitman m William Sage, Frank Meyers and Unknown
      • Martha J. Whitman m Labolt Shauger
      • Delilah Whitman, possibly died young
      • Rosannah Whitman m Justin Austin
      • Alexander B. Whitman m Sophrona Hawley, 1851 MI. - 1912 MI.
        • Sarah Jane Whitman m John P. Flood
        • Ida May Whitman m William Alex Thomas
        • Myrtle L. / Murly L. Whitman m John P. Brown
        • Sophrona G. Whitman m George Frank Brown
        • George Alexander Whitman m Hilda Guyslinger
        • Daniel Whitman m Mary Louis Beaubien, 1889 MI. - 1968 MI.
          • Forrest Daniel Whitman
          • Irene Ethel Whitman
          • Howard Whitman
          • Dorothy Whitman
          • Mabel Lucille Whitman 
        • Nellie Grace Whitman m Porter Murdock
        • Floyd Angus Whitman m Alice F. Davis
      • Norman Whitman m Phebe Louis Holmes
      • Mary Whitman
      • Albert Whitman m Laura Wilson
      • Lafayette Whitman m Lena Ann Schaffer
      • Charles Whitman
      • Olive Whitman, most likely died young
    • George Whitman
    • Sarah Jane Whitman 141332 W-4
  • George Whitman    b. a 1753 Orange Co, NY? - Richard C. Whitman [linwhitman AT]
    • George Whitman  b. bet 1770-1779  Orange Co., NY   m. Elizabeth Rogers
      • George Whitman b. 1807  Greenbrier Co., VA  m. Mary Watts Parkins (Perkins)
        • Robert Jackson Whitman b. 29 June 1854  Greenbrier Co., VA  m. Emma Iowa Fisher
          • George Washington Whitman b. 31 Jul 1889 Greenbrier Co., WV  m. Mary Josephine Eads
            • Charles M. Whitman b. 14 Sept 1924  Greenbrier Co., WV  m. Maxine Nettie Bryant  317383
  • Conrad Witsman, b. c1765, m Mary - Dennis Witsman [ddwitsman AT]
    • Jonathan Witsman,  b. c1803 Orange Co., N.C., m Katherine Ray
      • William E. Witsman, b. Oct. 25, 1828 Orange Co., N.C., m Sarah Jane Robbins  
        • Daniel Walter Witsman, b. Sept. 3, 1850 IN, m Martha Ellen Fogleman
          • Frederick "Curley" Knefler Witsman, b. Oct. 7, 1887 Fountain Co., IN., m Lucy M. Van Sant - W-2
  • Samuel Whitman, 1829 ME., m: Cordelia Clark - Kelley Badgerow [badgerowadmin AT]
    • Ernest Weston Whitman, c1870 ME. with death location unknown at this time.
      • Rexford Theodone Merrill, name change - took stepfather's surname 113320
  • Earnest Weston Whitman,  b. c1870 Maine
    • Rexford T. Whitman, legal name change to step-father's surname of Merrill - W-3
  • Samuel Whitman, b. c1729 Maine, m Cordelia Clark - Larry Merril [larry_merrill AT]

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