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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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  • Each Family will be listed here, by earliest known ancestor - Each listing will include a Line Leader (Researcher)


  • James William, b c1825 NC m Nancy Almina Smith
    • Samuel Warren, b 1859 Martin Co NC m Frances Bennett
    • Vann Perry, b 1889 Bertie Co NC m Leila Craven    48128


  • Ignatius, b c1735
    • William, b 1762 Craven Co NC m Cassie Heath
    • Rigdon, b 1793 Craven Co NC m Rachel Armsfield
    • John Wesley, b 1835 Davidson Co NC m Margaret Barbara Cannon
    • Joseph Allison Cannon, b 1889 Charlotte, NC m Mary Yount Henkel
    • Joseph Allison Cannon, Jr., b 1913 Charlotte, NC m Martha Toms Buchanan  53834


  • Robert, b 1750 MD m Mary Louise Kelley
    • Thomas, b 1782 Bedford Co PA m Nancy Ann Skaggs
    • Silas A., b 1824 Orange Co IN m Margaret Rasor
    • Leroy, b 1861 Daviess Co IN m Mary Elizabeth O'Rourke
    • Ignatius Donnelly, b 1900 Daviess Co IN    55402


  • William, b c1595  England m Elizabeth Stone
    • Joseph, b c1647 Hartford CT m Elizabeth Talcott
    • Joseph, b 1682 Hartford Ct m Johanna Hovey
    • Joseph, b 1717 Hartford CT m Elizabeth Cook
    • Joseph, b 1745 Hartford CT m Jerusha Marsh
    • Joseph, b 1769 Hartford CT m Dorcas Andrews
    • George, b 1796 Hartford CT m Annie Sherman
    • Washington, b NY m Sarah  E. Kirby
    • Eugene, b 1855 NY m Nellie O.Smith
    • Eugene, b 1879 NY m Laura Archer
    • James Thomas, m Elizabeth Donahoe  85177


  • William, b c1595  England m Elizabeth Stone
    • Joseph, b c1647 Hartford CT m Elizabeth Talcott
    • Joseph, b 1682 Hartford CT m Johanna Hovey
    • Joseph, b 1717 Hartford CT m Elizabeth Cook
    • Joseph, b 1745 Hartford CT m Jerusha Marsh
    • Ambrose, b 1773 Hartford CT m Sarah Marsh
    • Horace, b 1803 Hartford CT m Subrana Field
    • John H., b 1836 Onondaga NY m Harriet
    • Arthur H., b 1870 Onondaga NY m Nellie Brigham
    • John H., b 1898 Onondaga NY m Gladys Ellis N51499


  • John, b c1835 North Carolina m Elizabeth Whitley
    • William Lewis, b 1868 Edgecombe Co. NC m Ida Mae Anderson
    • Ernest Rowland, b 1898 Edgecombe Co. NC m Maggie Mae Denton  101360


  • Christopher, b 1609  England m Grace Cole
    • Samuel, b 1630 Duxbury MA m Abagail Lindall
    • Ebenezer, b 1659/60 Milton MA m Mary Lee
    • George, b 1698/99 Milton MA m Sarah Pitcher
    • John, b 1735 Stoughton MA m Jerusha White
    • Moses, b 1774 Stoughton MA m Hannah Stevens
    • Daniel, b 1799 Winthrop ME m Margaret Frost Goodwin
    • Moses Goodwin, b 1826 Hallowell ME m Elizabeth Frances Wheeler
    • James Francis Daniel, b 1857 Spanish Needle Prairie IL m Emma Jane Netherton
    • Osa Lee, b 1885 Spanish Needle Prairie IL m Viola Myrtle Shanner 105524


  • Christopher, b 1609 England m Grace Cole
    • Joseph, b c1636 Duxbury MA m Abigail Wait
    • Joseph, b 1670 Duxbury MA m Lydia Brown
    • John, b 1705 Lebanon CT m Elizabeth Richman
    • John, b 1737 Lebanon CT m Sarah Webster
    • Joseph, b c1765 Dover, Dutchess Co NY m Mary McKay
    • Calvin, b 1801 Pompey, Onondaga Co NY m Lucy Beardsley
    • Calvin, b 1843 Buffalo NY m Winifred Kennedy
    • Calvin, b 1868 Painesville OH m Juanita Caroline Piergue
    • Calvin, b 1902 MI m Bonnie Bell Bryson 136207


  • Samuel, b 1797 m Nancy Swinney
    • William Parker, b 1856 Columbia Co FL m Florence Pauline Moore - N45181


  • Eli, b 1814 Jones or Bibb Co GA m Melinda E. McLendon
    • Burton Daniel, b 1845 Marion Co GA m Elizabeth E. Brady
    • Lewis Edward, b c1882 Madison Co FL m Lotta Mary Littledale W-10


  • Matthew, b c1769 Oldham, Lancashire, ENGLAND m Hannah Taylor
    • William, b 1798 Oldham, Lancashire, ENGLAND m Susan
    • Matthew, b 1835 Oldham, Lancashire, ENGLAND m Mary Buckley
    • George, b 1865 Oldham, Lancashire, ENGLAND m Eliza Platt
    • Harold P., b 1910 Oldham, Lancashire, ENGLAND m Florence Kenworthy W-11


  • William, b c1768 County Monaghan IRELAND
    • John Elder, b c1795 County Monaghan IRELAND m Elonar Graham
    • John, b 1829 County Monaghan IRELAND m Nancy Jane Bonter
    • William John, b 1860 Prince Edward County, Ontario, CANADA m Eleanor Frances Coombs
    • Walter Sidney, b 1890 Carleton County, Ontario, CANADA m Ina Maude Steele - 120976


  • William Hiram, b 1821 Jones Co GA m Sarah Frances Clay
    • John Hiram, b c1855 GA m Rebecca Connell
    • William Marion, b 1886 Decatur Co GA m Addie Crawford - W-13


  • Samuel, b 1797 m Nancy Swinney
    • Donald John, b 1854 Columbia Co FL m Francena L. Griffin
    • John Thurman, b 1882 m Edith L. Gibson - W-14


  • Harry, b 1885 Lancashire, England
    • Albert William,  b 1910 Niagara Falls NY   159066


  • William, b 1595 England m Elizabeth Stone
    • Thomas, b1651 Hartford CT m Elizabeth Barnard
    • Thomas, b1687 Hartford CT m Sarah
    • Thomas, b1716 Hartford CT m Sarah Arnold
    • Thomas, b1739 Hartford CT m Thankful Hills
    • David, b1767 Hartford CT m Clarissa Porter
    • Seth Porter, b1818 Madison Co NY m Sarah Ann Boyce
    • Norman Edward, b1857 Wyoming Co NY m Nettie Phillips
    • Frank Arthur, b1888 Berrien Co MI m Hettie Lucy Hogan  184159






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