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Welcome to the Vickers project site.   The purpose of this site is to provide a public place to study the implications of YDNA testing on our families' genealogies.  This is a place to find information, compare data, share ideas, and make contacts.   DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists.  We are particularly interested in YDNA, the DNA that is passed solely from father to son virtually unchanged for many, many generations.  Through comparing YDNA test results we can gain insights into how we are related to each other and to other families and break down brick walls.  Ultimately it is a way for us to touch the long-forgotten world of pre-history and understand our ancient ancestor's roles in human history.   We are interested in all the variations of names that sound like Vickers and Vickery.   Vickers appears to be English but it and variations may originate in many areas including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and others.  PARTICIPATION: The process is very simple.  It involves buying a test kit from FamilyTreeDNA for as little as $99.  FTDNA mails the kit to you.  You swab your cheek and send the swabs back to FTDNA.  In a few weeks FTDNA sends you a report and lists matching results on your FTDNA page.  The Vickers DNA Project administrators will then post your results on this site.  Hopefully these results will tell you who you are related to through your paternal line.   Click here to go to a FTDNA page where you can order a DNA test kit.     We also have an extensive list of links to various sites of interest to genealogists in general and Vick family members in particular.  Here are some:


For more information on the relationship between DNA testing and traditional genealogy, visit World Families Network.

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