By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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Generation 1.
I.                    Friederich1 Ambrosius Tranberg/Thranberg/Thronberg b. abt. 1709 in Germany? in the Palatinate State of Germany.
Marriage to Maria Eva Wittmer on November 25, 1739 in Lancaster County, Pa.
          Children : All from records of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church , City of York
1. Christina Barbara Tranberg b. 29 Sep.1740 died in Rowan county, N.C. 21 Dec 1801. Married first Samuel Pipher(Bieber/Beaver and second Peter Paul Beaver(Bieber))
2. Daniel Elias Tronberger/Tranberg b. 31 March? 1743
            3. Eva Magdalena Drohnberg/Tranberg b. 11 July 1745.
            4. Jacob Tranberg b. abt. 1748-1753
5. Frederick David Tranberg b. April 17, 1749
Generation 2
Christina Barbara, Eva Magdalena and Daniel Elias ?.unknown if they married or had? children.
  1. Jacob Tranberg/Thronberger
i.        David Thronberger/Tranbarger b. 9 November 1781?.Adams County, Pa. moved to Tn. married first Peggy Beard 2nd Christine Beard? Peggy?s? sister.
ii.     Jacob Tronobarger b. abt. 1772  married Mary Madeira  .this family became Dronenbergs?.
iv.     Frederick Thronberger b. abt. 1782 Md stayed in Md. Have not followed his lineage as yet.
v.      Barbara Tromberger 5 Apr. 1789 in Caroll Co. Md. married Jacob Yingling in 1811.
2.Frederick David Tranberg/Throneburg
i.        Jacob Throneburg b. abt. 1783 Tentative
ii.       Daniel Throneburg b. abt. 1786
iii.     Leonard Throneburg b. abt. 1796
iv.     David Throneburg Jr. b. 2 Mar 1799N.C. d. 9 Apr 1873 In.  Married ElizabethLenderman 13 Sep 1831 in In.
v.      Barbara Throneburg b. abt. 1800 married Fred Shook Jr. N.C.  abt. 10 Mar 1825 N.C.
                   There are other probabilities Lewis Throneburg b. abt. 1781, Peter Throneburg, 
                     Catharine Throneburg, and Margaret Throneburg .
                 Unknown relative(first cousin or brother to Frederick David)
                  Ludwig Thronebarger b. abt. 1750
                               John b. abt. 1784 Orange Co., N.C. married Nancy Justice 24 Oct 1810 N.C.
                               Ludwig Throneberry 12 Jan 1779 married Eve Kimbro 11 Dec 1804 Orange Co. N.C.