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  • Thomas Tracy, b 1610, d 1685 immig. from Gloucestershire, Eng to CT 1636, m Mary Conway Mason - Martin B Tracy [mbtracy1963 AT]
  • Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, CT; b c1610 England; m Mary - James R Marsh [jr1939marsh AT]
    • Thomas Tracy; b c1644 Preston, CT; m Sarah
      • Jeremiah Tracy; b 14 Oct 1682 Preston, CT; m Mary Witter
        • Andrew Tracy; b 5 Feb 1721/2 Lisbon, CT; m Ruth Smith
          • Ebenezer Tracy; b 20 Apr 1744 Lisbon, CT; m Mary Freeman
            • Elijah Tracy; b 17 Apr 1766 Norwich, CT; m Lois Fitch
              • Elijah Fitch Tracy; b 18 May 1790 Lisbon, CT; m Abigail Parsons
    • Rev. Jonathan Tracy; b c1646 Saybrook, CT; m Mary Griswold
      • David Tracy; born Sep 1687 Preston, CT; m Sarah Parish 
  • William Treacy b 1765 Mullinahone, Ireland d Ireland m Mary - Rich Treacy [richtracy1971 AT]
    • Eamon Treacy b 1790 Mullinahone, Ireland d 1844 Mullinahone, Ireland m Margaret Keane
      • William Treacy b 1824 Mullinahone, Ireland d 1898 Wall Lake, SD m Mary Byrne
        • James Treacy b 1846 Drangan, Ireland d 1926 Seattle, WA m Nora Meagher
          • Richard Tracy b 1868 Drangan, Ireland d 1942 Seattle, WA m Margaret Vanderhoff
            • William "Clyde" Tracy b 1900 Appleton, WI d 1955 Seattle, WA m Ada Curtis 185725
  • Dennis Tracy b. c1798 Ireland, d. between 1835-1849 ME, m Abigail Drisko - Sandy T [sandra.tracy AT]
    • Amos L. Tracy, b. 1828 ME,  m Abigail Crowley Gray, d 31 Jan 1888 ME
      • John Franklin Tracy, b 3 Nov 1863 ME  m. Flora Rosetta Isabel Butler, d. 26 Jan 1917 ME
        • Charles Gilbert Tracy,  b. 20 Apr 1890 ME,  m. Maggie Craig Leith, d. 29 Apr 1964 B.C. Canada T-10
  • James Tracy b. 1800 Limerick, Ireland, d 1875, m Clarissa Champion - Joel Tracy [Joel AT]
    • John Tracy, b. 1840 Will Co., IL ,d 1906, m Melissa Baker
      • Walter Tracy, b. 1864 Clayton Co, IA, m Nannie Barker
        • Roy Tracy b 1894 Lake Co., OR, d 1941, m Josephine Fuller T-3
  • Martin Tracy b c Oct 1808 d 25 Nov 1873 Duffy Hill m Margaret (Peggy) Neil - Tressach [info AT]
    • Matthew Treacy bapt. 7 Aug 1836 Davidstown Parish d 11 Nov 1912 Enniscorthy m Margaret Farrell
      • John Joseph Treacy b 1 May 1889 d 3 Jun 1972 m Nora Delaney T-12
  • Lawrence Tracey b Ireland c1820's - Sean Tracey [stracey AT]
    • John Tracey, b Ireland 1853, m Sarah Duffy Emigrated to WV 1881
      • Sarah Anne
      • Mary Ellen
      • Rose
      • Lawrence Vincent, m1 Kathryn Flaherty, m2 Rita David Detroit
      • Daniel
      • Thomas Patrick
      • John William T-4
  • James H. Tracy 1845 Frankford KY, settled Shelby Co. MO, m Lydia Holton - Sandra Bailey [grandmastoy1 AT]
  • Joshua Tracy b 1854, m Rachel Dilworth
    • Benjaman Tracy, b Oct 25, 1828, Dublin, Hartford MO, m Lucy Allen, d Mar 12 1890 Pawnee City,Neb
      • Marion Franklin Tracy, b Apr 14 1861 Ohio, m Cora Angelo, died July 16, 1938
        • Darrel E. Tracy, b Feb 19, 1892 Neb., m Amanda C Brown, d Feb 13, 1952 Haskell TX T-1 
  • Patrick Treacy b. c. 1794 Carhoon, Tynagh, Galway; d. 1878; m.  Mary Egan
    • Edward Treacy b. c. 1830 Tynagh/Derrew, Galway; d. 1916; m. Bridget Boland
      • Michael Charles Treacy b. 1866 Derrew, Kilquain, Gallway; d. 26Aug1919; m. Margaret G. Flynn
      • James J. Treacy b. 1908 Quincy, MA; d. 27Jul1992; m. Marion R. Hurley
  • Michael Tracy, Kings County (Offaly), Ireland. spouse Mary Ryan, from Waterford, Ireland. - Bill Tracy [murrayjane60 AT]
    • Bernard Alphonsus Tracy , Birth 1st June 1884, Carrick-on-Suir, Co.Tipperary, ireland. spouse Mary Shanaha
      • John Bernard Tracy, born 4th December 1911. Cahirsiveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland.spouse Brenda Willoughby/DeBurca.
        • William (Bill Tracy) born 27th January 1953, Dublin, Ireland. spouse Elizabeth Norton.
    • Mary Tracy,  birth  23rd May 1886,  Carrick-on-Suir, Co.Tipperary, Ireland. spouse Patrick McCarthy


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