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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Thomas Timmons Sr. b c1650 Leinster, Carlow Parish, Ireland m Mary - David Ellsworth Timmons [davwilm AT]
    • Samuel Timmons b 11 Jun 1694 Northumberland, VA
      • John Calvin Timmons b c1718 Stafford Co., VA m Elizabeth
        • Abner Timmons b 1756 Frederick Co., VA m Hannah
          • Elijah Timmons b 1798 Spartanburg, SC m Elizabeth
            • Robert Timmons b May 1828 Darke Co., OH m Matilda Brummett
              • William Timmons b Feb 1844 Darke Co., OH m Melissa Jane Coppock
                • David Allen Timmons b 24 Nov 1873 Grant Co., IN m Eliza M. Smelser
                  • Geneva Josephine Timmons b 30 Mar 1899 Marion, Grant Co., IN m Vernard Ellsworth Mason TX-1
  • Jacques (John) Timmons b c1660 - Thomas Timmons McGranahan [sunriverfrog AT]
    • William Timmons b c1702
      • John Timmons II b c1740 m Mary (Molly)
        • Isaac Timmons b c1775
          • Joseph Timmons II
            • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Sr. b 7 Jan 1856 Fairhaven, OH d 1936 m Barbara Ann Norris
              • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Jr. b 15 Mar 1880 Preble, Israel Twp., Dark Co., OH d 14 May 1958 Anderson, IN m Aida (Ida) Marie Goehler
                • Rheta L. Timmons b 2 Aug 1910 Anderson, IN d 11 Mar 2000 Roseburg, OR m Robert Daniel McGranahan 140120
  • John Timmons, b c.1720 - Bill Timmons [btimmons AT]
    • Thomas Timmons, b c.1745
      • William Timmons, b c.1779 Spartanburg Co. SC
        • Hamilton Timmons, b 1813 Williamson Co. TN
          • James K.P. Timmons, b 1841 Maury Co. TN
            • Evan M. Timmons, born 1868 Maury Co. TN - T-1 15908
  • John Timmons, bdate unknown, Ireland (probable), d 1787, MD, m Sarah Copeland - Mary Timmons [timmaryt AT]
    • Edward Timmons, bdate unknown, place-Baltimore Co., MD, d 1826 MD, m Elizabeth
      • John (E.?) Timmons, b 1789, d 1876 MD. m1 Betsey Custis Lee, m2Ann Sankey, m3 Louisa Shoemaker Stinchcomb
        • Joseph R. Timmons Sr.,  b Aug 1852, d 1929 MD, m Alice Lee Bramble
          • George B. Timmons Sr., b Feb 1892, Harford Co, MD, d 1947 MD, m Anna Margaret Dunn 408464
  • Samuel Timmons b. 1747 m. Nancy - jcobc [jcobc AT]
    • George Timmons b. c1760 m. Miss West
      • George Edward Timmons b. 1818 m. Eliza Jane Miller
        • Commadore Amplias Timmons b. 1847 m. Martha Ann Crenshaw
          • Claiburn Lilburn Timmons b. 1875 m. Allie Tempie Thomas
            • Agnes Ione Timmons b. 1908 m. Herman Julius Rondot
  • Charles Timmons; 12 January 1751?; birthplace questionable; m. Mary Magdalene Forney -Jeffrey Clark Timmons [jtimmons At]
    • Forney Timmons; 03 March 1817; Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, United States;m.  Elizabeth Stinson Lacey
      • Robert Lacey Timmons Sr; 10 October 1850; Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, United States;m.  Isabella Amanda Howard
        • Robert Lacey Timmons Jr; 08 June 1890; Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, United States;m.  Ruth Alberta Brown 
  • Thomas Timmins b c 1780 unknown, m Miss Hutchinson -scooper [scooper AT]
    • Francis Edward Timmins b 12 Sept 1833 Madison Co., AL m Cornelia Granville Anderson, d 22 Feb 1894, Harrison Co., TX
      • Lyle Vaughn Timmins b 15 Aug 1878 Harrison Co., TX md Minnie Cassandra Bryson, d 21 May 1948, Harrison Co., TX
        • Stanley Timmins, Sr b 7 Feb 1907, md Ina Mae Little, d 1 Feb 1947
  • Thomas Timmins b. c1780 Lincoln Co., TN m1 Polly Lewis  m2 Barbara Lewis - Tom Timmins [tomdotti AT]
    • Frank Bracy Timmins b. 1830 Madison Co., AL m Eliza Missouri Anderson
      • Barney Holland Timmins b. 1890 Harrison Co., TX m Lucille Howard T-3 N49849, T-4 N44850
  • John W. Timmons, b 1789 Sussex Co., DE, m Margaret Rowen  Jeff Timmons [j.timmons AT]
    • William C. Timmons b 1813 OH, m Catherine "Kitty" Moore
      • Enos Moore Timmons b 1844 IN, m Sarah Jane Keister
        • William Armond Timmons, b 1877 IN, m Addie May Nowels
          • Merle Leon Timmons, b 1901 Il d 1965 In, m Nellie Agnes Brown T-5 100772
  • William, b. 1797 Effingham, SC, d. 1841 Effingham, SC - Ray Timmons [ray AT]
    • Randelson,  b. 1821  Effigham, SC, d.1892 Friendfield, SC
      • James, b. 1857 Friendfield, SC, d. 1930 Freindfield, SC
        • Henry, b. 1891 Friendfield, SC d. 1961  Lake City, SC
  • Thomas Timmons b 1813 KY or TN d 1876 Franlin Co., IL m Julia Ann Burket/Burkitt - W. Thomas Timmons [timmons AT]
    • William C. Timmons b 1857 Franklin Co., IL d 1908 Johnson Co., TX m Sarah L. Flatt
      • William Thomas Timmons b 1892 Johnson Co., TX d 1943 Johnson Co., TX m Ruby Pearl Timmons B3517
  • Levi Timmons d. 1848 in Calhoun Co. GA  m. Martha "Patsy" Johns[t]on - Deloyce Timmons Conrad [deloyce.conrad AT]
    • John Aubrey Timmons, b. 1830 in Early Co. GA,  m. Prussia Sheffield
      • Seaborn Bryant Timmons, b. 1852 in Early Co. GA,  m. Frances Eudora Johnson
        • Julius Edgar Timmons, b. 1876 in Early Co. GA,  m. Nebraska Brown
          • Doyal Edgar Timmons, Sr. b. 1900  Early Co GA,  m. Alma Curry (first of five wives) 259032

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