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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Mihaly Szabo b c1753 Polany, Slovakia m Elisabetha Kanotz (Kanhocz) - Nancy Sabo (for Ferencz Sabo) [nancylsabo AT]
    • Mihaly Szabo b Aug 1800 Polany, Slovakia m Ersebet Molnar
      • Janos Szabo b Feb 1839 Polany, Slovakia m Susanna Torok
        • Janos Torok Szabo b Jul 1868 Polany, Slovakia m Julianna Repasi
          • Mihaly Szabo b Nov 1899 Polany, Slovakia b Jolan Kis N113118
  • Joannnes Szabo b between 1823 to 1828 in Vsechsvatych, Cana, Slovakia m Maria Ivan -Joseph J. Saboe [jsaboes At]
    • Janos Szabo b 1850 Vsechsvatych, Cana, Slovakia m Anna Szilagyi
      • Andras Szabo b 1876 Vsechsvatych, Cana, Slovakia m Mary Juhasz
        • Joseph P. Saboe b 1899 Bridgeport, PA USA, spouse Rose Zvozinscki B53222
  • Sandor Szabo b c1825 HUN, m Zsuzanna Dios, c 1850  - James Willhite [jameswillhite AT
    • Sandor Szabo, b 19 Jul 1853 HUN, m Ester Foder 1878
      • Daniel Szabo, b 28 Apr 1885 Bihar, HUN, m 1916 NJ, d 1937
        • William Daniel Sabo, b 1919, OR, m Faye Ellen Elliott  156318
  • Gabor (Gabriel) Szabo bc 1845 Hungary m Anna Bolla/ Bola - Dorothy Sabo Norland [dnorland AT]
    • ​Karoly (Charles) Szabo b 3 Sept1881, Nosylop, HUN,m. Ethelka Peroska (Ethel Rose) Gonde
      • ​Stephen John Sabo, b.7 Sept 1909, Trenton, IL,m Mary Mildred McHugh 350409
  • Joseph (Jozef) Szabo and Maria of Budapest, immigrated to US c1915 - William Beckenbaugh [William.Beckenbaugh AT]
    • Vera Szabo b 17 Mar 1918 N47597
  • Peter & Maria Burke Szabo Mary Burke b 1871 - Barb_Sabo [bsabo AT]
    • Janos (John) Szabo B November 17, 1897 in Biharcsanálos, Micskei jarás (Micske district), Hungary
      • Paul (lived in Fekete-Tót, Tenkei jarás, [Tenke district], Bihar, Hungary N112271

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