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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Richard Swanson m. Rebecca - number9coal
    • Edward Swanson d. 1745 Brunswick County, Virginia m. Sarah
      • Richard Swanson d. c1809 m. Olive
        • Wesley Swanson b c1794  d  c1831) m. 1st Unknown; 2nd Mary Evans
          • William Swanson b. c1818 d. between 1855-1856 Lee Co., VA m. Mary Hall
            • Hyram Lee Swanson  b c1852  d c1925 Harlan Co., KY  m. Susan Hall
              • Harve Swanson b 1885  d 1935 Harlan Co., KY m. Rachel Louise Mitchell
  • John Swanson b 04-14-1761 - montyswanson [montyswanson AT] S-10 68614
  • Edward J. Swanson, b. 1769-1774. m 1st Mary ? bef. Jun 1809. m 2nd Mary Myers -Sharon Koleber[skkoleber AT]
    • John Henry Swanson, b. 12 Apr 1812 Union Co., IN. m Hannah Sherman  27 Aug 1835
    • Edward J. Swanson, b. Abt 1820 Indiana, m  Chloe Ann Smith 29 Aug 1839
      • John William Swanson, b. abt Jun 1841, IL, m Martha Ann McCullough 5 May 1864
        • Norton Hale Swanson, b. 27 Nov 1876, CA, m Lena Colebeck
          • Ralph Norton Swanson, b. 20 Apr 1907, Ventura, CA. m Ethel Gasteneau 211596
  • James Swanson, b Dec 10, 1784 Wilkes Co. or Lincoln Co, NC, m Elizabeth Furgason - Eric Swanson [Eric.Swanson AT]
    • Anderson Clifton Swanson, b Mar 25, 1820 Wilkes Co. NC, m Sarah Brown
      • William Alpheus Swanson, b Nov 9, 1846 Wilkes Co. NC, m1 Mary Logan, m2 Georgian Ann Irwin Kelly
        • Louis Virgil Swanson, b Dec 31, 1871, m Virginia Ivalee McClure
          • Lawrence Swanson, b 1897, m Myra Holcomb
  • Alexander Swanson m Janet Shearer 25 Dec 1807 - Nevill Swanson [nevill.swanson AT]
    • John Swanson b 20 Sep 1808 Thurso m Mary Thompson
      • Donald Sutherland Swanson b 5 Aug 1848 Thurso m Julia-Ann Nevill
        • Donald Nevill Swanson b 1879 m Charlotte Mister
          • Douglas Swanson b 6 May 1912 Gibraltar m Megan Jones 187153
  • William Swanson, b 1843, Alva, Scotland, m Mary A
    nn Russell - Patricia Burks [pcburks AT]
    • John Swanson, b May 31, 1876, Alloa, Scotland, m Florence Hughes
      • ​John Swanson, b February 28, 1913, Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, m Anna Johnson 320797
  • Swen Swanstrom (Swensen) b 1861, Sweden, m Mathilda Swanson 1890 - gswan [gjswanstrom AT]
    • Hilmer Emanuel, b 1898 Denver, m Mary Holloway S-3 35966
  • Mickel Mickelsson Svens b. 1874 Rejpelt, Finland d. 1961 Newberry, Michigan - diogenes99 [swanson.michael AT]
    • Ewald Conrad Swanson b. 1900 Au Train, Michigan d. 1987 Saginaw, Michigan  S-13 N42027

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