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 Welcome to The STURDEVANT DNA Project 


Project membership is open to FTDNA tested individuals who are:


  • Male persons with any spelling variation of a STURDEVANT surname.

    • (yDNA tracking)

  • Female spouses or descendant children of a person with a STURDEVANT surname.

    • (mtDNA tracking)

  • Persons having an identified STURDEVANT genetic lineage (adoptees, etc.)

    • (yDNA/mtDNA tracking, as appropriate)

  • Other interested persons not related to a STURDEVANT lineage.

    • (no DNA tracking at this project)

The following Spelling variations are currently represented in the project: Studyvin, Sturdevant, Sturdivan, Sturtevant, Sturtivant

(Please contact the Project Administrator, below, if your surname is not included .)


 If you meet these criteria, please join The STURDEVANT DNA Project 



STURDEVANT Genetic Genealogy

  • We use genetic testing, analysis, paper trails, and other research to find and identify those with whom we share a common ancestor.

  • Project members search for the genealogical “Holy Grail,” the evasive paper trail that leads to our ancestors.

  • Members receive a report (haplotype) of their genetic DNA. The haplotype is very close (and sometimes identical) to the earliest known ancestor.

  • The same report identifies the participant's "deep" ancestry and gives insight into the ancient origins of your surname ancestors.

  • Project membership provides a sense of camaraderie and kinship with other project participates.

  • Project membership provides a chance to compare genetic ancestry with other STURDEVANT variant spellings.

  • The goal of many participants is to identify other participant(s) with “matching” DNA test results.

  • Identifiy genetic matches that do not share your common surname.

  • As a dedicated group of genealogy researchers, we combine DNA analysis and other genetic tools with family genealogies and family histories to obtain a more complete and accurate family genealogy.

  • Collectively, we have a genetic link or a research interest in one of the spelling variations of the STURDEVANT surname.

The Website

  • This website is provided by  (About us)

  • Click (right-click, new tab) on the menu selections at the top of this page to view other pages of the website. 

  • View the Discussion page for project information and discussion related to the other pages.

  • This website is open to the public, login is not necessary to view most pages of the project website.

  • You must log in to post on the forums or to use the "Make this a Favorite Project" link in the left column to create a link to the project's website each time you log in.

  • To help encourage participation, project members receive DNA tests at reduced costs when ordered through the project.

  • Click Order Test to order a DNA test in The STURDEVANT DNA Project and become a member of this project.

  • If you were yDNA-tested at another company, click to transfer your results to FTDNA to join this project.

  • Please direct questions and comments to the Project Administrator (below).


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Project Administrators