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About the Stroud/Strode Y-DNA Project:

This project was started to research the paternal ancestry of persons surnamed Stroud or Strode, along with variations of the surname.  Variations include, but are not limited to Stroud, Stroude, Stroudt, Straud, Straudt, Strowd, Strode, Stroad.  If you do not see your spelling, please contact an administrator using the links at the bottom of the page.

Participants should be direct male descendants of one of the Stroud variations.  Persons with other surnames who suspect they are a direct male descendant of a Stroud, or whose DNA results indicate a relationship to one of the participants in the project, are also welcome to join.

Vital, census and immigration records available from various online sites indicate that the Stroud surname and its variants had multiple origins.  The surname may have originated independently in Great Britain, the German speaking countries and Scandinavia.  There are also a few instances in other European countries, plus emigrants carried it to other parts of the world.  Results from the participants currently in the project also show that there were multiple origins of the surname.

Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests will help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way.  It enhances, but does not replace, traditional research.  The tests used for genealogical purposes indicate which group you may or may not belong to.  They won't tell you which specific ancestor is yours.


To join the Stroud/Strode Y-DNA Project:

This project uses Family Tree DNA as its preferred testing company.  You can order a test using the "Order Test" tab along the top of the page or you will also find a link and additional instructions through the "Join Project" tab.  If you have already tested using another testing company, you are also welcome to join.  Please contact Susan Milligan using the link at the bottom of the page to find out how your results can be added.

This project was set up to utilize Y-DNA.  Although you can order other types of tests, such as mtDNA or Family Finder, through the project, those results are not currently being displayed on the project site.  We are, however, looking for ways to incorporate the other types of tests into the project. 



For basic information on DNA testing, click on the DNA the Smart Way link to the left.

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