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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Johannes Sower(Sowers,Sauer,Sauers,Saur)b c/1743, d1785 Md m Sophia Mutschler - Joel Sowers [jsowers1936 AT]
    • Jacob Sower(Sowers)b 1767 Frederick CO, Md. m Catherine Morricle
      • John Sowers b 1804 Montgomery CO(now Floyd Co)Va. m Rhoda Lester
        • John Lester Sowers b 1848 Floyd CO Va. m Delilah Dulaney
          • Stapleton Arthur Sowers b 1882 Floyd CO Va. m1 Ada Benson Lilly  m2 Sadie Jane Tyree 24390
  • Philipus Sowers (Sauer) b c1733 Katzenbach, Germany d c1784 NC m Christianna Faust - D. Powell [debbie.j.powell AT]
    • Jacob Sowers b 1776 NC m Susannah Shoaf
      • George Sowers b 1804 NC m Caroline Eller
        • Robert A Sowers b 1829 Davidson Co, NC d 1905 Davidson Co, NC m Elizabeth A J Hege 138814


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