updated 14 Dec. 2017
Names in red are for lineages from whom descendants are being sought to DNA test to benefit
the project. Anyone who wishes to may donate funds to the Project general account, with 
those funds to be applied toward a specific test if they choose. Any such donations will be
noted with a dollar amount that has been donated for a proven descendant of that lineage to
y-DNA test.

William Short d. 1659 Surry Co., VA
    o William Short b. ca. 1641; d. ca. 1676 Surry Co., VA
    o Thomas Short b. ca. 1643; d. after 1713
[See Lineage VI and Lineage VII that both claim descent through the above Thomas SHORT.]

Samuel Short m. Ann Price; d. 1764 Frederick Co., VA
    o Samuel Short b. ca. 1749; m. Hannah; d. 1808 Rockingham Co., VA
	o son Short
	    o Archibald S. Short
	    o John Short b. ca. 1793, d. 1857 Page Co., VA
	    o Richard Short b. 1804, d. 1870 Page Co., VA
    o Thomas Short b. 1749-1751; m. Nancy; living 1814 Cabell Co., VA
     	o Thomas Short b. c. 1775; d. 15 Aug. 1853 Lawrence Co., KY  

Thomas Short b c1642, d bef Jul 1685 Old Rappahannock Co VA, m Ann Nott 1666/73 - Rose Hollingsworth [Rholling44 AT aol.com] 
    o Thomas Short b bef 1688, d 1740 Essex Co VA, m1 Abigail m2 Catherine Brown 
	o William Short b bef 1705, d 1765/66 Chesterfield Co VA, m1 Elizabeth Virgett 
	    o Samuel Short b bef 1740, d 1780/82 Chesterfield, m 1774 Elizabeth LeSueur 
		o Pleasant Short b 1774/78, d 1818 Clark Co KY, m2 1806 Mary "Polly" Wade 
		    o Samuel R Short b 1807 Clark Co KY, d 1885 Putnam Co IN, m Lucinda B Mason 
			o Lewis J Short b 1848 Shelby Co KY, d 1907 Evansville IN, m2 1875 Victoria Stout 
			    o Earl Short b 1901, d 1968 Evansville, m Myrtle Mills (adopted by Hollingsworth)
				o S-99
				    o S-16

Robert Short, b. abt 1681, bp. Bakewell, Derbyshire Dales, England, m. Ellen Bland, b. 1685, bp. England
   o Ralph Short, b. abt 1713, bp. Derbyshire County, England, m. Mary Tomlinson
	o Thomas Short. b. 1741, bp. Derby, Derbyshire, England, d. 1 Sep 1827, m. Rebecca Coates, bp. England 
	    o John Short, b. 1770, bp. Old Brampton, Derbyshire, England, d. 1 Sep 1832, Woodford Co., KY, m. Mary Holman, b. 1780, bp. VA Colony
    		o Allen H. Short, b. 25 May 1808 Woodford Co., KY; d. 19 Nov 1881 Vernon, Jennings Co., Indiana; m. Pheriby Pauline Edwards
		    o Samuel E. Short, b. 1851, Indiana, d. 1916, m. Sarah A. Rousey
	    		o John H. Short, b. 1876 Boyle Co., KY; m. Effie M. Wills
			    o Father of S-77, b. 1908 Oklahoma, d. 1998, King Co., WA; Mother of S-77, b. 1920, d. 2012
		    		o S-77

Landman Short b. ca. 1737 Wake Co., NC
    o Sion Short b. ca 1765, Wake Co, NC; m Dicy Ashe 17 June 1797; d. ca. 1830,  Monroe Co, KY
	o Landman III (or Landmon) Short - b ca 1802, NC; m Nancy Jane Parr, ca 1826; d ca 1865, Lafayette Co, MS
	    o Columbus A. Short b ca 1847, TN or MS; m Sarah Elizabeth Jones ca 1877; d btw 1890 & 1899, TX
		o Dudley Carlisle - b 1891, Jonesboro, TX; m Audrey Mae Lufsey, ca 1926, Norfolk VA; d 1960, Baltimore MD  
		    o Harry Carlton Short S-61 d. 1 May 2013; contact: Pamela Somers [irishbet AT gmail.com]

John Randall Short  b.ca. 1768, d. 1818 Fauquier Co VA, m. 1794 Nancy Leach 
    o Benjamin Franklin Short b. ca.1815 Fauquier Co VA, d. 1854 Fauquier Co VA, m2 1847 Sarah Catherine Rogers 
        o George Thomas Short b. 1849 Fauquier Co VA, d. 1924 Moniteau Co MO, m1. 1876 Dicie Jane Newkirk
            o Robert Rogers Short b. 1878 Morgan Co MO, d. 1934 Okmulgee Co OK, m. 1908 Ottoline May McVey
                o Thomas McVey Short b. 1915 Okmulgee Co OK, d. 1997 Hays Co TX
                    o son Short S-80

Burwell Short b. ca. 1774 NC; m. Mary Cole; d. 1810 White Co., TN
    o Jonathan Short b. ca. 1794 NC; m. Mary; d. 1870 White Co., TN
	o Alphonso Deloy Short b. 1840 White Co., TN; m. Melindy E. Moore; d. 1862 Bledsoe Co., TN
	    o James Pembroke Short b. 1860 TN; m. Nancy Leannah Woods; d. 1938 Dallas Co., TX S-8

Landman (Lanmon) Short b. 1782 NC; m. Elizabeth Carpenter; d. 1862 Cole Co., MO
    o Samuel E. Short b. 1812 Barren Co., KY; m. Mary Ann Simpson; d. 1865 MO
	o Allen F. Short b. 1843 Cole Co., MO; m. Rebecca Ann Amos; d. 1915 Montineau Co., MO S-9

William Short b. 1705 Gusset All Saints, Dorset, England
    o William Short b. 1735
	o John Short b. 1764
	    o Joseph Short b. 1796
		o George Short b. 1831
		    o Charles Short b. 1853
			o Frank Charles Short b. 1895
			    o son	
				o grandson S-102

Samuel Short b abt 1760 "a planter from England"; d abt 1853, Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada
    o James Short abt 1804-?; b & d. Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada
	o Nicholas Short 1826-1903; b & d. Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada
	    o Absalom Short 1856-1920; b & d. Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada
		o Herbert James Pleman Short 1894-1976; b. Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada S-139

Michael Short b. 1783 Ireland or England?; d. ca. 1860 Ireland
    o Robert Short, b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1800, Catholic Bishop in Ireland
    o Patrick Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1802 
    o Michael Shert Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1806; m. ca. 1828 in Kilkenny Ireland
      Lady Eleanor "Ellen" O'Shea, born 1812; died Dubuque, Iowa, USA 1885;
      Immigrated, arrived in Boston 4 Aug 1847 & moved to Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, USA to start a lead mine.
	o Patrick Michael Short b.Callan, Kilkinney, Ireland 17 Mar 1830; m. 1869 Eliza Jane Newland (9 Apr 1840-24 Nov 1925)
                 & moved with her "Newland" family to Chetopa, Wilson Co., Ks to claim land for farming; d. Van Buren, Carter, MO 3 Jun 1888
	    o Thomas Robert Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 18 Sep 1870; m. 27 Oct 1892 Cora Fay Davis (21 Jun 1876-23 Jul 1911);
                    d. Chanute, Neosho Co., KS 4 Jan 1963
		o Charles Blufford Short b. Chetopa, Neosho Co., KS 3 Nov 1893; m. 8 Jun 1918 Mary Teresa Keenan (15 Apr 1899-15 Jan 1950)
		        d. Lawrence, Douglas Co., KS 2 Aug 1968
		    o son 
			o S-74 Shawn Short [sts73 AT live.com]
		o Mary Eleanor Short b. Chetopa Wilson Co., KS 1895; d. 1968
		o Mary Grace Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1898; d. 1975
		o Raymond Guy Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1900; d. 1973
	    o Henry Michael Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1873; d. 1954
	    o Mary Ellen Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1875; d. 1953
	    o Margaret E Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1878; d. 1968
	    o Elsie C Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1880; d. 1887
	    o Emma Rachael Short b. Chetopa, Wilson Co., KS 1882; d. 1973
   	o Eleanor Nell Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1832; d. 1832
	o Catherine Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1833; d. 1882
	o Mary Ann Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1837
	o Robert Short b. Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland 1842
	o Bridget Short b. Callan Kilkenny, Ireland 1846
	o Michael Henry Short b. Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa 1852; d. 1939
	o John Short b. Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa 1854; d. 1923

Thomas Short b. 1818 KY; d. 1880; m. Martha Baker
    o Henry Gibson Short b. 1840 TN-1899 Clarke County, MS; m. Mary Ellen Wright 1864
	o Arthur Betrum Short  b. 1874 Leake Co., MS; d. 1935 MS; m.2. Willie Crow 1894
	    o Jesse Edward Short  b.1897 MD; d. 1973 Helena, AR; m. Helen C. Johnson
		o Jesse Edward Short  b. 1929 Little Rock, AR; d. 1983; m. Joyce A. Warren
		    o S-111

Lewis Calvin Short b. Natchez, Miss.; d.Camp Morton, IN  POW in Civil War; m. Martha Jane Searcy. 
    o Calvin Sylvester Short m. Martha Ella Carroll 
	o Ellihue Sylvester Short b.  Carroll County, TN; m. Hattie Lorene (Rena) Talry (or Taylor) in Bemis, Tenn., 1901
	  o Alfred Monroe Short (Shortt – he changed the spelling) b. Feb. 29, 1910; d. 1973, Fort Worth, Texas
		o S-93

John Short b.1826 Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, NL; m. Mary Elizabeth Vivian; 1889, Cat Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
    o Isaac John Short b. 1867, Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, NL; m. Cecelia Hyde; d. 1935, New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
	o son
	    o S-95

John Powell b. 1773 Norfolk,VA; m. Catherine Sarah Wilkinson; d.1858 Jones Co.,GA
    o John Powell, Jr. b. ca 1810 Norfolk, VA; d. Clinch Co., GA; m.1. Mary Harkins; m.2. Mary Brimmer
	o John W. Powell b. 1839 Jones Co., GA; m. Matilda Sirmans
	    o Joseph Powell b. 1868 Clinch, now Lanier Co.,GA; d. 1956; m.Elizabeth Smith
		o son
		    o S-106

Moses Short, b. say 1725 d. 1809 m. Margaret Nicks 
    o Samuel Short, b. 1757 d. bef 1800 m. Judith Ladd 
	o Constantine Short, b. c1780  m. Jane Busby 
	    o Alvord M. Short, b. 1828, d. 1853 m. Frances Campbell 
		o John C. Short, b. 1850, d. 1934 m. Mary Vaughn 
		    o John D. Short, b. 1884, d. 1962 m. Lucy C. Haynes 
			o S-21 claude_s [CLAUDE_S AT YAHOO.COM] 
	o Joab Short b. 1788, m. 1809 Sarah York, d. 1866 TN
	    o Joseph Ladd Short
		o Joab C. Short
		    o son 
			o grandson

An alternate ancestry for Alvord/Alfred M. Short above is:
Aaron Short b say 1730, d c1779 Guilford Co., NC; m. Sarah 
    o Aaron Short b. 1767 Guilford Co NC, m (2nd) 1826 Jane Busby (widow of Constantine Short)
	o Alvord/Alfred M. Short, b. 1828; d. 1853; m. Frances Campbell S-21
	    o John C. Short, b. 1850, d. 1934 m. Mary Vaughn 
		o John D. Short, b. 1884, d. 1962 m. Lucy C. Haynes 
		    o S-21 claude_s [CLAUDE_S AT YAHOO.COM] 

Aaron Short b say 1730, d c1779 Guilford Co., NC; m. Sarah 
    o William Oldham Short, b c1756 Guilford Co NC, d 1815 Rockingham Co NC
	o Aaron Short b. ca. 1778; m. 1. Jane Work 1799; m. 2. Elizabeth Bolar/Boler 1838
	    o George W. Short b. ca. 1825
	    o John Lewis Short b. ca. 1825; m. Anna Dixon; d. 1866 Douglas Co., Ore.
		o George W. Short b. 1855 Douglas Co., Ore.; m. Delinda Hill; d. 1933 Ore.
                    o Stephen Douglas Short b. 1882 Douglas Co., Ore.; d. 1965 Douglas Co., Ore.
     			o S-49 Lola Short [lshort44 AT wildblue.net]
		    o Stanley I. Short b. 1890 Douglas Co., Ore; m. Eugenia Henninger; d. 1974 Ore.
 			o son 
			    o S-38 Lola Short [lshort44 AT wildblue.net]
	    o William Odam Short b. ca. 1827
	    o Aaron Short b. ca. 1831
	    o Fleming Short b. ca. 1833; m. Falbin J. Brown; d. Ore.
	    o Liberty Short b. ca. 1837; m. Anna (Dixon) Short; d. 1923 Douglas Co., Ore.
	    o Madison Short b. ca. 1844; d. 1923 Ore.
	o James Short m.1 Margaret Work; m.2. Betsy Fitts
	o Moses Short b. ca. 1782; m. Jemima Richardson 1810; d. ca. 1867 Henry Co., TN
	    o William Odom Short b. 1814 KY; m.1. Mary Gatlin 1839; m.2. Elizabeth Durham 1845; d. 1860-1867 
            	o Asberry a/k/a Moses Short b. ca. 1841 Rankin Co., MS; m. Margaret -?-; living 1880 Rankin Co., MS
		    o William E. "Ed" Short b. 1882; m. Martha Moore
			o son
			    o S-47 
		o John T. (Oliver) Short b. 1850; m. Teenie McCain; d. 82
		o Wilson (Wilsey) Robinson Short; b. 1854; d. 10 years old
  		o Riley Richardson; b. 1854; m. Mary Victoria Whittington, d. 1942
		    o Wilsey Robinson Short; b. 1879; m. Sarah Millie Wash; d. 1938
      			o Robert Brewer Short; b. 1909; m. Mabel Aaron; d. 1963
      			o Thomas Edwin Short; b. 1915; m. Helen Marjorie Breaux; d. 1995
        		    o S-130 
		    o Riley Richardson Short; b. 1893; d. 1921
    		    o Clifton Melantha Short; b. 1898; d. 1902
	    o Wilson R. Short b. 28 Feb. 1828 TN; m.1. -?-; m.2 Martha "Mattie" -?-; d. 11 June 1883 McKinney, Collin Co., TX
	o William Short
	o Samuel Short m. Polly McCarty 1819 Barren Co., KY
	o Briar/Buriah Short
	o Wilson Short
    o Moses Short, b 1764 Guilford Co NC, d 1834 Graves Co KY, m Margaret Short
    o Aaron Short, b 1767 Guilford Co NC, m (1) Ann Forbis; m (2) 1826 Jane Busby
	o Willis Short b. 1795 Greenville Co., SC; d. 1875; m. Nancy Kendrick 
	    o Francis Smiley Short
            o Elias Bates Short
       	    o Melcena Short
	    o Samuel Short 1824-1902
		o Samuel Calvin Short 1863-1953
		    o John Samuel Short 1892-1964
			o William Dale Short 1914-1991
			    o [son] S-20 Debby Short-Carden [susieqq55555 AT yahoo.com]
	    o John A. Short
	    o Jasper Short
	    o Larriett/Laura Short
	    o Edom Braid Short m.1 Susan Rucker
		o ?(Samuel F. Short b. 1868 Roane Co., TN; m.2 Rhoda Emmiline Hicks; d. 1926) 
                   [Samuel is believed to be son of Edom B. Short]
		    o son	
			o S-42                  
	    o Julius Short
	    o William F. Short
            o Jackson Short
	    o Dianah Short
	    o Letha Margaret Short
	    o Standofer Rice Short 
    o Jonathan Bird Short, b 1772 Guilford Co NC, d1847 Guilford Co NC, m Elizabeth Lomax
	o Jonathan Bird Short, Jr. b. ca. 1806 Guilford Co. and Thankful Bland; d. 1831 she m. 1827 Robert Armfield
	    o Jonathan Milton Short b. 4 Dec. 1825
		o Charles Milton Short
		    o Jonathan Milton Short
			o son
			    o S-72                  
    o Samuel Short, b 1774 Guilford Co NC, d 1842 Franklin Co MO, m Lydia Field Guilford Co NC 
	o Eli Short, b c1797 Guilford Co NC, d 1826 Franklin Co MO, m Ann "Nancy" Bay 
	    o Squire Woodford Short, b c1826 Franklin Co MO, d c1859 TX, m1 1846 Jane Lewis; m2 1853 Levisey Emmons 
		o Daniel Short, b c1846 Franklin Co MO, d 1855 TX
		o James Perry Short, b 1848 Franklin Co MO, d 1920 Franklin Co MO, m Amanda Crews
		o Julius Eli Short, b 1856 Johnson Co TX, d 1947 Franklin Co MO, m Jane Clementine Oliver, Alice Hulsey 
		    o Ellis Short, b 1880 Franklin Co MO, d 1965 St. Louis Co MO, m Clara Ostendorf 
                        o son 
			   o S-17 dshort [dpshort AT earthlink.net] 
	o Aaron Short, b  c1799 Guilford Co NC, d 1854 Franklin Co MO, m Mariah Wall, Harriet King
	o Joseph Short, b c1801, d 1852 Collin Co TX, m Ireney Boyd
	o Samuel Woodson Short, b c1808 KY, d a1860, m Jemima Dollarhide Franklin Co MO
	o Jesse Short, b 1811 Hopkins Co KY, d 1893 Collin Co TX, m Rebecca Lewis 
Note: S72 does not match Lineage II, but it is a 35/37 match (differing on 570 and CDYa) for
the Armfield family of Guilford Co., NC.

Thomas Short b January 30, 1730/31 +Nancy b: 1734 in Shenandoah, Virginia Sue Short [sishort AT comcast.net] 
    o John Short b. February 15, 1756 in Shenandoah County, Virginia +Mary Hyde Hansford 
	o John Short b. November 11, 1786 in Russell, Virginia +Avy Owens 
	    o Wesley Short b. May 10, 1816 in Kentucky +Eliza Ann Rhodes 
		o Alpheus Carmi Short b. April 28, 1864 in Bloomington, Illinois +Winifred Gertrude Coates 
		    o Samuel Gordon Short b. October 21, 1905 in Spokane, Washington +Marguerite Rainier Racine 
			o George Edward Short b. October 20, 1928 in Seattle, Washington +   Donna Rae Courter S-19 Sue Short [sishort AT comcast.net]
	    o Charles Washington Short
		o Ellis Short, Sr.
		    o Ellis Short, Jr.
			o Ellis Short III S-123
	o Thomas Short b. 06 Aug 1789, Russell Co., VA or Anderson District, SC + Mary E. "Polly" Hurt 
	    o Harvey Thurston Short b. 16 Jan 1830, Lawrence Co., IN d. 13 Jun 1913 Bozeman, Gallatin Co., MT + Clarissa Amelia Blair 
		o Leonard Short b. 28 Dec 1856 Floyd Twp, Warren Co., IL, d. 08 Jan 1938 Thermopolis, Hot Springs Co., WY + Elizabeth Berry Shere 
		    o Wilfred Harvey Short b. 21 Nov 1887, Mail Camp, Fremont Co., WY d. 20 Aug 1966, Thermopolis, Hot Springs Co., WY + Irene Mabel Anderson
			o son
			    o S-22 [KaySMcD AT hidden]
	o Samuel Short b. 13 Feb. 1792 Russell Co., VA; d. 1827 Monroe (McMinn) Co., TN; m. 1813 Pulaski Co., KY Mary Ann Williams
	    o Frederick W. Short b. 12 Oct. 1825 McMinn Co., TN; d.1901 Montgomery Co., AR; m. 1842 Murray Co., GA, Cassa Lauren A. Branch
		o James W. B. Short b  Aug. 1855 GA or AL; living 1910 Montgomery Co., AR; m. Maryann E.
    		    o James Kendrick "Kid" Short b. Dec. 1881 AR; m. Mary Alice "Mollie" Smith
        		o son
			    o S-58 
	    o Richard C. Short
		o Richard C. Short, Jr.
		    o Hiram Burton Short
			o Herman Ray Short
			    o son
				o S-101 

William Jasper (Jesper) Wilkins b. 1862  unk. 
    o James Washington Wilkins b. 1883 Texas
	o William Harvey Wilkins b. 1904 Oklahoma
	    o Daniel Edward Wilkins b. 1929 Oklahoma
		o S-97

James P. Short, b 1805 Washington Co VA, m Rebecca Bailey 
    o Wright Hampton Short b. ca. 1830 Harlan Co., KY; m. Susan Hall ca. 1846; d. 7 Apr. 1851 Cloversplint, Harlan Co., KY
    	o James Monroe Short b. 19 Apr. 1847 Harlan Co., KY; d. 24 Jan. 1925 Madison Co., KY
	    o Felix Short
		o Ernest Hayward Short
		    o S-90 
	o William H. Short b. 8 July 1849; d. 29 Apr. 1925 Holmes Mill, Harlan Co., KY
	o John Medley Short b. 5 May 1851 Closplint, Harlan Co., KY; d. 20 Aug. 1924 Laurel, Co., KY
	o Wright Kelly Short b. Feb. 1863 S-68
          [Note: Son of Susan (Hall) Short and born 12 years after his father died. 
           Death certificate lists his father was Isaac Kelly. S-68 is a 67/67 match with a 
    o William B. Short, b Feb. 1833 Harlan Co KY, m. (1) Lucy Caroline Middleton; (2) Martha; (3) Sarah; d. 21 Feb. 1909
	o Carlow B. Short b. 25 Jan. 1854 Harlan Co., KY; m. Margaret Alsop 10 Jan. 1873 Lee Co., VA;
          d. 5 Feb. 1901 Harlan Co., KY
        o Wright (Doc) Short b. 31 July 1856 Harlan Co.KY, m (1) Sarah Elizabeth Belcher 29 Oct 1878
          Harlan Co.; (2) Mary Ann "Polly" Witt ca. 1880; (3) Matilda Saylor; d. 30 Oct. 1927 Leslie Co., KY - spratek1 [smurfettegreen1.w AT gmail.com]
	o James Allen Short, b 7 Mar. 1858 Harlan Co KY, m Elizabeth Turner ca. 1877; d. 21 Apr. 1935
          Dartmont, Harlan Co., KY; bureid Colts, Harlan Co. 
	    o John William Short, b 1892 Harlan Co KY, m Bettie Harris
		o S-4 [Ruby C Short Redding rcredding2242 AT gmail.com
	o Sarah Jane Short b. ca. 1861 Harlan Co., KY; m. James Dunreath Turner 28 Oct. 1881 Evarts, Harlan Co.
	o Pharanna Short b. 1864 Harlan Co.; m. Henry Turner 7 Dec. 1882 Harlan Co.; d. 18 Feb. 1942
	o Dinah Short b. May 1866 Harlan Co.; m. Wright Wynn 19 Au. 1901
	o William Jasper Short b. 1867 Harlan Co.
	o Mary Molly Short b. 1869; m. Grant Farmer; d. 9 July 1975 Butler Co., OH
	o Louisa Short b. 1870 Harlan Co.; m. James C. Farmer, Jackson Co., KY
    o John B. "Jackson"Short b 10 Feb 1835, Harlan Co, KY; m (1) Statia "Stacy" Smith; d. 11 Jun 1885, Owsley Co, KY
	o Emily J. Short, b 29 Dec 1854; m. Jefferson Craig Hoskins, 8 Oct 1874, Owsley Co, KY, d. 1951 in Owsley Co, KY
      John B. m 2nd on 25 Feb 1861, Lucretia Reese; b 28 Sep 1846, Johnson Co, TN, the d/o Hiram Reese and Nancy Sniter 
	o Marion Francis Short, b 7 Dec 1862, Harlan Co, KY, m (1) Martha Elizabeth Gibson in Owsley Co, KY, m (2) Martha Brewer;
          he d. 5 Jan 1937, Estil Co, KY.
	o Nancy Elizabeth Short, b. 22 May 1863 Harlan Co, KY; m. Phillip Banks, abt 1885 in Owsley Co, KY,
          s/o Jane "Jennie" BANKS; d. 11 Dec 1957, Stillwater, Payne Co, OK
	o Rebecca Jane Short, b. 30 Jun 1865, Harlan Co, KY; m. Richard Lansford Banks, s/o Jane "Jennie" Banks;
	  she d. 17 Dec 1933, Kellyville, Creek Co, OK 
	o Mary Ann Short, b. 30 Oct 1867, Harlan Co, KY; m. Jesse McGeorge, she d. 8 Apr 1950 in Wagersville, Estill Co, KY.  
	o Sarah Catherine Short, b 5 May 1866, Harlan Co, KY
	o Martha L. Short, b 24 Mar 1870, Owsley Co, KY, m (1) Harvey Hunley, 4 Mar 1885 in Jackson Co, KY,
          m. (2) Theophilus Hudson, abt 1888; she d. 25 Mar 1943 in Island City, Owsley Co, KY
	o William J. "Will" Short, b 25 Jun 1874 in Island City, Owsley Co, KY; m. Matilda Hudson abt 1893; he d. abt 1917 in Owsley Co, KY.
	o Laura Belle Short, b. 3 Nov 1876 in Island City, Owsley Co, KY; m. Roscoe W. Goins on 22 Nov 1898 in Hunt Co, TX;
	  she d. 2 Jun 1963 in Sapulpa, Creek Co, OK
    o Jonathan H. Short, b. 1 Jun, 1837, Mt. Pleasant, Harlan Co, KY; m. Nancy A. Hall, 10 Jul 1856, Harlan Co, KY;
      d. 25 Nov 1919, Vernon, Los Angeles Co, CA
    o Barbara Diane Short, b. Apr 1840, Harlan Co, KY; m (1) Benjamin Hall, 20 Jan 1859, Harlan Co.;
      m. (2) Jonathan B. Witt, 27 Oct 1867, Haran Co, KY; she d. aft 1910 in Jackson Co, KY
    o Charles B. Short, b 12 Mar 1843, Holmes Mill, Harlan Co, KY; m. (1) Atharitter McKnight, abt 1855;
      m. (2) Margaret Elizabeth Gilbert; d. 12 Mar 1928, Holmes Mill, Harlan Co, KY
    o Rebecca Jane Short, b. 30 Apr 1846, Harlan Co, KY; m. (1) Enoch Kelly 25 Dec 1861, Harlan Co;
      m. (2) William Luke Gilbert, 9 Jan 1870, Harlan Co, KY; she d. 17 Mar 1928, Barnard, MO
    o Hampton Short b. Oct. 1848 Verda, Harlan Co., KY; m. Elizabeth J. Witt 31 Mar. 1873 Harlan Co.;
      d. 16 Jan. 1929 Harlan Co.
	o Charley Short b. 7 Sep. 1878; m. Rachel Dean    
	    o son 
		o grandson
		    o S-67 [lineage and results from SMGF site]
    o Mary Ann "Polly" Short, b July 1850 Harlan Co, KY; m. (1) James M. Clarkston, 7 Apr 1873;
      m. (2) Camel Abshire, 30 May 1885 in Harlan Co, KY; m. (3) Jerry T. Lynn, abt 1892. She d. aft 1930

Pealy Short, b 1828 Harlan Co KY; m. Sarah "Sally" Creech; d. 1905 Jackson Co., KY 
    o James Crittenden "JC" Short, b 1850 Harlan Co KY, m Hannah Rebecca Seaberry Jane Ward; d. 1946 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
	o Andrew J. Short
	    o son
		o S-125
	o Oscar Marion Short b. 1892 Celeste, Hunt Co., TX; m. Jenny Carolyn Sanders; d. 1968 Wichita Falls Wichita Co., TX
	    o JC Short, b. 1924, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co, TX; md. Helen Katherine Bonham 
		o James Marion Short S-27 [Jim Short jim.short AT c-b.com]

Anderson Short, b c 1795 VA; 
    o William Short b. ca. 1828 TN; m. Elizabeth Williams;
  	o Frank C. Short b. 1866 Rutherford Co., TN; m. Mary V. Savage; d. 1936 Grayson Co., TX
	    o son 
		o S-2 [deceased]

Note: S-2 in addition to being a 12/12 DNA match with Lineage III, is a 12/12 match with
S-44, and may belong to that lineage.

Abraham Short b. 1680 MD m. Naomi Thurman b. 1680 MD 
    o John Short b. 1712 MD m. Mary Miller b. 1715 MD S-62
	o Issac Short 1738-1826 (died Hampshire County, VA)
		o Richard Short 1781-1846 (died Ohio)
		    oJohn A. Short 1805 (b. Hampshire County and d. Roanoke, Indiana)
			o George W. Short 1841 -1909 (b. Indiana and d. Indiana)
			    oCharles Franklin Short 1870-1934 (b. Indiana and d. Michigan)
				o Wilbur Charles Short 1904-1968  (b. Indiana and d. Michigan)
				    o son
					o S-138
	o Jacob Short b. 1741 MD m. Mary 
	    o Isaac Short b. 1763 VA m. Dorcas b. 1770 VA 
		o Michael Short b. 1793 m. Nancy King 
		    o Young Short b. 1818 Ohio m. Artemissa Snider b. 1820 Ohio
			o William B. Short b. 1847 Ohio m. Mary C. Diehl b. 1851 Ind. 
			    o William C. Short b. 1870 Illinois m. Mary J. Hartman b. 1896 Illinois 
				o Gamaiel S Short b. 1912 Illinois m. Margaret L. Brown Taylor b. 1912 CA S-33 and S-39 (S-39 is son of S-33)

William Short b. 1735 VA; m. Sarah Baugh
    o William Short b. ca. 1768 by first wife Elizabeth Bolling
	o William Granvill "Buck" Short b. 1805 VA; m. Rachel Brooks
	    o William Alfred Short b. 1825; m. Liz Davis
		o James Alexanddre Short b. 1852 VA; m. Kate Dixon
		    o Claude Morton Short b. 1897 KY
			o S-103
Note: S-103 is not a DNA match with others of this lineage.
    o William Short b. 1765/6 VA of above by second Mary "Polly" Birchfield; d. 1851 VA
        o James Tipton Short b. Oct. 1820 VA; m. Nancy Milbourne; d. 1884 VA
	    o son
		o grandson
		    o great-grandson
			o S-60
	    o Henry Lewis Short b.1851 TN; m. Sara Riggs; d. 1926 VA
		o Denver Cornelius Short b.1898 VA; m. Myrtle Henry; d. 1958 VA
	    	    o son
	      		o S-76

William Short b abt 1747 in unk d before 1810 Rutherford County, NC
     o William Short b abt 1768 in NC
     o Charles Short b abt 1770 in NC d before 1840 Wayne Co., MO
           o Margaret Short b 1790 Rutherford Co., NC, d Adams Co., Ill m Thomas Parrack
                o Samuel Parrrack
            o William Soloman Short b abt 1788 Rutherford Co., NC d bef 1840 Wayne County, MO m Grace Collins
                o Sarah Margaret Short b abt. 1824 Wayne Co., MO m Mahon Montgomery Pankey
                      o Trythenia Pankey b abt 1845 Shannon Co., MO
                      o Carolina Isabel Pankey, b abt 1852 Dent Co., MO
                      o Grace Jane Pankey b abt 1857 Dent Co., MO
                      o Barbara Theresa Pankey b 1858 Dent Co., MO
                      o Sarah Melissa Pankey b 1859 Dent Co., MO
                      o Mahon Columbus Pankey b 1861 Dent Co., MO
                      o Keziah Elizabeth Pankey b 1863 Dent Co., MO
                      o Nancy Vertesta Pankey b 1868 Dent Co., MO
                      o Wilborn B. Pankey b 1870 Dent Co., MO
                o Catherine Keziah Short b abt 1829 Wayne Co., MO
                      o Newton Boyd. 1850 Shannon Co, MO
                      o Samuel Boyd b 1852 Shannon Co., MO
                      o James Boyd b 1856 Shannon Co., MO
                      o William Boyd b 1859 Shannon Co., MO
                o William Short b 1830 Wayne Co., MO d 1898 m Nancy Vance
                      o Narcissus Short b 1869 Shannon Co., MO m William Cox
                      o Gracie E Short b 1871 Shannon Co., MO m Henry C Haverstick
                      o Melissa Short b 1873 Shannon Co., MO
                      o Napoleon Short b 1876 Shannon Co, MO m Melinda Agnes Lough
                           o Lena Short b 1903 Dent Co., MO
                           o Mary Ivy Short b 1910 Dent Co, MO
                      o Theodore Short b 1880 Shannon Co., MO m Amanda unk
                           o Arthur Short b Dent Co., MO
                           o Ernest Short b Dent Co., MO
                           o Jewell Short b 1910 Dent Co., MO
                           o Earl Short b 1913, Dent Co., MO
                o Moses Short b 1833 Waynet Co., MO d 18881 Shannon Cok, MO m Mary Ann Crawder
                      o William Moses Short b 1859 d 1900 Shannon Co., MO m Jane Shelton
                            o Manuel Thomas Short b 1891 Shannon Co., MO d 1948 Kern Co., CA m Margaret
                                  o Mary Short b Kansas City, MO
                            o Charles William Short b 1893 Shannon Co., MO d  1969 Wichita, Kansas m Essa Marie Wallace
                                  o Mildred Kathryne Short b 1918 Hutchinson, Kansas d abt Garden City, Kansas m Julius Wm. Jacobs
                                        o Wayne Lee Jacobs b 1945 Wichita, Kansas
                                        o Partricia Jacobs b 1948 Wichita, Kansas
                                  o Charles Eugene Short b 1920 Hutchinson, Kansas d Plains, Kansas m Iola Novinger
                                  o Leslie Vernon Short b 1922 Plains, Kansas d Wichita, Kansas m Fern Nickel
                                  o Howard Irvin Short b 1926 Plains, Kansas d Spokane, WA m Rosemary Ann Bastian
                                  o Martha June Short b April 1 1929 Plains, Kansas d unk m Richard DeWolf McCamish 
                                  o Ralph Leo Short b 1930 Plains, Kansas d Rock Springs, WY m Barbara Piper
                                  o S-36 Deloris Klausner [dklausnr AT gmail.com]
                            o Unknown Child d before 1899 Shannon Co., MO
			    o Unknown Child d before 1899 Shannon Co., MO
                            o Lela Short b 1900 Shannon Co., MO d St. Louis, MO m Virgil Burnett
                      o Martha Short b 1861 Shannon Co., MO d 1928 St. Francois Co., MO m Richard Carver
                            o William Henry Carver b 1879 Shannon Co., MO
                                  o Moses Washington Carver b 1881 Shannon Co., MO
                                  o Winifred Marquerite Carver, b 1882 Shannon Co., MO
                            o Pauline Carver b 1884 Shannon Co, MO
                            o Calvin Newton Carver b 1886 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Jasper Elmer Carver, b 1886 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Ervin Andy Carver b 1888 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Christopher Carson Carver, b 1892 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Mattie Melvina Carver b 1892 Reynolds Co., MO
                            o Lillie Mae Carver b 1892 Reynolds Co , MO
                            o Major Matthew Carver, b 1897 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Ruth Irene Carver b 1897 Reynolds Co, MO
                            o Virginia Richey Carver b 1903 Reynolds Co., MO
                      o Christopher Columbus Short b 1866 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Melvina Short b 1869 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Jasper Short b 1879 Shannon Co., MO d 1953 Jackson Co., MO m Marian C Hansen
                            o Helen Laverne Short b 1922 Jackson Co., O d 2006
                            o John Short b 1924 Jackson Co., MO d 1999
                            o Donald Lee Short b 1925 Jackson, Co MO d 1995
                      o John Short b 1872 Shannon Co., MO d 1916 Shannon Co., MO Ada Moss
                      o Emanuel Short 1876 Shannon Co., Mo d 1945 Shannon Co, MO m Viola Vance
                            o Darrell M. Short b 1899 Shannon Co., MO
                      o Charles Short b 1878 Shannon Co., MO d 1946 Blue, Jackson Co., MO m Bertha unk
                            o Alver H. Short b 1909 Ble, Jackson Co., MO
                      o Margaret Short b 1881 Shannon Co, MO d abt 1900 m Wm C Copeland
                o Nancy Jane Short b 1839 Wayne Co., MO d Oklahoma m James Cox
                      o Emaline Cox b 1859 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Sterling Price Cox b 1861 Shannon C., MO d unk
                      o Robert E. Lee, b 1863 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Marmaduke b 1865 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Shelby b 1866 Shannon Co., MO d unk
                      o Evermount b 1869 Shannon Co., MO d unk

David Short b. ca. 1750; d. 1816 Lincoln Co., NC
    o William Short b 1770
	o John Short b 1804 Lincoln County, NC d 1888 Crawford County, MO m Sarah Arney
	    o Mary Short d. young
	    o Elam Sidney Short b 1828 Lincoln Co, NC m. Susan Brown
	         o William Monroe Short b 1851 Crawford Co., MO d 1925 Crawford Co, MO
            	    o Marion James Francis Short b 1871 Cherryville, Crawford Co, MO
            	    o Madison William Newton Short b 1873 Cherryville, Crawford Co., MO
               		o William Mattison Short b 1898 Redmondville, Iron Co., MO
                	o Lawrence Short b 1899 Redmondville, Iron Co, MO
                	o Lovey Asco Short b 1902 Redmndville, Iron Co., MO
                	o Sylvia V Short b 1904 Redmondville, Iron Co., MO
            	    o David Sidney Short b 1876 Cherryville, Crawford Co., MO
            	    o Anna Talitha Jane Short b 1879 Cherryville, Crawford Co., MO
            	    o Amanda Short b 1882 Cherryville, MO, Crawford Co., MO
	    o Elizabeth Roseann Short b 12 Feb. 1831 Lincoln Co, NC
	    o Emily Melvina Short b 1835 Lincoln Co, NC
      	    o Ollie Lydia Short b 1838 Lincoln Co, NC
	    o John Israel Short b 1843 Crawford County, MO d 1916 MO
		o James Allen Short b 1869 Dent County, MO d 1940 Dent County, MO
		    o Ernest Short b Dent County, MO d Dent County, MO
			o Carmen Short b. 1928; d. d. Mar. 2014 NJ; m. Yogi Berra
			o Norman Short d. 2012 Dent Co., MO S-35 Deloris Klausner [dklausnr AT gmail.com]
	    o James M. Short b 1845 Crawford Co., MO d 1920 Cherryville, Crawford Co, MO
         	o William Sherman Short b 1867 Cherryville, Crawford Co, MO m 2nd Anna Worley b 1856 Cherryville Crawford Co., MO
       	    o Jacob Short b 1849 Crawford Co., MO
       	    o Frances Marion Short b 1851 Crawford Co., MO
       	    o Sarah Talitha Short b 1853-4 Crawford Co., MO
       	    o Polly M Short b 1855-6 Crawford Co., MO

Henry Short, b. ca. 1787, probably VA; m. Lydia Williams 1810 Clinton Co., OH 
    o John Calvin Short b. 1821 Fayette Co., OH; m. Isabella Gilmer; d. 1898 Marion Co., OH 
	o Henry L. Short b. 1858 Marion Co., OH; m. Caroline Pratt; d. 1896 Marion Co., OH 
	    o son 
		o S-45 Sarah Olson [solson AT bendbroadband.com]

John Short b. 1806 Grayson Co., VA
    o William M. Short born 1845 Russell or Grayson Co., VA
	o Marion Thomas Short born 1880
	    o son 
		o S-54

Isaac Harlin Short b. 1845 Catawba Co., NC d.1906 Tipton Co., TN m Susan Eliza Almira Stone - 
    o Lizzie G. Short b.1868 d. 1900
    o Fannie B. Short b.1874 d. 1885
    o Martin Wise Short b.1876 Tennessee d.1931
	o son
	    o S-65 [results are combination from SMGF and Genebase] donshort [dshort AT etex.net] 
    o Ina Virginia Short  b.1879 d.1951
    o Susan Short
    o Anna Short
    o Lillie Short

Hosea J. Tomberlin b. 1 Mar. 1832 Anson (now Union) Co., NC; m. Sarah Medlin; d. 28 Mar. 1916
    o Hosea James Greeley Tomberlin b. 15 July 1872; d. 123 Jan. 1948
	o son
	    o S-100

William Short b bef March 1612/13 England; d. abt 1659 Virginia [Not Proven]
    o Thomas Short b. abt 1643; d. aft 1713 [Not Proven]
	o William Short b. abt 1670; d. bef 1737 [Not Proven]

 	[The above generations have NOT been proven, but were shown in the book "Short, An Early Virginia Family" compiled by Josephine Short Lynch]

	    o Cornelius Short, Sr. b. abt 1700; d. bef Feb 1764 Prince Edward Co., VA [secondary evidence]
		o Cornelius Short, Jr. b. abt 1732 Henrico Co., VA; d. bef Feb 1762 Halifax Co., VA [secondary evidence]
		    o Joel Short, Sr. b. abt 1750 Chesterfield Co., VA; m. Lucilla "Lucy" Farris; d. bet 1821-1829 Jackson Co., TN [Family Tradition]
			o Caleb Short b. abt 1783; d. 1815 [Proven]
			    o Lemuel Farris Short b. 1814; d. 1849 [Proven]
				o Caleb Watson Short
				    o James Price Short
					o son
					    o S-73
				o Edwin Price Short b. 1843; d. 1925 [Proven] S-1
        		o Joel Short, Jr. b. ca. 1780 Pittsylvania Co., VA; m. Phoebe Walden 1796 Garrard Co., KY; d. 1851 Union Co., KY
			    o Joshua Short b. 1803 Jackson Co., TN; d. 1875 Webster Co., KY 
				o Haywood Short b. ca. 1828 Jackson Co., TN; m. Louisa Dempsey; d. ca. 1869 Webster Co., KY
				    o James Joshua Short b. ca. 1856 Webster Co., KY; d. 1918 Butler Co., MO
				    	o son 
					    o grandson
					    	o great-grandson S-53
		    o Cornelius Short III; m. Sarah; d. before 1796 Halifax Co., VA
			o William Short b. ca. 1790; m. 1816 Elizabeth Walker; d. 10 March 1863 Pittsylvania Co., VA
			    o John H. Short born 7 Jan. 1829; m.1873 second wife Minerva Simpson Walker; d. 11 June 1885 Pittsylvania Co., VA
				o Floyd Short born 9 June 1883 m. Pamela Word Moon
				    o son
					o grandson S-94
		o Francis E. Short b. 1742; d. after 1809 Wilkes Co., GA
		    o David Short b. ca. 1772 Pittsylvania Co., VA
		    o William Short b. ca. 1774 Pittsylvania Co., VA
			o James Short b. ca. 1801 GA
			    o Franklin Short b. ca. 1832
			    o Jasper Short b. ca. 1836 (twin?)
				o James Frank Short b Dec. 1858; m.1. 12 May 1880 Ophelia Yarborough, Chambers Co., AL; m.2. Ida Potts 1891
				    o Elam (name changed to Albert( Lee Short b. 1882 ca. 1882 AL; m. Buelah Hogg d. 1957
					o son
					    o S-18
	 			    o Larkin (name changed to Edward) Short b. ca. 1885; m. 1906 Ida Bessie Moore in Chambers Co., AL
				    o Ophelia Short ( wife and child died at birth) about 1886
                      		  children of James by second wife Ida Potts m. about 1891
				    o Myra Short,b.  February 1892
				    o Ada Short,b. August 1895
				    o Jasper Grady Short, b. February 1898
				    o Paul Short, b. July 1, 1905
			    o James N. Short b. ca. 1836 (twin)
	 		    o Louisa Short b. ca. 1846
		        o Francis Short b. ca. 1805
	    		o William Short b. ca. 1807
	    		o unknown (possibly John C. Short) b. ca. 1809
	 	    o Reuben C. Short b. ca. 1777 Pittsylvania Co., VA
		    o Edward Short b. ca. 1784 Pittsylvania Co., VA
	  	    o John Short b. ca. 1786 Wilkes Co., Ga
Note: All comments within brackets are those of S-1
Note: Compare with S-44, Lineage VII below which is not a DNA match but claims the same earliest

James Short d. 1798 Grainger Co., TN (secondary evidence)
    o Isaac M. Short b. 1790; m. Mary "Polly" Overby/Overbey 1813 Sumner Co., TN; d. 1854 Sumner Co.
    	o Drury Short b. 1818 Sumner Co.; m. Isabella C. Payne; d. 1870 Sumner Co.
	    o Robert Crockett Short b. 1850 Sumner Co.; m. Sina Ann Brewer 1878; d. 1930 Sumner Co.
	    	o Robert Earnest Short b. 1885 Sumner Co.; m. Hilma Eola White; d. 1965 Sumner Co.
		    o son
		    	o S-52 [amazzzed AT gmail.com]

Reuben Bennett Short b. ca. 1813 KY
    o Phares Wells Short b. 1861 Jackson Co., Iowa; d. 1944
	o son
	    o grandson
		o S-59 bry2short AT frii.com

Robert Thomas Short b. 1821 TN or AL
    o son
	o grandson
	    o S-85
Robert Thomas Short is the son of Marietta Curtis. Before testing, S-85 believed that Robert's father
may have been William W. Short b. 1800 KY and died about 1828 in TN or AL, son of Joel F. Short, Jr.,
son of Joel F. Short, Sr., son of Cornelius Short.

Thomas Short b. 1857 KY
   o John M. Short b. 1880 KY
	o Strother J. Short b. 1906 KY
	    o son
		o grandson
		    o great-grandson S-105

William Short b. 1786 Mitcham, Surrey, England
    o son died New Zealand
	o grandson died New Zealand
	    o great-grandson
		o S-86

William Short b c 1612; m. Elizabeth Symonds; d. 1659 Surry Co., VA
    o Thomas Short b c 1643 Surry Co., VA; d. 1713 Surry Co., VA
	o Robert Short, Sr. m. Amey -?-; 
	    o William Short, Sr. m. Mary -?-; d. before 1757 Prince George Co., VA
Note: Compare lineage with S-1, Lineage VI, above which is not a DNA match. 
Note that S-44 is also a 12/12 match with S-2. See also the discussion page link

		o William Short d. 1769 Brunswick Co., VA
		    o William Short b. say 1720; m. Sarah Roberson; d. ca. 1787 Brunswick Co., VA
			o Thomas Short m. Elizabeth; d. ca. 1805 Brunswick Co., VA
			    o Edmund Short b. ca. 1786 VA; m. 2. Susan; d. 31 Jan. 1861 Logan Co., KY
				o Edward H. Short b. ca. 1838 VA
				    o William T. Short b. 1878 Logan Co., KY; d. 1941 Todd Co., KY; m. Rosa B. Keeling
	    				o son
					    o grandson
		    				o S-56
		    o Jacob Short b. say 1730 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Mary Freeman; d. 1806 Mecklenburg Co., VA
			o Laban Short b. c. 1768 VA; m. Rebecca Pennington; d. 1851 Pike Co., GA
			    o Nathan Pennington Short b. 1810 Greene Co., GA; m. Nancy Godley Truitt; d. 1888 Brantley?, Ga
				o John Robert Short b. 1837 Taylor Co., GA; m. Eliza Jane Zuber; d. 1920 Brantely, GA
				    o Omar Jackson Short b. 1867 Marion Co., GA; m. Martha Lucille 'Mattie' Dunham; d. 1906 Lake Buena Vista, GA S-44

John Shortt, c 1720, Co Tipperary, Ireland, Mary Meagher 
    o John Shortt, c 1762, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Alice Bradshaw
    	o John Shortt, c 1797, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Mary Anne Fitzgerald
	    o Albert Shortt, c 1838, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Elizabeth Catherine Alley
	    	o John Alley Shortt, 4 February 1876, Gorraun, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland, Jane Fitzgerald Mitchell
		    o Albert Edward Fancourt Shortt, 3 January 1913, Gorraun, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland, Elizabeth Marion Cooke
		    	o S-96

The ancestry of John Shortt b. ca. 1720 may be:
William Short of Castleroan, Co. Tipperary died 1779 (John to William "almost certain")
James Shortt of Castleroan, wife Susanna, c 1670 - 1730 
John Short of Gortegarry, Co Tipperary (James to John "very likely")
John Short (of England), 1610 – 1654, wife Sarah; granted land in Tipperary by Cromwell
John Short, died 1616, wife Mary Owfield
Thomas Short of Ashley, Staffordshire, died 1586 
Henry Short of Ashley

Henry Short of Ashley
    o Thomas Short of Ashley, Staffordshire, died 1586 
	o John Short, died 1616, wife Mary Owfield
	    o John Short (of England), 1610 d. 1654, wife Sarah; granted land in Tipperary by Cromwell
		o John Short of Gortegarry, Co Tipperary b. 1648 Tring, Hertfordshire
		    o Jonathan Short of Gurteen d. 1702, wife Bridget
			o Jonathan Short of Gurteen d. 1737, wife Rebecca
			    o John Short of Wingfield d. 1767, wife Frances Spunner (likely)
				o Jonathan Shortt of Gortagarry,  died abt 1777, wife Miss Lake (likely)
				    o Captain John Shortt of Wingfield, wife Ann Colqhoun
					o Crawford Shortt b. 1810, wife Frances Jackson
					    o Dr John Shortt b. 1837, wife Catherine Anderson
						o Crawford Shortt b. 1865 wife Elizabeth Reynolds
						    o son
							o grandson S-110

Aaron Short b: c1778 d. Apr 1847 Lawrence Co,. KY; m. Elizabeth Chaffin 
    o Andrew Short b. 1806; d. 1880
	o John Aaron Short b. 1827; d. 1877
	    o Richard George b. 1871; d. 1939
		o son
		    o S-57
    o James Houston Short  b: 22 Mar 1823 Blaine, Lawrence Co.,  KY  d: 09 Oct 1885 Blaine, Haskell Co., OK; m. Matilda Clevenger 
	o Andrew Jackson Short  b: 09 May 1852 Blaine, Lawrence Co., KY  d: 01 Mar 1936 Fairacres, Dona Ana Co., NM; m. Martha Jane Shuffield Goodman 
	    o Omie Short b: 09 Jun 1891 Quinton, OK  d: 28 Nov 1966 Las Cruces, Dona Ana Co., NM; m. Augustus (Gus) "Dutch" Peterson S-10  [ltcrain AT earthlink.net] 
    o Daniel Short b. 1813; d. 1854; m. Diannah Justice
	o James R. Short b. 1853; d. 1934; m. Martha Ellen Jordan
	    o Charles Short b. 1886; d. 1874; m Amma Jett
		o son 
		    o S-50

Note: A family legend in the lineage of S-50 was that a man was orphaned and raised by a
Short, but his birth name may have been Rose.  S-50 is a 37/37 match with the Rose family.
It is uncertain which generation this happened, but is believed to be either James R. or

Jacob (Schwartz) Short, b. VA or Germany; m. Eve ca. 1772; d. ca. 1805 Botetourt Co., VA 
    o John T. Short b. Berkeley Co., [West] Virginia; m. 27 Mar. 1800 Eva Monical in Botetourt Co., VA; d. ca. 1835 Washington Co., Ind. 
	o Jacob Hamilton Short b. 15 Nov. 1812 Bourbon Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Bringle, Washington Co., Ind.; d. 21 Sep. 1898 Washington Co., Ind. 
	    o Robert Franklin Short b. 1 Dec. 1843 Washington Co., Ind.; m. Lucinda Russell; d. 24 Feb. 1913 McClean Co., IL 
		o Alva Manson Short b. 6 Jan. 1874 Washington Co., Ind.; m. 16 Oct. 1895 Rosa Nell Wheeler in McLean Co., IL; d. 23 Apr. 1971 Lake City, Calhoun  Co., Iowa 
		    o Leland Wheeler Short b. 13 June 1898 McLean Co., IL; m. 22 Dec. 1920 Vivian Jones, Lake City, Calhoun Co., Iowa; d. 24 Aug. 1962 Marks, MS S-41 
William Jackson Short, b. 1815 KY; m. 1836 Mary DAVIS in Ind.; d. after 1860 S-63 

Phillip Short I, b. 1678-1690 perhaps Warren or Barrington, RI; m. Joanna Martin (Marten) 5 Dec 1711 Swansea Mass.
    o Phillip Short II b. 8 Mar 1714 Barrington RI
	o Philip Short III b. 24 May 1746 Rehoboth?
	    o Philip Short IV born 3 June 1779 Rehoboth Mass
		o Ransom Short born around 1819 Livonia NY
		    o Myron Short born 15 Apr 1861 Livonia NY??
			o Myron Short born 13 May 1890 Buffalo NY
			    o son
				o grandson S-113

John Short, b. about 1690; d. 7 Mar. 1727/8 Woolsery, Devon, England; m. Margaret Old
    o John Short b. about 1720 Woolfardisworthy; m. Mary Bailey
	o Richard Short b. 1752 Bradworthy, Devon; d. 23 Feb. 1830; m. Elizabeth Brittin
	    o Richard Short b. ca. 1780; d. June 1851 Devon, England
		o Richard Short b. 1810 Woolfardisworthy; d. Mar. 1884; m. Mary Ching
		    o Edward Dinnis Short b. Mar. 1857; d. 1939 Bideford, Devon; m. Mary Ann Wilton
			o son
			    o grandson S-71

Andrew Short, b 1789 VA, m. Leanthe Thomas; d. 1877 Clarke Co., IA
    o Thomas Wesley Short b 1830 Ross Co, OH, m Susan Brittain; d. 1900 Warren Co., IA
	o Harmon (Hiram) Short b 1866 Warren Co. IA m. Elsie French 1891 d. 1943; d. 1943 Polk Co., IA 
	    o Willard Lawence Short b 1901 Des Moines, Polk Co. IA m. Nora Hirsch 1926 d. 1976 Polk Co., IA
		o Donald Lee Short b. 1931 Polk Co., IA; d. 1995 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA
		    o Donald E Short S-69 [jshort03 AT tampabay.rr.com] 
    o Greenberry Short b. 1842 Ross Co., OH; m. Eliza Jane Marquis; d. 1921 Antelope Co., NE 
	o James Sanford Short b. 1874 Montgomery Co., IA S-43

William Henry Tilley b. 1807 Logan Co., KY [son of Nancy Elizabeth Tilley b. 1793]
    o James Tilley
	o James Lewis Tilley
	    o son
		o S-92

Hezekiah Short b. 30 Jan. 1825 NY; d. 1 Feb. 1888 Adams, Arenac Co., MI; m. Betsey Ann Dodge
    o Marion H. Short b. 12 Feb. 1851 Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY; d. 12 Nov. 1915 Pontiac Oakland Co., MI; m. Aurilla J. Davis
	o Albert Arthur Short aka Richard William Graeme b. 14 Feb. 1887 Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI; d. after 1920; m. Elizabeth "Bessie" Maie Van Antwerp
	    o Richard  W. Graeme b. 17 Aug. 1915 San Bernandino Co., CA; d. 18 Mar. 2000 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
		o son
		    o grandson S-84

John Short, b. 1720 Glocester, RI
    o Asa Short b. 1754 Glocester, RI
	o John S. Short b. 1790 Glocester RI
	    o John Short, Jr. b. 1811 NY
		o George Short b. 1838
		    o Ellis Short b. 1865
			o Lawrence Short 
    o John Short  b.1751; d. 1813 Tioga Co. PA
	o Rev. David Short b.1773; d. 1842 Tioga Co., PA
	    o Caleb Short b. and d. Academy Corners, Tioga Co.,PA
		o Darius Short
		    o Eddie K. Short
			o son
			    o S-104
    o Benoni Short

Jacob Short b. 1799-1800 NY; lived Wyoming Co., NY; moved to MN in the 1850s; d. 1873 Fillmore, MN 
    o son 
	o grandson
	    o great-grandson
		o S-81.

Ira Short b 3 Oct 1803 PA d 1863 MO? m Eliza Higgins - DianneSlipkid [DianneSlipkid AT comcast.net] 
    o Ira H. Short b 2 Jan 1844 Whiteside Co., IL d 4 Oct 1907 St. Paul Park, MN m Jane Baker 
	o Harry Claudius Short b 31 May 1870 Clinton, IA d Lansing, IA m Nellie Dikeman 
	    o Harry Claudius Short Jr. b 2 Mar 1902 Lansing, IA d Dubuque, IA m Miriam Luke S-25

Daniel Short b c1725 d c1791 Anson Co., NC
    o Daniel Short Jr. b 1755 Anson Co., NC d 1818 Anson Co., NC 
	o John Short b 1787 Anson Co., NC d 1835 Anson Co., NC; m Sarah 
	    o Daniel Short b 1814 Anson Co., NC; d. 1903 Anson Co., NC
		o Jesse Short b 1876 Anson Co., NC; d. 1967 Chesterfield Co., SC
		    o Lancy Short b 1902 Anson Co., NC; d. 1969 Anson Co, NC
			o Herbert Short b. 1925 Anson Co. NC; d. 1997 Anson Co., NC
			    o Alan Short S-78.

	    o Thomas Short b 1818 Anson Co., NC d c1856 Conecuh Co., AL m Charlotte Pratt 
		o Daniel Dudley Short b 1847 AL d c1912 Anson Co., NC m Charlotte Harrington 
		    o James Arthur Short b 1881 Anson Co., NC d 1937 Anson Co., NC m Rosa Gaddy 
			o James G. Short
			    o William F. Short
			         o S-23- Bill Short [shortblock AT windstream.net]
			    o S-55
		o John Boggan Short 
		    o James W. Short 
			o Samuel Short
			    o S-32

Francis Marion Short b. 1839 Alabama; d. 1904 Faulkner Co., AR
    o Wesley Hayes Short (1886-1929)
	o Jesse Lee Short (1919-1971)
	    o S-91

Edward Short m. Ealenar Ed Short [LionEdd AT aol.com] 
    o Obed Short b. 17 Feb. 1804; m. Elizabeth M. J. Hill & Mary Gattis (-)? Pitts 
	o William W. Short b. 19 July 1834 Lewes, DE; m. Sarah E. Hopkins (?) & Amelia A. Phillips 
	    o Williard Columbus Short b. 21 May 1861; m. Sallie  J. Keeny 
		o Williard Manchester Short b. 25 Apr. 1893; m. Lydia Elenor Morris 
		    o Horace Edward Short 13 June 1921; m. Clara Elizabeth Hollingsworth S-30

Edward A. Short b. 1821 DE; d. 1883 Pulaski Co., IL S-109

Jeremiah Short b. Mells, Somerset, England; d. 1763 Mells
    o Jeremiah Short b. 1721 Mells, Somerset, England; d. 1783 Mells
	o Joseph Short b. 1776 Mells, Somerset, England; d. 1856 Mells
	    o Morgan Short b. 16 Aug. 1849 Abertillery, Monmouthshire, South Wales; d. 29 April 1920, Abercarn, Monmouthshire, South Wales
		o Isaac Charles Short b. 19 Sep. 1887 Cwmtillery, Monmouthshire, South Wales; d. July 1965 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South Wales
		    o Cyril Aubrey Short b. 1924 Beddau, Glamorgan, South Wales; d. 2001 Llantrisant, Rhondda-Cynon-Taf, South Wales
			o S-133


Phillip Short I b. ca. 1678-1690 perhaps Warren or Barrington RI or ?; married Joanna Martin (Marten) 5 Dec 1711 Swansea Mass.
    o Phillip II born 8 Mar 1714 Barrington RI
	o Philip III born 24 May 1746 Rehoboth?
	    o Philip IV born 3 June 1779 Rehoboth Mass
		o Ransom born around 1819 Livonia NY
		    o Myron born 15 Apr 1861 Livonia NY??
			o Myron born 13 May 1890 Buffalo NY

Edward Short 1700-1768 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Elizabeth Wingate
    o Edward Short 1750-1809 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Ann Jones
	o Leonard Short 1786-1835 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Esther Ann Smith
	    o Isaac Wesley Short 1821-1884 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Elanah Ansaline James
		o Roland Turpin Short 1876-1949 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Anne Donovan
		    o John Willian Hall Short 1907-1963 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Margaret Agatha Fehl
			o son
			    o grandson S-108

Richard Short m Jane Mitcheson 1730 Feltonk Northumberland, England - short_andrew [andrew_short AT hotmail.com] 
    o Ann Short, b 1737 Shilbottle, Northumberland, England
    o Richard Short, b 1740 Shilbottle England, m Jane Armstrong
	o Jane Short, b 5 Oct 1777 Bedlington
	o Richard Short, b 1778 Bedlington, England, m Mary 
	    o Richard Short, b 1804 Alnwick England, m Isabella Hope 
		o Richard John Hope Short, m Elizabeth West
	    o Andrew Short, b 24 Apr 1806 Alnwick England, m Margaret Miller 
		o William Short
		o Richard Short, m Bridget Sheehan
		o Margaret Short
  	    o John Short, b 6 Aug 1808, Rugley England, m Mary Jeffrey 
	        o Richard James Short, b 15 Oct. 1840 Ontario Canada
	        o Joseph William Short, b 22 May 1842 Ontario Canada
	        o John Gerald Short, b 22 Dec 1845 Newcastle, Ontario Canada, m Mary Patullo - S-12
	    o Isabella Short, b 4 Feb 1811, Alnwick Eng
	    o Thomas Short, b 11 Sep 1816, Alnwick Eng 
		o Thomas Carr Short, b c 1848
	o Elijah Short, b 14 Jun 1781 Alnwick, m Elizabeth 
	    o Elijah Short, b 1812 Shilbottlle, m Jane
	    o Richard Short, b 15 July 1823
	o John Short, m Margaret 
	o Jane Short, b 13 Feb 1794 Glanton
	o Mary Short, b 4 Oct 1795
	o Richard Short, b 29 May 1797 Glanton
	o Thomas Short, b 24 Feb 1799
	o John Short, b 27 Dec 1800
	o Margaret Short, b 27 Dec 1800
	o Matthew Short, b 1 May 1803

William Shortt, d. 1762, Princess Anne County, VA. Richard Short [richardshort AT cox.net] 
    o Marcum Short b. 1756; m. Winifred Ward; d. 1796 Beaufort Co., NC 
	o William W. Short b. c. 1778 NC; m. Winifred Williams; d. Nov. 1849 Lowndes Co., MS 
	    o Marcum Short II b. ca. 1803 NC; m. Mary "Polly" Lacincia Lowe; d. 1861 Mobile, AL 
		o James Lowe Short b. 1831; m. Mary Frances Dodson; d. 1903 MS S-7

William Grancer Short  b. 1768 Surry Co., NC; m.1. Elizabeth Bolling
    o William Graville "Buck" Short b. 1805 Wise Co., VA; m. Rachel Brooks
	o William Alfred Short b. 1825 Boyd Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Davis
	    o James Alexander Short b. 1852 VA; m. Kate Dixon
		o Claude Morton Short b. 1895 Morgan Co., KY; m. Clara Start
		    o S-103
Note: This William Grancer Short is the same claimed ancestor as S-60 and S-76 of Lineage V, but 
from a different wife.  They are not a DNA match.

Jacob Short, b. ca. 1767 Germany; m. Elizabeth Freeman 1791 Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1851 Switzerland Co., Indiana
    o Joseph Short b. 1804 KY; m. Frances Cotton 1823 Switzerland Co., Ind.; d. 1884 Ripley Co., Ind.
	o Joseph Warren Short b. 1838 Vevay, Switzerland Co., Ind.; d. 1928 Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS S-48

Adam Short, b. 1780 VA; d. 1852 Cumberland Co., KY; m. Polly Pratt 1823 Knox Co., TN
    o James Short b. 1823 TN; m. Patsey Blythe
	o James D. Short b. ca. 1850 Cumberland Co., KY; m. Isabelle Coe 
    	    o John Fowler Short b 1888 Monroe Co, KY; m. Mary Anderson 1915 
		o  Loy Short b. 1922 Monroe Co., KY; m. Lillian Baron
		    o S-3 rshort [rshort66 AT yahoo.com]
Note: Compare with S-82 below. The two are not a DNA match.

Adam Short, b. ca. 1783 VA; m. Polly Pratt
    o William Short b. ca. 1815 TN; m. Rebecca Brown; d. ca. 1873 Cumberland Co., KY
	o John Henry Short, Sr. b. 27 Jan. 1840 Ind.; d. 13 Mar. 1918 Cashion, OK
	    o William Kiah Short b. 27 Feb. 1866 Illinois; d. 15 Feb. 1905 MO
 	    	o John Elbert Short b. 1 Feb. 1889 MO; d. 25 Aug. 1977 MO
		    o Ralph Dean Short b. 25 Mar. 1919 MO; d. 29 Nov. 1985 MO
		        o S-82
Note: Compare with S-3 above. The two are not a DNA match.

Major Short, b. ca. 1779 Virginia; m. Polly Adams 1807 Brunswick Co., VA
    o William David Short b. 1822 Warren Co., KY; m. Sarah Jane Gragg
	o Benton Ambrose Short b. 1847 Henry Co., MO; m. Minnie Cordelia Short (daughter of George W.)
	    o son
		o S-64 [lineage and results from SMGF site]

Hercules Solomon Short, b. 1790 Dartsmouth, Devon m Ann Hicks Holdsworth
    o Hercules Solomon Winch Short b 1824 Prawle, Devon d.1886 N.Z m Julia Sullivan 1866
	o George Henry Short b 24 Nov 1828 Dartmouth,Eng d. 31 Jan 1898, Bris,Aust
	    o George Henry Short b 17 Nov 1852 Akld,N.Z.; d. 31 Jan 1893,Cook Isl.
		o Thomas Benjamin Short b 24 July 1854,N.Z; m.Catherine Moray 1876; d.1906 Akld,N.Z.
		    o Henry George Short b 1896 Cook Isl.; m. Elizabeth Revell; d. 1947 AklD,N.Z.
			o Neville Short b Cook Isl; m 1939 Margaret Hansen; d N.Z. 
			    o Albert Hercules Short b. 1900

William Short, b. ca. 1787 NC; lived Harlan Co., KY at least 1811-1860; d. 1865 Lee Co., VA 
    o Greenberry Short 
	o William Jefferson Short, Sr. 
	    o William Jefferson Short, Jr. 
		o Andrew "Andy" Short S-37
    o William Short

John A. Short b ca. 1805 VA
    o son
        o grandson
	    o great-grandson
		o great-great-grandson
		    o S-70.

Jacob Short, b. 26 Mar. 1819 Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA; d. 27 May 1896 Troy, La Salle Co., Ill.; m. Lusetta "Elizabeth" Klinefelter
    o Abraham Lincoln Short b. 28 Aug. 1860 Troy Grove, La Salle Co., Ill.; d. 26 Apr. 1939 Smithton, Pettis Co., MO; m. Carrie Skiles
	o James Short b. 17 Sep. 1890 Cedar City, Benton Co., Iowa; d. 13 Oct. 1955 Smithton, Pettis Co., MO; m. Mary Sewell
	    o son 
		o grandson S-112 

Lewis Short b. Germany; m. 1851 Lisha Ann High; d. 1860's Indiana 
    o Levi Short b. Sep. 1855 Elwood, Ind.; m. Amanda Clementine Gibson; d. Apr. 1929 KS
	o Edwin Earl Short b. 1888 Kansas; m. 1912 Beulah May White 
	    o Lewis Melvin Short b. Jul 1914; d. Jul 1973 Burrton, Kansas; m. Rachel Jean Giggy 1936 
		o son
		    o S-46 [masguard66-ancestry AT yahoo.com]

William Short b.1838, Coldstream, Scottish border d.1880-05-13 Durham, England m Ann Gage - Adam Short [ajs AT shiny.org.uk] 
    o William Short b.1867, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England
    o Alexander Douglas(s) Short b.1868-09-26, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England, m. Mary Elizabeth Greig 
	o William Short b.1893, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England d.1943, Sheerness, Kent, England m. Louisa Elizabeth Roberts S-120 
    o Leonard Short b.1879, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England

Robert Short b. ca. 1842 Granville Co., NC
Note: Robert Short was the son of Sally Short and Robert Chapman, and the start of this Short
y-DNA line.  The maternal ancestry of this line is:
    o William Short b. ca. 1765; d. 1821 Granville Co., NC
        O Wyatt Short d. before 1840
   	    O Sally Short b. ca. 1812 NC had child by Robert Chapman:
		o Robert Short b. ca. 1842 Granville Co., NC  S-26
        o James A. Short b. ca. 1799 VA d. after 1870

Sam/Samuel Short b. 1844/45 D. ?.; m. Rhoda Dillon
    o William Short b. 22 April 1869 Mingo County, WV.; d. 22 Oct. 1929 Martin County, KY; m. Iantha Vance
	o Robert Russell Short b. 16 June 1912 Lawrence County, KY; d. 19 June 1986 Columbus, Franklin County, OH; m. Bertha Copley
	    o S-107 

James William Short, b. 1858 Indiana Co., PA; m. Maggie Melissie Bence; d. 1936
    o Elmer Ellsworth Short b. 1879 PA; m. 1901 Laura Mae Fyock; d. 1972 Niagra Co., NY
	o son 
	    o grandson
		o S-66 [lineage and results from SMGF site]