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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Wilhelm Ludwig Schuck d Obermoschel, Germany m Katharina Ransweiler - Susan Cheatham [scheatham AT]
    • Ludwig Schuck b 1738 d 14 Mar 1820 m Katharina Maurer
      • Johann "Wilhelm" Schuck b 1777 Niedermoschel, Germany d 9 Oct 1816 m Anna Maria Steeg
        • Wilhelm Ludwig Schuck b 19 Jan 1802 Niedermoschel, Germany d 27 Mar 1830 m Maria Mader
          • Friederich Schuck b 31 Jan 1824 Schiersfield, Germany d 17 Jan 1886 m Charlotta Kilian
            • George Schuck b 3 May 1861 Winterborn, Germany d 22 Nov 1920 NJ m Maria Baum
              • Irving Schuck b 1 Jul 1897 NJ d 14 Jan 1962 NJ m Margaret Harriet Meder 155097
  • Johann Michael Schoch b. 1 Jul 1733 Germany, d. 9 Sep 1819  m.  Magdalena Stoess   - Admin by Kathryn Bassett [shock AT]
    • Henry Rorer Shoch b.5 May 1766 Frankford, Bucks Co, PA m.Sarah Castor
      • Henry Rorer Shoch b.20 Oct 1792 Frankford, Bucks Co, PA. 1843 Bucks Co, PA m. Elizabeth Roberts d.15 Aug 1875 Frankford, Bucks Co, PA
        • Joseph R Shoch b.? d.? m. Mary Ann Thornton
          • Henry R Shoch b.16 Sep 1844 Upper Merion, Montgomery Co, PA d.? m. Sarah E Myers
            • James Ray Shoch b.30 Jun 1881 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA d.7 Jan 1918 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA m. Germaine M Simon R-M269 416612
  • John Shook b c1765 MD or Germany m1 Arrana Porter m2 Dorcas Ball m3 Margaret Black - John Carl Shook [shirleykwjl AT]
    • Rezin Shook b 1 Dec 1817 IN d 17 Mar 1888 m1 Elizabeth Roberts m2 Sarah Ann Campbell Graham
      • Seymour Horatio Shook b 15 May 1868 Ripley Co., IN d 20 Mar 1945 m Patience Swinney
        • Curtis Swinney Shook b 10 Nov 1899 Ripley Co., IN d 22 Apr 1996 m Edith Sadie Conger 159735
  • Wilson Shook,  b c1809 OH, m1 Catherine Bigley, m2  Malinda Hamsley - Ken Shirley [shirleykwjl AT] 159735
    • Omer T. Shook, b c1831 IN,  m1 Martha A. Harris, m2 Ellen Willis
    • Abraham Shook,  b c1833 IN, m1854 Nancy Wright
    • Era Shook, b c1833 IN (probable, listed with another household in the census)
    • America Shook, b c1840, m1860 Hamilton Gerard
    • Francis Shook, b c1841
    • John Shook, b c1845
    • Alvira Shook, b c1849 IN
  • Isaac Shuck b c1787 VA; d 9 May 1844 Montgomery Co, OH - woodisgood [woodisgood AT]
    • William Shook b 10 Sep 1841 Ohio Co, WV; d 9 May 1895 Jasper Co, IN
      • William Addison Shook b 26 Aug 1872 Jasper Co, IN; d 31 Oct 1950 Porter Co, IN
        • Jennings Roe Shook b 7 Dec 1910 Jasper Co, IN; d 6 July 1998 Porter Co, IN S-3 40822
  • Samuel Stewart Shook, lived in Cherokee, IA - Juno Shenstone [junoshenstone AT]
    • Conrad Shook, b 1900 Cherokee, IA, m Nellie Vicoria Russell  Feb 24, 1920

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