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Nicholas Shamberger (b. 1753-1764, (Hesse-Kassel)?, Germany; d. 1813, (Dauphin Co., PA)?; m. Barbara Schmid)              
  Frederick Shambarger (b. 1792-1795, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 1875, Allen Co., OH; m. Elizabeth Hyde)                
    George Shambarger (b. 1825, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 1891, Putnam Co., OH; m. Mary A. Ellingering?)              
      George Washington Shambarger (b. 1856, Allen Co., OH; d. 1927, Pulaski Co., AR; m. Mary Terry Frances Head)            
        Louis Edgar Shambarger (b. 1882, Franklin Co., AR; d. 1955, Pope Co., AR; m. Mary Donie Whitlock) (FTDNA 172563)          
      Frederick Grant Shambarger (b. 1866, Allen Co., OH; d. 1951, Allen Co., OH; m. Mary Etta Geren)                
        Louis Grant Shambarger (b. 1896, Allen Co., OH; d. 1931, Allen Co., OH; m. Bessie Lovitas Little) (FTDNA 173931)            
Hermann Schönberg (b. 1683, Rheinbach, Germany; d. 1758, Heiden, Germany; m. Catharine Feuser)                
  Wilhelm Schönberg (b. 1722, Rheinbach, Germany; d. 1790, Neukirchen, Germany; m. Anna Christine Becker)              
    Johann Schönenberg (b. 1750, Stotzheim, Euskirchen, Germany; d. 1803; m Odilia Saur)                  
      Anton Schönenberg (b. 1789, Merzbach, Rheinbach, Germany; d. 1835; m. Anna Maria Schäfer)                
        Wilhelm Schönenberg (b. 1826, Ipplendorf, Rheinbach, Germany; d. ca. 1918; m. Anna Gertrud Rader)              
          Wilhelm Schönenberg (b. 1867, Ipplendorf, Rheinbach, Germany; d. 1918, Küdinghoven, Germany; m. Elisabeth Reintges) (FTDNA E13043)      
Heinrich Schönenberger (b. 1530, Switzerland; d. 1590; m. Barbel Egli)                      
  Johannes Schönenberger (b. 1551, Switzerland; m. Fronegk Wartivinin)                      
    Jacob Schönenberger (b. 1578, Fischenthal, Switzerland; d. 1674; m. Barbara Zuppinger)                  
      Ulrich Schönenberger (b. 1624, Fischenthal, Switzerland; d. 1695, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; m. Magdalena Pfund)          
        Jakob Georg Schoenberger (b. 1659; d. 3 Nov 1694; m. Barbara Grauer)                    
          Johann Heinrich Schoenberger (b. 1690; d. 1757; m. Anna Katharina Arras)                  
            Johann Peter Schoenberger (b. 1717, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; d. 1759, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; m. Anna Maria Horn)      
              Johannes  Schoenberger (b. 1739, Germany; d. 1826, PA; m. Catharina Weidmann)                
                John A. Schoenberger (b. 1792, PA; d. 1878, PA; m. Susanna Troxell)                  
                  Owen Schoenberger (b.1819, PA; d. 1902, PA; m. Mary Schneider)                  
                    Levi Schoenberger (b. 1864, PA; d. 1917, PA; m. Elmira Peter)                  
                      Russel Schoenberger (b. 1891, PA; d. 1962, PA; m. Laura Sitler) (FTDNA B44955)              
              Johann Nikolas Schoenberger (b. 1744, Steinbuch, Hesse, Germany; d. 1833, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; m. Anna Margaretha Brunner)    
                Johann Michael Schoenberger (b. 1769, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; d. 1840, Ober-Mossau, Hesse, Germany; m. Anna Elizabeth Hartman)    
                  Johann George Schoenberger (b. 1818; d. 1897; m. Caroline Long)                  
                    Michael George Schoenberger (b. 1845; d. 1915; m. Margaret Altvater)                
                      Albert Schoenberger (b. 1876; d. 1957; m. Carrie L. Schlup) (FTDNA 204711)              
                      Ira Schoenberger (b. 1885; d. 1944; m. Olga Tina Wyss) (FTDNA N104658)              
John Shinabarger (b. 1764, VA; d. 1837, Wayne Co., OH; m. Mahitabel -----)                    
  Jacob Shinabarger (b. 1794, VA; d. ca. 1845, Laporte Co., IN; m. Hannah Heller)                    
    Simon Peter Shinabarger (b. 1820, Wayne Co., OH; d. 1902, Delaware Co., OH; m. Laura A. Tabor)                
      Franklin Ernest Shinabarger (b. 1860, Porter Co., IN; d. 1917, King Co., WA; m. ?)                  
        Riley Ernest Shinabarger (b. 1886; d. 1966, Elkhart Co., IN; m. Flora Schlundt) (FTDNA 309350)              
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