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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Margaret Elizabeth Shackelford, b c1776, m Josiah Cox, Onslow Co NC - Terry Barton
  • Uriah (or Uriel) Shackelford    b.c.: 1796    pob: Orange or Culpeper Co., VA   m: Diadema Hilman    dom: 25 Feb 1818   pom: Orange Co., VA   d. abt: 1870 - Brenda Shackelford Butler [bsbutler75 AT]
    • Walker M. Shackelford   b: Sept 1836   pob: Culpeper Co.,(?), VA     dod: c. Oct 1909  m: Mary Margaret Musselman dom:1873 pod: Stafford County, VA
      • Henry Coleman Shackelford   b: 2 Sept 1882   pob: Stafford Co., VA m: Mollie Darling Skidmore    dom: 16 July 1907   pom: Stafford Co., VA d: 29 May 1954   pod: Fairfax Co., VA 255787   
  • John Shackelford d. 6/16/1855 Monongalia Co, VA m. Sarah Coleman d before 1850 VA- Merriann S Shackelford Lorenzen [mlor37 At]
    • Ambrose Shackelford b. 3/6/1811 Monongalia Co, VA d. 2/28/1899 Barrackville, WV m. Mary Ann Hamilton 
      • John S Shackelford b. 8/301849 Monongalia Co, VA d. 9/8/1909 Barrackville, WV m.  Rebecca Jane Reynolds 
        • James LeRoy Shackelford b. 5/16/1878 Barrackville, WV d. 3/6/1920 Hutchison, WV m. Essie Gertrude Wells 716292


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