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The following outline pedigrees show the earliest known ancestors so far identified, with their Line Leader (Researcher)
└── indicates unproven relationship  
?? against a name or place show (hopefully educated) guesses
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Lineage 1

Researcher: Lorna Henderson Web pages + BMD Data

Lineage 1a the Wanton Walls connection

George Runciman, b. say 1645 Westruther?, BEW, SCT m Jennet Finlay
└──David Runciman, b. say 1687 BEW, SCT m Margaret Brown
    └── John Runciman, b. circa 1715 Gordon, BEW, SCT m Elizabeth Familton
          ├── David Runciman,b. circa 1751 Earlston, BEW, SCT m Janet Lockie
          │    └── David Runciman,b. 1804 Wantonwalls, Par. of Lauder, BEW, SCT m Janet Aitchison
          │          └── David Williamson Runciman,b. 1837 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN, SCT m Isabella Agatha Leishman
          │                └── Hugh Inglis Runciman,b. 1885 Auckland, AKD, NZ m Gladys Rowbotham
          │                      └── David E I Runciman  R-1
          └── William Runchaman, b. 1753, Earlston, BEW, SCT m Mary Hill (London baker) 66/67 match between R-1 and R-2 
                ├──William Runciman, b. circa 1803 ENG m Mary Brown
                │    └── Andrew Brown Runciman, b. 1845 Lauder, BEW, SCT m Martha Putney
                │          └── Emery A Runciman, b. 1884 Waterloo?, Jackson Co, MI, USA m Susan
                │                └── Gerald A Runciman, b. 1918 MI, USA m Rhea Runciman
                │                      └── Jerald  Runciman R-2
                └── James Runciman, b. circa 1798 ENG m Isabella Carter (Participant wanted)
                     ├── William David Runciman,b. 1837 MI, USA m Margaret
                     │    ├── James H Runciman,b. 1862 MI, USA m Ursula S Sly
                     │    │   └── Roy Clifford Runciman,b. 1893 Wheatfield, Ingham Co, MI, USA
                     │    └── George A Runciman, b. circa 1871 MI, USA m Lottie
                     │         ├── Clyde William Runciman, b. 1899 Williamston, Ingham Co, MI, USA
                     │         ├── Wayne W Runciman, b. 1903 MI, USA
                     │         └── Lawrence A Runciman, b. 1905 Ingham Cty, MI, USA m Ferne
                     ├── James H Runciman, b. circa 1844 MI, USA m Elizabeth Hartigan
                     │    ├── Carlton Hill Runciman, b. 1889 Chelsea, MI, USA m Gladys
                     │    │    └── Carlton H Runciman, b. 1914 MI, USA
                     │    └── Harry D Runciman, b. 1891 Chelsea, MI, USA m Edna
                     ├── George A Runciman, b. 1851 MI, USA m Emily Jane Hamp
                     │    └── Charles A Runciman, b. 1881 MI, USA m Delia ?Finlan
                     │          └── Glen A Runciman, b. 1906 MI, USA m Glada M Sharp
                     └── John Runciman, b. circa 1854 MI, USA m Agnes L Collins
                           ├── Cyle F Runciman, b. 1892 MI, USA
                           └── John W Runciman, b. 1894 MI, USA

Lineage 1b

A line traced back to Crail, Fife, via Haddington, and subsequently worldwide
Researcher: Ros RUNCIMAN was hoping that the paper trail for this family will be confirmed, and links to other RUNCIMAN families found.
Which they were, excellent matches being found between the Wanton Walls representatives R-1 and R-2 in Lineage 1a above, William of Crail, also to the family of Thomas & Alison (GRIEVE) in lineage 1c below, and to lineage 1d, the family of Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton

William of Crail's line has also been pushed back to an earlier progenitor, Richard in North Berwick.
Richard Runciman,
    └── William RUNCIMAN, b abt Mar 1729 Whitekirk & Tynninghame, ELN, SCT d. Crail Harbour, FIF 1765
          m 1. Catherine Wishart
          m 2. Elizabeth Jamieson
         └── John Runciman, b. 1762 Crail, FIF m. Jean Barrie
               ├── William Runciman, b. 1789 m. Jean Cockburn
               │      .
               │      Jim Runciman R-7
               ├── John Runciman, b. 1796 m. Isabella Comb
               │      .
               │      Kevin Runciman R-8
               └── Alexander Runciman, b. abt 1803 m. Jane Thomson
                  └── James Runciman, b. abt 1841, Glasgow, LKS m. Mary Thomson
                       ├── William Runciman, b. 1877 Glasgow, LKS
                       │      .
                       │      Runciman R-20
                       └── Charles Runciman, b. 1882 Glasgow, LKS
                              Alan Runciman R-17

Lineage 1c

Robert and Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN of East Lothian

Thomas and Alison are the earliest identified ancestor of the lineage that includes the Sir Walters and Sir Steven RUNCIMAN
The bones of this pedigree have been taken from a tree published by the late Steve Gibbs. A copy is available on the Runciman Surname One Name Study Lineage Source pages (S2923)
The links to Lineage 1b are now assumed to be as shown below, given the newfound dna match between Jim (R-10), Jim (R-7), not yet sure how Peter (R-12), David (R-1) and Jerry (R-2) fit in.

Robert Runciman,
  m 1. Janet Sinclair
    ├── William RUNCIMAN, b 1717 Dirleton, ELN, SCT not to be confused with William of Crail above
    └── Thomas Runciman, b 1720 Prestonpans, ELN, SCT now believed to the one married Alison Grieve(see below)
  m 2. Katharine Begby
    ├── Richard Runciman, b 1722 Prestonpans, ELN, SCT
    └── Robert Runciman, b 1724 Pencaitland, ELN, SCT

Thomas Runciman, m.1746 Innerwick, East Lothian, SCT Alison Grieve
├── Thomas Runciman, b. abt Jan 1750 Inneriwck, East Lothian, SCT m. (Elspeth) Elizabeth Kemp
│    └── Marion Runciman, m. Walter Runciman (b 1785) see below
└── Peter Runciman, Dunbar, East Lothian, SCT m. Jean Smith
      ├── Walter Runciman, b. Aug 1785 Dunbar, East Lothian
      │    m.1) Marion Runciman see above
      │    └── Walter Runciman, b. Apr 1810 Irvine, Ayrshire m. Jean Finlay
      │          ├── Thomas Runciman, b. Mar 1841 Spittle, Tweedmouth, NBL m. Mary Elizabeth Castles
      │          ├── John Finlay Runciman, b. Jan 1843 Spittle, Tweedmouth, NBL m. Amelia LAWSON
      │          └── Walter Runciman Bt, b. Jul 1847 Dunbar, Haddingtonshire m. Ann Margaret LAWSON
      │    m.2) Elizabeth Slight
      │     └── James Runciman, b. 1839 d. 1849
      └── Thomas Runciman, b. Feb 1791 Dunbar, East Lothian m. Isabella Craig
            ├── Thomas Runciman, b. Jun 1813 Dunbar, East Lothian m. Ann Hunter
            │    └── Archibald Runciman, abt 1843 Dunbar m. Ann Bruce
            │          └── George Bruce Runciman, abt 1874 Calcutta m. Elizabeth Gunderson
            │                └── Archibald Runciman, b Jul 1906 Lancashire, England m. Helen Jackson
            │                      └── Jim ( R-10)
            ├── William Runciman, b. Feb 1824 Dunbar, East Lothian m. Ann Hoggett
            │    └── Alexander Runciman, b Mar 1892 Simon's Town, Sth Africa m. Kathleen Hoffmann
            │          ├── Derek Runciman, b Feb 1924 Johannesburg, Sth Africa
            │          └── ( R-11)
            └── Adam Runciman, b. circa 1824 Dunbar, Haddington, East Lothian, SCT

                  m 1) Helen Paterson

                  m  2) Barbara Fowler
                    └── Adam Runciman, b. circa 1852 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCT m Jane Miller
William Miller Runciman, b. circa 1892 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCT

Lineage 1d : Alexander and Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN of East Lothian
Further representative(s) wanted given ambiguity of dna results.

Alexander Runciman **, b. abt 1685, ?Dunbar, ELN, SCT m. Janet Hendrie of Mickle/Meikle Pinkerton, Dunbar, East Lothian
└── Thomas Runciman, b. 1728 Dunbar, ELN m. Barbara Wallace
      └── Thomas Runciman,  b. say 1760 ?Dunbar, ELN, SCT m Jean Simpson See Thomas link re (un)certainty surrounding the relationships shown here
           ├── John Runciman,  b. 1784 Broxburn, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Ma(r)y Weatherly
           │    └── Thomas Runciman,  b. Sep 1811 Langton, Berwickshire, Scotland m Alison Currie
           │          └── John Runciman,  abt 1839 Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland m Rebecca Dryden
           │                └── Thomas Runciman,  abt 1869 Wooler, NBL m Sarah Davidson
           │                      └── John W Runciman,  abt 1901 Newcastle on Tyne, NBL m Evelyn Scott
           │                            └── Peter( R-12)
           ├── Alexander Runciman,  say 1786 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Joan Manderson (representative(s) wanted)
           │    ├── Alexander Runciman,  b. 1816 Meikle Pinkerton, East Lothian, Scotland m Margaret Cairns
           │    ├── Thomas Runciman,  b. 1818 Meikle Pinkerton, East Lothian, Scotland m Joan Watterston
           │    └── John Runciman,  b. 1829 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Ann Souness
           ├── Thomas Runciman,  b. circa 1791 ?Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland m Mary Redpath
           │    ├── Thomas Runciman,  b. 1816 Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland m Margaret (representative(s) wanted)
           │    ├── John Runciman,  b. 1818 Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland m Isabella Palmer
           │    │    ├── Thomas Runciman,  abt 1842 Whitsome, Berwickshre, SCT m Sarah Hewitson
           │    │          └── Fenwick Hewitson Runciman,  b. 1863 Pittington, Durham, England m Barbara Caisley
           │    │                └── John Robert Runciman,  b. 1889 Gateshead, Durham, England m. Hannah Carver
           │    │                     └── Fenwick H Runciman,  b. (Qtr 1) 1913 Gateshead Durham, England
           │    │                └── Fenwick H Runciman,  b. Feb 1901 Gateshead, Durham, England
           │    │          └── John Thomas Runciman,  b. 1866 Pittington, Durham, England m Catherine Potter
           │    │                └── Fenwick Runciman,  b. 1889 Gateshead, Durham, England m Sarah Myers
           │    │                     └── Fenwick Runciman,  b. 1919 Durham, England
           │    │          └── George Runciman,  b. 1869 Pittington, Durham, England m Isabella Watt
           │    │                └── Fenwick Hewitson Runciman,  b. Dec 1913 Castle Ward, Northumberland, England
           │    │    ├── George Runciman,  abt 1850 Swinton, Berwickshre, SCT m Jane Stockdale
                              Neil  (R-9) See also Lineage 2b

           │    │    └── John Runciman,  b. 1858 Pittington, Durham, England m Mary Ann Dowdle
           │    │          └── Albert E Runciman,  b. 1889 Coxhoe, Durham, England m Margaret J Farry
           │    │                 └── Walter Runciman m Mary E Campbell descendants in Australia
           │    └── William Runciman,  abt 1827 Berwickshire, SCT m Elizabeth Hastie
           │          ├── William H Runciman,  b. Jul 1855 Iowa, USA

           │          └── John W Runciman,  b. 1863 Iowa, USA
           │                └── Thomas Runciman, a bt 1891 Iowa, USA
           │                      └── Gilbert L Runciman,  b. 1920 Iowa, USA d. Limestone Co Alabama, USA
           ├── Robert Runciman,  b. 1794 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Agnes King (representative(s) wanted)
           │    └── Thomas Runciman,  b. 1821 Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland m Agnes Howden
           │          ├── John Runciman,  abt 1853 Prestonkirk, ELN, SCT m Janet Punton
           │          │    └── James Punton  Runciman,  Apr 1878, Morham, East Lothian, Scotland m Margaret Gilmour ?Lawrie? (to Coraopolis, PA, USA)
           │          └── William Howden Runciman,  b. 1855 Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland m Janet McFie
           │                └── Thomas  Runciman,  abt. 1888 East Lothian, Scotland m Alice Maud Gridley
           ├── George Runciman,  b. 1798 Crawhill, Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland m Janet Darling
           │    ├── Thomas Runciman, b. circa 1821 Leithollm, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Jane Mossman
           │    │     └── Thomas Runciman, b. Aug 1857 Edin. Midothian, Scotland m. Jane Paul
           │    │           ├── Thomas Runciman, b. circa 1882 Edin. Midothian, Scotland
           │    │           ├── George Paul Runciman, b. Jan 1888 Edin. Midothian, Scotland
           │    │           └── John Paul Runciman later Scott, b. 1889 Edin. Midothian, Scotland
           │    │                 :
           │    │                (R-15) (as semi-suspected, matches SCOTTs, not RUNCIMAN, see haplo R1b)
           │    ├── David Runciman, b. circa 1826 Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Barbara Allan Hogg
           │    │     └── George Runciman, b. circa 1854 North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland m. Elizabeth Walker
           │    │           └── David Runciman, b. circa 1899 Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland
           │    ├── John Runciman, b. circa 1832 Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland m. Janet Davidson
           │    │      ├── George Runciman, b. circa 1854 Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Mary Doughty (see above)
           │    │      │    └── John Runciman, b. circa 1888 Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland
           │    │      └── William Runciman, b. 1855 Greenlawdean, Par. of Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Isabella Pace Young
           │    │            └── Robert Burns Runciman, b. 1889 Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Agnes Graden Fox
           │    │                  └── John Darling Runciman, b. 1918 Scotland m. Isabella Pace Duthie
           │    ├── George Runciman, b. circa 1834 Whitekirk, East Lothian, Scotland m 2. Elizabeth Davidson
           │    │     └── Thomas Doughty Runciman, b. 1875 Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland m. Mary Chisholm
           │    │           └── David Runciman m. Helen Gordon Robson
           │    │                 :
           │    │                (R-19)
           │    └── Darling Runciman, b. circa 1841 Athelstanford, East Lothian, Scotland m. Elizabeth Ainslie
           │           ├── Robert Runciman, b. circa 1860 Dirleton, East Lothian, Scotland
           │           │     └── George Runciman, b. 1889 Athelstaneford, East Lothian, Scotland
           │           └── William Runciman, b. 1866 North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
           │                  └── Darling Runciman, b. circa 1893 ?Direlton, Nth Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
           └── William Runciman,  abt 1804 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Janet Paxton NB mother of William given as Christine SIMPSON, not Jean on his dth cert, which may account for the unexpected dna results (R-13 is haplo E)
                 └── William Runciman, b. 1832 North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland m Catherine Gardener
                       └── Robert Runciman, b. 1866 Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, SCT m. Margaret Orr
                             └── Richard Runciman, b. 1898 Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, SCT m. Agnes Hunter
                                   └── ( R-13) See also Lineage 3a

Haplogroup R1b1b2

Lineage 2a

James Runciman b. 1763 ?Ayton, BEW, SCT m Agnes Herriot
├──John Runciman,b. circa 1789 Ayton, BEW, SCT m Janet Inglis
│  ├── James Runciman, b. circa 1815 Coldingham, BEW, SCT m Isabella Inglis
│  │    ├── Thomas Runciman, b. 1855 Dunbar, Haddingtonshire, ELN, SCT m Jemima Annie Ramsbottom
│  │    └── William Morrison Runciman, b. circa 1858 Dunbar, ELN, SCT m Violet Mason
│  │          └── John Inglis Runciman, b. 1901 ?NZ
│  └── John Runciman, b. 1821 BEW, SCT m Jean Anderson
│       ├── John A Runciman, b. circa 1854 OH, USA m Ida E Waters
│       └── George Anderson Runciman, b. 1855 OH, USA m Maria Ascension Rivasplata
│             └──  Guillermo Antonio Runciman Rivasplata, b. 1880 La Libertad, Peru m MarĂ­a Rosa Navarrete Vives
│                   └──  Living
│                         └── R-6
├──James Runciman, b. 1791 SEL, SCT m Janet Hog Researcher: Don Runciman
│  ├── Francis Runciman, b. circa 1822 Selkirk, SEL, SCT m Janet Brander
│  │    ├── James Runciman, b. 1851 Wilmot, Waterloo Co, ONT, CAN m Esther Durrant
│  │    │    └── Norman Roy Runciman,b. 1897 ONT, CAN
│  │    └── George Runciman, b. 1856 Winterbourn, ONT, CAN m Mary Ann Alexander
│  │          └── William Alexander Runciman, b. 1890 Versailles, NY, USA m Lillian
│  │                 └──Don Runciman R-3
│  ├── Robert M Runciman, b. circa 1827 Galashiels, SEL, SCT m Martha Salkeld
│  │    └──John Baxter Runciman, b. 1860 Goderich, ONT, CAN m Alice Mary Potts
│  │        └── Arthur Salkeld Runciman, b. 1890 ?Huron Co, ONT, CAN m Lucy Kathleen Chapman
├──George Runciman, b. 1793 Ayton, BEW, SCT m Elizabeth Dalgleish Researcher: Phil Runciman (contact via Project Admin)
│  ├── Walter Runciman, b. 1826 ?SEL or ?ELN or ?BEW, SCT m Christina Clow
│  │    └── William Jack Runciman, b. 1873 NZ m Mary Ann May Johnson
│  │          └── Walter Jack Runciman, b. 1920 ?AKD, NZ m Edwina Marguerite Golden
│  │                └── Phil Runciman R-4
│  ├── Margaret Runciman, b. 1828 SCT m James Runciman  (s/o Thomas below)
│  └── Robert Runciman, b. 1835 Foulden, BEW, SCT m Christina Swanson
├──Thomas Runciman, b. 1798 Ayton, BEW, SCT m Isabella Linton
│   └── James Runciman, b. 1829 Par. of Ettrick, SEL, SCT m Margaret Runciman (d/o George above)
│          └──R-5
└──David Runciman, b. 1801 ?SEL or ?ELN or ?BEW, SCT

Lineage 2b

See also Lineage 1c above, ie anomolies to be resolved.
Thomas Runciman, m.1812 Innerwick, East Lothian, SCT Mary Redpath
Neil  (R-9)

Lineage 2c

John and Susan (DONALDSON) RUNCIMAN of Inchture, Perthshire

With Ontario descendents on one branch, Australian on another, and only a tentative id (by occupation) that the 1800 Alexander is the one connected to both Jane Hepburn and Isabella Dow, it would be good to get a representative from both branches into the project to confirm that theory and the dna signature for this line..
With a line believed to have earlier ancestry in Perthshire, a match to the existing Lineage 1 and Lineage 2 Runciman lines was not really expected, given the assumed occupational origins of the surname.

Lineage 3a

See also Lineage 1c above, ie anomolies to be resolved.
William Runciman,  abt 1804 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland m Janet Paxton NB mother of William given as Christine SIMPSON, not Jean on his dth cert, which may account for the unexpected dna results (R-13 is haplo E)
└── William Runciman, b. 1832 North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland m Catherine Gardener
      └── Robert Runciman, b. 1866 Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, SCT m. Margaret Orr
           └── Richard Runciman, b. 1898 Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, SCT m. Agnes Hunter
                 └── ( R-13)

Pedigrees awaiting DNA results

Other Pedigrees awaiting representatives

Andrew and Margaret (THOMPSON) RUNCIMAN

Found in Haldimand, Brighton, and Percy in Northumberland Co, Ontario, near to William a descendant of the Crail/Dirleton Lineage 1b family who are not known to have any Andrews either missing or found (but may belong to Lineage 2 instead)

Andrew Runciman **, b. circa 1819 Dunse, Berwick, SCT m. Margaret Thompson
└── John Runciman, b. 1846 Haldimand, Northumberland Co, Ontario, CAN m. Sarah Junor
    ├── Andrew Runciman, b. 1891 Brighton, Northumberland Co, Ontario, CAN Known to be in Warkworth in 1911 and 1929
    └── James Runciman, b. 1895 Brighton, Northumberland Co, Ontario, CAN

A group of potentially related RUNCIMANs it would be good to investigate connections between Anyone researching them?

James and Mary (GRAHAM) RUNCIMAN

James Runciman, b. circa 1775 Kirkintilloch?, DNB?, SCT m. Mary Graham
├── John Runciman, b. circa 1811 Kirkintilloch, DNB, SCT
└── William Runciman, b. circa 1816 Kirkintilloch, DNB, SCT m. Christina Robertson
      ├── James Runciman, b. circa 1843 Campsie, STI, SCT m. Agnes Busby
      │    ├── William Runciman, b. circa 1867 SCT m. Elizabeth Irwin
      │    └── James Runciman, b. circa 1879 Ashton-under-Lyne, LAN, ENG
      ├── John Runciman, b. circa 1845 Campsie, STI, SCT
      ├── William Runciman, b. circa 1851 Campsie, STI, SCT
      └── John Runciman, b. circa 1857 Campsie, STI, SCT m. Georgina Davidson
            ├── Frederick Runciman, b. circa 1889 Glasgow, LKS, SCT
            └── John Runciman, b. circa 1896 Glasgow, LKS, SCT


John Runciman m. Mary McPherson
└── George Runciman, b. circa 1813 Stirling, STI, SCT m. Mary McKellar (McIntyre on some certs)
      ├── George Runciman, b. circa 1835 Glasgow, LKS, SCT m. Margaret Wallace (George a blacksmith)
      └── Malcolm Runciman, b. circa 1845 Denny, STI, SCT m. Elizabeth Reynolds
            ├── Malcolm George Livingston Runciman, b. 1877 Maryhill, LKS, SCT
            └── Clara Elizabeth Poona Runciman, b. circa 1880 Poona, IND


George Runciman, b. say 1830 ?LKS, SCT = Mary Davidson a blacksmith, is this the same George above, marr. to Margaret Wallace?
├── John Davidson Runciman, b. Apr 1849 Kilsyth, STI, SCT m. Annie Allen Young (John also appears as John R GREY/GRAY in census records)
└── Andrew Davidson Learmont Runciman, b. 1863 Glasgow, Dist of Bridgeton, LKS, SCT m. Margaret Cummings Halliday Hunter
      ├── George Hunter Runciman, b. 1901 Calderbank, LKS, SCT m. Rachel C Doherty
      │      ├── George Hunter Runciman
      │      ├── Donald Doherty Runciman
      │      ├── Robert Cameron Runciman
      │      └── Thomas Reid Runciman
      ├── Andrew Davidson Runciman, b. Jan 1905 Calderbank, LKS, SCT m. Annie Fleming York
      ├── Hector Blair Runciman, b. 1906 Dist of Dalziel, LKS, SCT
      │     m. 1) Charlotte Murray
      │      ├── Adam Runciman
      │      ├── Duncan Runciman
      │      └── William Little Runciman b. 1936 Glasgow, LKS (d. QLD 2006)
      └── Adam Morrison Runciman, b. 1910 Dist of Dalziel, LKS, SCT m. Elfriede Heckhoff

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