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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Needham Quick, b. 1798, North Carolina, d. 1850+, Marlboro County, SC, m. Nancy -Hubert L. ‘Butch’ Quick, Jr. [bquick548 At]
    • Cameron Robert Quick, b. September 1827, Marlboro County, SC, d. 4 August 1921, Burke County, GA, m. Lakaskey Heath
      • Richard Henry Quick, b. 20 March 1862, Girard, Burke County, GA, d. 28 January 1936, Bulloch County, GA, m. Mina Mae Godbee
        • Norman Lester Quick, b. 20 March 1898, Birdsville, Burke County, GA, d. 25 October 1971, Augusta, Richmond County, GA, m. Lucille Ward 442074
  • Eli Quick b c1802 Bennettsville, Marlboro, SC m Drucilla Turner - RandyQuick [rlquick AT]
    • William Bill Quick b 6 Sep 1839 Inman, Fayette, GA m Sarah Jane Moses
      • Martin Quick b 8 Apr 1868 Inman, Fayette Co., GA m Millie Crutcher
        • Raleigh Corbitt Quick b 13 May 1897 Newnan, Coweta Co., GA m Ethel Houston  159815
  • Eli Quick b c1802 Bennettsville, Marlboro, SC m Drucilla Turner d Nov 1877 Fayette Cty Ga -WLQuick  [wquick77 AT]
    • Mary Ann Quick b Dec 1834 Fayette Cty, Georgia m unknown d 06 Oct 1901 Coweta Cty Ga
      • Roland Malcomb "Mal" Quick b 22 Mar 1865 Fayette Cty Ga m Laura Ann Kelly-Tinny 03 Jan 1889  Coweta Cty Ga d 01 Feb 1962 Griffin, Spalding, Ga
        • Woodie Rolan Quick b 22 Oct 1889 Meriwether Cty, Ga m Ellen Verdie Henderson 18 Aug 1907 Coweta Cty, Ga d 26 Mar 1962 Griffin, Spalding, Ga 240449

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