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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Francis Posey b c1615 d 3 Mar 1653/54 St. Mary's, Charles Co., MD - darillyn [darillyn AT]
    • John Posey b bef 1649 Charles Co., MD d bef 25 May 1689 Charles Co., MD m Susannah Belaine
      • John Posey b 30 Jul 1685 Charles Co., MD d Feb 1759 Charles Co., MD m Lydia Shuttleworth
        • Humphrey Posey b c1718 Charles Co., MD d 28 Feb 1784 Charles Co., MD m Mary Ann Maddox
          • Pryor Posey b c1743 Charles Co., MD d 14 Dec 1782 Charles Co., MD m Janet Luckett
            • David Price Posey b Feb 1782 MD d Aug 1856 Lauderdale Co., TN m Peachy T. Powell
              • Albert Wash'ngt'n Posey b Sep 1819 Laurens, SC d Feb 1888 TN m Susan H. Boyd
                • Thomas Price Posey b 1848 Lauderdale Co., TN d aft 1900 Tyler, TX m Sivela J. P. Keller
                  • William Imri Posey b Jan 1880 Lauderdale Co., TN d Feb 1942 Las Vegas, NV m Hariette H.
                    • Harris Raymond Posey b Jun 1908 Harris Co., TX d Jul 1984 Phoenix, AZ m Selma L. Berg 256541
  • Francis Posey b c1760 SC d 1833 m Malinda Foshee - Murlen Posey [mmposey AT]
    • Squire Posey b c1785 SC d 1876 m1 Jane Pate m2 Milly Cagle
      • Singleton Posey b 1830 Autauga Co., AL d 1866 m Martha Margaret Morris
        • Nalder Posey b 1856 AR d 1930 m Susie Ann Melton
          • Simeon Houston (Bud) Posey b 1893 Franklin Co., AL d 1991 m Docia Lou Camp 77260
  • Abraham Posey (c1780-Sep1837) b. SC m. Rachael - Jon Millar Posey [aroostook3 AT]
    • David Marlin Posey  (09Jan1830-11Feb1910) b,Marion Co.,Ga.  m. Mary Ann Browning
      • David Perry Mathias Posey  (25Jul1860-25Aug1937) b.Marion Co.,Ga.  m. Pernola Ann Duke
        • William Howell Posey  (26Dec1883-11Apr1943) b, Columbus, Ga.  m. Eugenia Lillian Chandler
          • William Howell Posey Jr.(26Sep1909-19Nov1994) b. Columbus, Ga.  m. Leita Anthony Millar  240533
  • William Riley Posey b c1844 AR d 24 May 1894 AR m Elizabeth "Betty" Hutchinson - Steve Posey [Steveposey08 AT]
    • James Riley Posey b 8 Jan 1877 AR d 4 Apr 1940 TX m Nora Mae Weddel
      • Robert Weddel Posey b 27 Oct 1913 d 10 Jun 1980 AZ m Virginia Irene Williams 275223

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