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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Jakob Bitzer b Wurtemburg  - Pittser Admin [PittserAdmin AT]
    • Conrad Bitzer b Wurtemburg
      • Matthias Bitzer/Pitzer  b. 1731 Wurtemburg d 1816 Berkeley Co., VA / WV m Margaret
        • John Pitzer  b. 1777 Berkeley Co., VA / WV d 1851 OH m1 Mary Switzer m2 Elizabeth Piper/Pifer
          • Andrew Jackson Pitzer/Pittser  b. 1820 Berkeley Co., VA / WV d 1904-1910 OK m1 Mahala Ratcliff m2 Millison Lamb
            • Albert Thomas Pittser  b. 1865 Hickory Co., MO d 1952 OK m Jeanett/Nettie Myra Comstock
              • Franklin Pearl Pittser  b. 1894 Hickory Co., MO d 1979 OK m1 Myrtle Mcfarlin m2 Mary Mundell m3 Lillie Wells

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