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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Josiah E. Piper b 1597 England -Terry Chambers [Terrylee565 AT]
    • Nathaniel Piper b 1627 England m. Sarah Edwards b 1631 MA
      • Jonathan Piper b 1672 MA m. Alice Darby b 1679 MA
        • Jonathan Piper (II) b 1702 MA m. Abigail Bacheller b 1703 MA
          • Jonathan Piper (III) b 1731 MA m. Lucy Haywood b 1732 MA
            • Amasa Piper b 1760 MA m. Mary Piper b 1762 MA
              • Ruben Piper b 1795 NH m. Lucy Perigo b 1799 VT 483812
  • Nathaniel Piper b 1627 Dartmouth, England m Sarah Edwards - Dave Piper [davepiper AT]
    • Thomas b 1666 Ipswich, MA m Grace Hawley
      • Thomas b 1697 Wenham, MA m Tabitha Rollins
        • Stephen b 1733 Stratham, NH m Abigail Wiggin
          • Stephen b 1760 Stratham, NH m Mary Ayers
            • Asa b 1784 Stratham, NH m Sophia Chellis
              • Mark F. b 1819 Newfield, ME m Elizabeth C. Davis
                • James A. b 1858 Newfield, ME m Laura A. Evans
                  • Charles E. b 1890 Carroll Co., NH m Helen Pray
  • Billy Piper, Revolutionary War General - Joanne Koval [greener822 AT]
    • William Piper, m Betsy Carnes
      • Catherine Piper m Theofelas Kastner  (mtDNA result available for Catherine)
  • George Piper b c1776 MD m Jane Runyan - mijrepip [kmpiper AT]
    • George Hoffman Piper b 1811 Loudon Co., VA m Elizabeth Ann Thompson
      • George Morris Piper b 1842 Cole Co., MO m Victoria Louise Griffin
        • Harold Morton Piper b 1888 Peoria Co., MO m Lexie Belle Ray McGill 176262
  • John Piper, 1782 Norfolk, England, m. Phebe Smith - Donna Piper [donnat AT]
    • Charles John Piper, 25 Nov 1834, Wheatacre Norfolk England, m. Esther McGregor
    • Charles John Piper, 1 Jan 1895, Jackson Missouri, m. Louise Woll B30179
  • Joseph Piper, b. c1837 m. Sarah Gibson - Jessica Piper [jpiper66 AT]
    • Charles Wilgus Piper, b. 1860 Tuscarawas Co. OH, d. 1945 Jackson Co. IL
      • Jess D. Piper, b. 1897 Jackson Co. IL, d. 1957 Jackson Co. IL
  • Franz Heinrich Albert Piper b 1864 Pommern, Germany m Luise Christine Friederike Godegast - Marsha [bengerman5 AT]
    • Carl Friedrick Wilhelm Johannes Piper b 1893 Hamburg, Germany m Elizabeth Catherine Wolfsehr

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