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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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Group 1 - Participants P-2, P-5, P-8, P-11, and P-13.  The Group 1 participants represent descendants of the Worcester Co, MD (or “Eastern Shore”) Perdues.  They are a different family from the Virginia Perdues/Pardues, as shown by the DNA results.  The common ancestor of all of the Maryland Perdues appears to be John Perdue, b ca 1675; d 1744.  He appears to have had two documented sons, George (b ca 1720) and John (b ca 1725).  However, it seems necessary to postulate at least one more son, perhaps named James, in order to account for all of the Perdues showing up in the tax and census records in the 1770-90 period in Worcester Co, MD.  This Perdue family is summarized in the book, Our Family Heritage:  The Perdues of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, by Edward M. Perdue, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1988. 


John Perdue (b ca 1675 – d 1744) - Whit Athey [wathey AT]


•  (unknown, possibly James) Perdue, b say 1715 MD

•  George Perdue, b say 1756 MD; prob mar -- Hitch

•  Isaac Perdue, b 1787 MD; d 1859 GA - Charles L. Perdue [clp5a AT]

•  Alfred Walton Perdue b. 1820 Jones Co. GA, d. 1863 GA

•  Daniel Walton Mabry Perdue b. 1844 Monroe Co., GA; d.1911  P-2 34072

•  James (?) Perdue (there was a James Perdue in 1790 Guilford Co, NC census), b say 1760 MD

•  John Perdue, b 1786 NC - Terri Harris [qtharris AT]

•  James Perdue, b 1805 Guilford Co, NC (to Indiana)

•  James Perdue, b 1834, Delaware Co, IN

•  Francis Marion Perdue, b 1858 IN  P-13 76842


•  (unknown, possibly George or James, above) Perdue, b say 1756-1760 MD

•  John Perdue, b 1783 MD; d 1862 GA – William A. Perdue [oma AT]

•  Elijah Perdue, b 1841 GA; d 1913 TX

•  James M. Perdue, b 1869; d 1897  P-11 68910


•  George Perdue, b 1720 MD; d ca 1770; m Leah –

•  George Perdue, b ca 1754; killed in the American Revolution (apparently no male Perdue descendants)


•  John Perdue, b ca 1725; d ca 1802 Worcester Co, MD; mar (1) Arcadia Walker; mar (2) Sabra Fooks.


•  George Perdue, b say 1752; mar Elizabeth Dixon (moved to GA ca 1807)


•  James Perdue, b 1756; m Susannah Wainwright

•  James Walker Bayly Perdue, b ca 1778; d ca 1842

•  Elijah Laws Perdue, b ca 1820; d ca 1882

•  George Marshall Jenkins Perdue, b 1846; d 1933 P-8 50406


•  John Perdue, b 1758 MD; d after 1820 in AL; mar Mary Elizabeth “Betsey” Hitch.  Moved to GA in 1798 along with first cousin George.  Brother George also moved to GA about 1807 after the death of their father.—Whit Athey [wathey AT]

•  Hetty Ann Perdue, b 1781 MD; mar Alexander Reddoch

•  Sovereign Tully Perdue, b 1792 MD; d 1863 AL

•  Monroe Wimberley Perdue, b 1832 AL; d 1913 AL P-5 33951

                                                  Alexander Bollin Perdue, b ca 1797 MD; d ca 1840 Lowndes Co, AL; mar Clara Elvira Watson

                                                  Alexander Orren Perdue, b 1837 Lowndes Co, AL; d 1919; mar Harriet Matilda Blackwell

                                                                Pascal Rodolphis Perdue b 1886 LaPine, AL d 1974 Montgomery, AL []


Group 2 - Participants P-1, P-3, P-4, P-7, P-10, P-14, P-15, P-16, P-17, P-18, P-19, P-20, and P-24.  The common ancestor for all of this group was probably the father or grandfather of three Perdues who appear in the early Virginia records, John, Richard, and William.  There are no records connecting these three Perdues, but the DNA evidence shows that two participants whose lines go back to Chesterfield Co, VA, and who are not descended from John Perdue, match those who are descended from John.  This supports the idea, but does not prove, that John, Richard, and William were brothers (for example, they could have been first cousins).


Richard or William Perdue b say ca 1695-1700, d in Chesterfield Co, VA


•  Francis Perdue, b 1745 at Chesterfield Co, VA, d 1830 at Campbell Co VA - Joe Allison [Falconjna AT]

• Isham Perdue, b 1779

   • Jesse Perdue, b 1806 at Campbell Co., VA, d 1870  

•  David Burton Perdue, b 1829 at Bedford Co, VA

• Samuel H Perdue, b 1848 at Bedford Co., VA

• James T Perdue, b 1871 at Montgomery County, VA

•  Huston Thomas Perdue, b 1906 at Montgomery Co, VA, P-3 N3180


•  William Perdue, 1730-1820 died in Montgomery Co, VA

• Meshack Perdue 1756-1838  died in Franklin County, VA; mar.
Eleanor Nellie Dillon –
T Glover [tglover AT]

• Daniel Perdue, b 1787 Franklin Co., VA, d 1857 Sumner, TN; mar Prudence Ward        

•  Daniel Green Perdue, b 1814 Franklin Co, VA; mar Matilda J. Mattox

•  Marion Blair Perdue, b 1846 Sumner, TN  P-15 82456


• Luke Perdue, b ca 1795 Franklin Co, VA; m Susannah Bowsman      

•  Mark Pardue, b 1823; d 1900 Jackson Co, MO; m Dorcas Paul – Glenn Perdue [healthliving7 AT]

•  Mark Perdue, b 1859 Jackson Co, MO; d 1958  P-18 99751


• John Otis Perdue (?), b say 1780       

•  William Pardue, b 1814 Franklin Co, VA – T Glover [tglover AT]

•  Zachary Taylor Pardue 1848 Franklin Co, VA  P-16 84776


•  Ransom Pardue, b 1811 Franklin Co, VA – G. Perdue [gbadue1 AT

]                                                           •  Geter Perdue 1838, d 1899 Franklin Co, VA; m Sarah  P-4 40847


• Isaiah Perdue, b 1793, Franklin Co, VA; m Mildred Wingo

•  John Meadows Perdue, b ca 1816 Franklin Co, VA; m Mary Ward

•  Dewitt Clinton Perdue, b 1851 Wayne Co, WV  P-24 138499


• (unknown Perdue), possibly a son or grandson of Richard or William Perdue

• (unknown Perdue), b say 1780 VA      

•  John Wesley Pardue, b 1822 VA – Jon Perdue [jperdue AT]

•  John H. Perdue 1859

  •  Willis E. Perdue 1885 KS; d 1966  P-20 N59934


John Perdue, b about 1700-1705; appears in Henrico Co records in 1734; d 1768 Bute Co, NC; m Sarah -- .  Children:


•  Joseph Perdue b 1733 VA  d 1789 Warren, NC m Judith

•  George Perdue 176? NC; d 183? Montgomery Co, TN; mar Sarah Rowland – [T Glover (tglover AT]

•  Littleton John Perdue b 1804NC; d 1869 Montgomery Co, TN   

•  Alexander Ewing Pardue b 1851; d 1921 Cheatham, TN  P-17 85537


•  Lilleston Pardue, b ca 1750, d 1807 - Carol Pardue [cpard AT]

•  Fields Pardue, b 1796, d 1836

•  John Pardue, b 1828, d 1872

•John Fields Pardue, b 1871, d 1965  P-14 77234


• Bevill Pardue, b 1753 Amelia Co, VA; d bef 1820 m Tabitha

• John Pardue, b 1773; d 1856 Wilkes Co, NC – [GeorgeP AT]

• Bevil Mickens Pardue, b 1822; d 1895 Wilkes Co, NC

•  Peter Henry Pardue, b 1860; d 1915 Wilkes Co. NC P-7 44021


•  Robert Pardue  b 1783 Warren County, NC m Martha Sale - kerrypardue [kerrypardue247 AT]

  • Lilliston Adam Pardue b1818 d 1886 m Harriett Welch

•  William H Pardue

•  Robert L Pardue b NC m Elizabeth Holland  P-19 90774


• Richard Purdue, will 1810 Montgomery Co. TN. – Bobbie AT

                        • Orrin Garlin Purdue, d 1811 Montgomery Co. TN.

                                    • Joshua Gardner Purdue, b1811, Montgomery Co. TN; m Margaret WARD

• Lewis Marion Purdue: b1854, Macon Co. IL; m Margaret COX P-30 181771



[The following match Perdue Group 2, but their relationship to the above families is unknown]


•  Unknown Perdue, b say 1730s, possibly son of John

•  Unknown Perdue, b say ca 1760

•  unk Perdue, b say 1790

•James Perdue 1815 Rowan Co, NC—Connie Perdue [clperdue AT]

•  Henry Harrison Perdue, 1843 Davidson Co, NC; m Eliz Plummer

•  Henry Cicero Perdue, b 1863 Davidson Co, NC; m Laura Younts  P-1 33823


•  Unknown Perdue b say 1730s VA; possibly a son of John

•  Joseph Pardue, b 1761l d 1846 Chester Co, SC; m Nancy Key

•  Joseph Martin Pardue b 21 Aug 1798 Warren NC d 1868 Selma AL m Elizabeth Cordray  Key - richmapa [richmapa AT] 

•  George Washington Pardue b 1827 SC; d 1890 Perryville, AL m Margaret Jane Bell  P-10 67271


 • Unknown Perdue, b say 1745

• Unknown Perdue, b say 1780

• Arnold Pardue, b 1814 SC – Glen Perdue [glennperdue AT]

•  Arnold Pardue 1837 SC

•  Elias Perdue, 1872 SC  P-23 134682


Group 3 – Unmatched Participants P-6, P-9, P-12, P-21





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