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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • James Parkinson, b unknown, England? - Thomas E. Parkinson [tparkinson AT]
    • Thomas Parkinson, b unknown, Co Down, Ireland
      • Thomas Parkinson, b unknown, Co Down, Ireland
        • Robert Parkinson,  b abt 1766, Co Down, Ireland, d 1822 Clarkson, NY, USA
          • Thomas Parkinson, b 1793, Seaforde, Down, Ireland, d 1888, St. Clair County, MI
            • William John Parkinson, b 1839, London, Ontario, Canada, d 1921, University Place, NE
              • William Joseph Parkinson, b 1900, Madison, NE, d 1960, Omaha, NE 212630
  • Jacob Parkerson (Parkinson), b. 3 March 1761, Northampton Co., Virginia, Mary Murden (spouse) - Phillip Taylor Parkerson [ptparkerson AT]
    • Cordial Daniel Parkerson I, b. 1809, Pulaski Co., Georgia, USA, Elizabeth Murray (spouse)
      • Cordial Daniel Parkerson II, b. 1 March 1829, Pulaski Co., Georgia, USA, Catherine Harrell (spouse)
        • Willis Levi Parkerson, b. 25 May 1867, Pulaski Co, Georgia, USA, Samantha E. Taylor (spouse)
          • William Daniel Parkerson, b. 4 July 1885, Dodge Co., Georgia, USA, Gertrude E. Wade (spouse)
  • William Parkison d. 1802, Cumberland Co., PA -Bob Parkison [bobparkison AT]
    •  John Parkison b c 1750
      • John Parkison b c1770,puchased land, Warren Co., Ohio
        • John Parkison b 1810
          • John Henry Parkison b 27 Dec 1848
            • Harry Parkison b 13 Aug 1887 N17828
  • William Parkison d. 1802, Cumberland Co., PA - Ed Parkison [Ehparkison AT]  101748 
  • Edward Parkinson b 1693 Inch, Down, Ireland - Thomas Parkinson [tompark AT]
    • Matthew Parkinson b 1727 Inch, Down, Ireland
      • Edward Parkinson b1778 Ballygally, Down, Ireland
        • William Parkinson b1818 Inch, Down, Ireland
          • Francis Parkinson b1857 Inch, Down, Ireland
            • Francis Parkinson b1889 Albany,NY 95920
  • Edward Parkinson b abt 1790, Kilmore Co Down - Ian Parkinson - [ianparkinson62 AT]
    • James Parkinson b abt  1831, Co Down
      • John Parkinson b abt 1855 Co Down
        • Henry Parkinson b 24/3/1894, Belfast 203121

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