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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Oxford / Axford
  • John Axford b c1692 m Johanna - Gayle Axford [gjaxford AT]
    • Jonathan Axford b 1730 m Lydia
      • Jonathan Axford b 1765 NJ m Lana
        • Samuel Axford b 1800 Ontario, Canada m Lavinia
          • Wellington Axford b 1839 Ontario, Canada m Catharine
            • James Leslie Axford b 1874 Ontario, Canada m Mary Jane 113659
  • Samuel Oxford, b 1696, m Mary - William B Oxford [wmurphy AT]
    • John Oxford, b 1731, m Mary Ann
      • John Oxford, b 1765, m Sarah
        • John Oxford, b 1786, d 1835
          • Samuel Oxford, b 1803, m unknown Curtis
            • John Oxford, b 1833, m Martha
              • John Manley Oxford, b 1862, m Rebecca
                • Ulis Grant Oxford, b 1879, m Lenora O-3 61956

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