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We will list the pedigrees of members of the Newsom(e) family by the earliest ancestor of those who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all branches will be represented on this page.   We also hope to locate descendants of each branch and encourage their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page. We will indicate pedigrees of those who have a participant in the yDNA Newsom(e) project.)

Below is listed the males in the first three generations of Patriarch William Newsom I. 

 The first Newsom – Arrived 21 Aug 1635 at Jamestown on the ship George

William Newsom I.  born c.1614, died c.1657-67. Married four times: Penelope Ramsey, Sarah Fisher, Elizabeth Wilson, and Gertrude _____, (married Capt. George Watkins after William’s death.)  Dr. B.C. Holtzclaw provided a possible ancestry for William I, but acknowledged in his work, that there was no documentation proving that William descended from the Newsoms of Newsom (Newsham) Hall. Two proven children, William II and Alice.  Other possible, but unproven, sons may have been Robert Newsom of Lancaster Co. VA, and Thomas Newsom (Nesham), granted land in James City Co. in 1696. [The Newsom Family by B.C. Holtzclaw PH.D.; VA Magazine of History & Biography; Vol 47 & 48, 1939-40.]

Second Generation Newsoms

Two proven children of William Newsom I:
William Newsom II born c. 1648 Surry Co. VA, died c.1691 in Surry Co. VA. married Mrs. Ann (Sheppard) Hart, granddaughter of William Spencer, an early Jamestown settler.   Proven sons were: William, John, Robert, and Thomas Newsom.
Alice Newsom married Roger Rawlings. (Received and passed on her Mother's mtDNA to her daughters)

Third Generation Newsoms

William Newsom III b. 1672/3, m. Phyllis ___. Sons were John and Joseph.
John Newsom b. 1674/5, m. Sarah Crawford.  Sons were William and Joel.
Robert Newsom b. 1681/2 m. Elizabeth ___ . Sons were Thomas, Robert, Joseph.
Thomas Newsom*
b. 1685/6 m. Elizabeth Crawford.  Sons were: William, Thomas, Moses, Sampson, Solomon, Amos, Nathan, Benjamin, Jacob, and David.   [*See below for descendant]

Newsom(e) Pedigrees

  • Henry Newsom c1745 - c 1801 Rowan Co NC - Mary Alice Newsom Dell []
    • Harrison Newsom c. 1775 - 1832 Pike Co. KY m. Peggy Lowe 1802 Rowan Co. NC
      • Hartwell Newsom b. 1803 Rowan Co. NC m. Sally Tally 1831 Pike Co. KY
        • George Washington Newsome b. 1841, Floyd Co. KY m. Delilah Hughes c. 1862 Letcher Co. KY
          • Hartwell Newsome b. 1863 Letcher Co. KY, m. Mary Potter
            • William Newsome b. 16 May 1900 Lawrence Co. KY, d. 27 Nov 1961 Scioto, OH. m. Rebecca Amburgey  C.E. Newsom
            • George W. Newsom b. 29 Nov 1897 Letcher Co. KY, d. 19 Sep 1959, CA m. Alice Willis
  • HARMON NEWSOM – b. ca 1792 in NC; d. 1826, Green Co., AL.    m LUCY ?Madison  m. (2) Meddes Thach abt. 1827 - Anita Newsom Nail, [anitanail AT]
    • JOHN L. NEWSOM – b. ca 1808 in TN; d. aft. 1855 in unk.    m NANCY THOMPSON
      • JOHN H. NEWSOM – b. 01 Oct 1845 in AL: d. 06 Aug 1914 in Wayne Co., MS.    m CAROLINE SUMRALL
        • LOUIS ROWAN NEWSOM – b. 30 Mar 1884 in Wayne Co., MS; d. 26 Oct 1969 in Wayne Co., MS.    m ANNIE CORAL GRAY 397023
  • Richard Newsam d 1809 Steubenville, OH m Mary - historian4 [ednewsom AT]
    • William Newsam b c1785/90 d c1815 OH
      • John Newsam b c1790
      • George Newsam b 9 Feb 1790 PA d Lee Co., IA m Nancy
      • Rachel Newsam
      • Elizabeth Newsam b 1803 Steubenville, OH d Washington Co., IN m Luke Persinger
      • Alfred Richard Newsam b c1805 Steubenville, OH d 1879 Callaway Co., MO m Elizabeth Persinger
        • James Emmett Newsom b 21 Sep 1855 Callaway Co., MO d 21 Aug 1921 m Margaret Harrison


          • Charles Emmett Newsom b 29 Jan 1885 Callaway Co., MO d 1936 m Hattie Fisher 117278
  • Lewis Newsom b. 1806 TN m. (1)Nancy (2) Mary - L.W. Newsom 
    • Benjamin Burl Newsom b.1872 Marshall Co. MS. d, 1943. m. Nancy A.
      • Joe Lee Newsom b. 1908 Haskell Co. OK, d. 1987. m. Minnie
  • Thomas Newsom *[see above] c1678 Surry VA -1745 Isle of Wight VA, m. Elizabeth Crawford - C.W. Newsome 
    • Sampson Newsom c1710 Surry VA-1779 Southampton VA, m. Mary 
      • Lewis Newsom 1748 Surry VA-post 1809 Rowan Co. NC, m Pamelia Newsom, c1769 Sussex Co. VA
        • Harrison Newsome  c1775 -1832 Pike Co. KY, m. Peggy Lowe 1802 Rowan Co. NC
          • Frederick Newsome 1812 Rowan Co. NC – c1899 Pike Co. KY, m. Ansy Hall 1835 Pike Co. KY
            • Tivis Newberry Newsome 1861 Wise Co. VA m. Mary Jane Newman  c1890 Pike Co. KY
              • Charles Warren Newsome 1905 Floyd Co. KY-m. Leta Mae Ellington
  • Harrison Newsom  c1775 -1832 Pike Co. KY, m. Peggy Lowe 1802 Rowan Co. NC D.C. Newsome 
    • Frederick Newsom 1812 Rowan Co. NC – c1899 Pike Co. KY, m. Ansy Hall 1835 Pike Co. KY
      • Davenport Newsom 1835 Pike, KY – c1879 Pike Co. KY m. Arminda J. Hamilton 1858
        • John H Newsom 1871 Pike Co. KY – 1937 Carter Co. KY m. Eliza Jane Bentley 1909 Carter Co. KY
          • William H. Newsome 1914 Carter Co. KY – 1995  Rowan Co. K



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