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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Nagle / Holnagel
  • John Fred Nagle, b c1800 PA, m Catharine Whitenight, d bet1843-1860 Columbia Co PA - FloydN [gwendolyn.nagle AT]
    • Jacob Nagle/Neigle, b 21 Mar 1843 Columbia Co PA, m Phoebe Curtis 11 Nov 1865 Cass Co MI, d 27 Dec     1914 Branch Co MI
      • Sidney Curtis Nagle, b 9 Dec 1861 Winnebago Co IL, m Carolina Wilhelmina Reischke Berrien Co MI, d 11 Apr 1950 Kalamazoo Co MI
  • Frederick Carl Holnagel b 5 May 1842 Germany m Caroline Schoetley - jerryc [janemacmc AT]
    • Lewis Ludwig Holnagel b 12 Feb 1865 Mecklenburg, Germany m Eliza Jane Place
      • Frederick E. Holnagel b 4 Mar 1899 MI m Ruth M. Bedford 134570
  • Garrett Nagle, born: 02 Aug 1864, Coom, Kerry, Ireland, spouse; Bridget Kiely - Helen Keso [keso AT]
    • Bridget Nagle, born: 14 Nov 1889, Gullaun, Kerry, Ireland 299093

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