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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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  • Owen Myrick, Sr., b. c. 1652 in Virginia, m. Joan _?_  
    • Francis Myrick, Sr. b. c.1673 in Virginia; m. Rebecca   - John A. Myrick [jmyrick AT]
      • Francis Myrick, Jr. b.  c. 1694 in Virginia; m. Rebecca Middleton.
        • ​Francis Myrick, III, b. 1715 in Virginia; m. Mary Turner.
          • ​John Myrick, b. 1751 in North Carolina; m. Amy Goodwin.
            • ​Goodwin Myrick, b. 1779 in Virginia; m. Martha Parham
              • ​Benjamin Harvey Myrick, b. 1820 in Georgia; m. Anne Edmondson.
                • ​John E. Myrick, b. 1843 in Georgia; m. Julia Peeples
                  • ​Dudley Peeples Myrick, b.1873 in Georgia; m. Ethel Helm
                    • ​John “Jack” Albert Myrick, Sr., b.1916 in Georgia; m. Mildred Mangham 310072
        • ​John Myrick, Jr.. b. 1716 in Virginia; m. Ann Thompson - Wm. Harvey Myrick 
          • ​Nathaniel Myrick, b. c.1766 in Virginia; m, Winnie Mims.
            • ​John Myrick, b.1787 in Virginia; m. Malinda Harris
              • ​Moses Myrick, b. 1811 in Georgia, m. (2nd)  Mary Shofner
                • ​William Harvey Myrick, b. 1849 in Alabama, m. Susan Harrison
                  • ​Henry Leonard Myrick, b. 1872 in Alabama, m. Ollie Cox.
                    • ​William Harvey Myrick, b. 1908 in Alabama, m. Delia Black. 209154
                • John Wesley Myrick, b. 1834 in Alabama, m. Mary Cade. - Elbert Myrick
                  • ​John James Myrick, b. 1860 in Alabama, m. Martha Jernigan. 
                    • ​Elbert Lee Myrick, b. 1910 in Alabama, m. Gertrude Rose. 95361
        • Moses Myrick, Sr., b. c.1725 in Virginia, m. Susannah Ellison. - Thomas Myrick
          • ​James Myrick, b. c.1745 in North Carolina, m. Elizabeth James. 
            • ​Charles Myrick, b.1769 in North Carolina, m. Martha Ray. 
              • ​James C. Myrick, b.1802 in North Carolina, m. Mary Shearin.
                • ​William Armstead Myrick, b.1863 in North Carolina, m. Sallie Munn.
                  • ​James Thomas Myrick, b.1899 in North Carolina, m. Mattie Harris. 311213
            • Moses Myrick III (1777 – 1853)
              • ​Edward Macon Myrick, Sr. (1820 – 1891
                • Edward Macon Myrick, Jr. (1854 – 1922)
                  • Francis Macon Myrick (1880 – 1958)   300141
      • Richard Myrick, b. c. 1704 in Virginia, m. Elizabeth _?_ - Robert Myrick IV
        • James Myrick, b. 1740 in South Carolina, m. (2nd) Mary Brooker.
          • ​Eli Myrick, b. 1775 in South Carolina, m. Mary Creech. 
            • ​John T. Myrick, b. 1806 in South Carolina, m. Sarah Jane Jeter. 
              • ​James Wilson Myrick, b. 1841 in South Carolina, m. Ann Williams. 
                • ​William Wilson Myrick, b. 1871 in South Carolina, m. Angie Louvici Milhous 
                  • ​Robert Fulton Myrick, b. 1896 in South Carolina, m. Hazel Inez Baker. 
                    • ​Robert Fulton Myrick, Jr., b. 1918 in Florida, m. Miriam Cornell Case 317990
    • Owen Myrick, Jr., b. c.1685 in Virginia, m. Mary _?_ . - Eugene Myrick
      • ​John Myrick, Sr. b. c.1720 in Virginia, m. Ann _?_.
        • John Myrick, Jr. b. c.1745 in Virginia, m. Martha Edmonds
          • ​John Myrick, III b. c.1777 in Virginia, m. Elizabeth Kirk.
            • ​David Nicholson Myrick, Sr., b. 1807 in North Carolina, m. (2nd) Nancy Ann Bolt.
              • ​David Nicholson Myrick, Jr., b. 1847 in Tennessee, m. Cornelia Kellum.
                • ​David Nicholson Myrick, III,  b.1893 in Texas, m. Gladys Payne. 383344
        • William Myrick, b. 1750 in Virginia, m. Lucy Newsom. - Jack V. Myrick
          • ​Walter Myrick, b. 1790 in Virginia, m. (2nd) Mary Barrett 
            • ​James L. Myrick, b. 1818 in North Carolina, m. Elizabeth Nelson.
              • ​Theodore C. Myrick, b. 1856 in Kentucky, m. Alice Myra Coulter.
                • ​John L. Myrick, b. 1892 in Kentucky, m. Eleanor Irene Hill 299396

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