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The Munson surname in the USA is usually either Scandinavian (son of Mons) or from Thomas Munson who settled in Hartford, Connecticut in 1637 (English origin).


Click here for the link to a page about Thomas Munson at the Thomas Munson Foundation. This family's Y is R1b aka R-M269 in the modern nomenclature. Neither male descendant of this line in this project has done further SNP testing to look at the deeper origins.

There are numerous Scandinavian Munson families, some Norwegian, some Danish. Here's a site about one of those families, if you have a web site please send us the URL.

  • The Brooklyn Norwegian Munson Family (some of whom moved to Minneapolis) originiated in Kristiansand and Bergen - This family's Y is also R1b but further SNP testing puts them in the R-L238's Scandinavian branch, namely R-Y11662

There are project members with the I haplogroup, common in Scandinavia, and the G haplogroup., but the majority are R1b. Click here for the Eupedia article about R1b. The current theory is that this haplogroup came to Europe with the Indo-European invaders who had superior technology, namely bronze weapons, horses, and chariots ...

Here are some surname only thus Y descendant lists at WIKItree:

Currently most of the tools for surname projects at family tree DNA are based on the Y chromosome but there are some for autosomal DNA as well, stay tuned.


This SURNAME DNA PROJECT WEBSITE is provided by  (About us)

  • A Surname DNA Project is a group of genealogy researchers who share a surname, or a genetic link to the surname, and who join together to use yDNA testing, paper trails, and research to identify those with whom they share a common ancestor.

  • The aim for many participants is to identify a participant who "matches" their test results, and who can help them find the paper trail that leads further back up the family tree. When the DNA information is combined with family pedigrees and other relevant information, the full power of Genetic Genealogy is utilized.  In addition, yDNA tests cost less when you order them through a surname project at Family Tree DNA.

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