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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.

Patriarch Page
The following pedigree was posted by researcher Steve Mullinax.
  • John Mullenax 1735-1815 Goochland VA m. Jane Jennett - Christy D. Cooper [ccooper66 At]
    • James Mullenax 1765-1814 Augusta VA m. Mary Arbogast
      • Abraham Mullenax 1786-1850 Augusta VA m. Hannah Kile
        • James Mullenax 1806-1858 m. Permelia Murphy
          • John Wesley Mullennex 1829-1907 Highland County VA m. Mary Catherine Judy
            • Thomas Jefferson Mullennex 1858-1891 Randolph County WV m. Susan Virginia Dove
              • Jed Dile Mullennex 1888-1960 Randolph County WV m. Esta Margaret Eye 25760
  • William W., d 10 Mar 1762, Sussex Co., DE, m Jean (Jane) Coverdale [steve.mullinax AT]
  • Richard, b c 1740, Sussex Co., DE, m Elizabeth Poynter
    • Levi, d Sep 1818, Wilson Co., TN, m Nancy Brown
      • Isaac, b 14 Jan 1812, Wilson Co. TN, m Huldie Turner
        • Jeremiah, b 24 Sep 1908, Wilson Co., TN, m Amanda Jane Rich
          • Isaac Wilburn, b 01 Jul 1883, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN, m Callie Agnes Turney N33141

Each of Molyneaux Surname DNA Project Pedigrees should identify the Earliest Ancestor and the researcher.   By correlating test results and pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
 Each participant is asked to post his paternal pedigree on the Molyneaux Surname DNA Project Pedigree Forum.  
                 (Link to the Pedigree Forum is in the menu across the top of the page above; notes about the pedigree are at the bottom of this page)
Sample Pedigree (Terry's pedigree is listed as a reference.) 
  • Thomas Barton, purchased land, Stafford Co VA, 1678 - Terry Barton [terry AT]
    • Thomas Barton, m Grace
      • Thomas Barton, d 1751/2, Prince William Co VA
        • David Barton, b c1730, Stafford Co VA, m Ruth Oldham
          • Thomas, b 1768, Fauquier Co VA, m Sarah Kees – B-4 
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