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Welcome to the Mixon/Mixson/Megginson DNA project!

Updated May 8th 2015



Mixon, Mixson, Megginson, Meggison, Megason


Origin of Surname: Contrary to early beliefs, the  Mix(s)on surname was found to be a phonetic contraction from the surname Megginson. Mixon was also recorded as Megson or Megsom in early Abingdon Parish Records. Megson is also a contraction of Megginson. Metronymic naming customs and the dialect of how names were pronounced stem back to northern England with the influence of scandinavian culture in northern Britain. The name was simply spelled how it was pronounced in the very early colonial days which would indicate a distinct origin back to northern England.

The Megsons have contracted their name from Megginson, another name characterizing this part of Yorkshire. On the tombstone of the wife of Francis Megson, who was buried in St. Olave’s churchyard, York, in 1718, there is, or was, the following inscription: —

Under this stone, crammed in a hole, does lye The best of wives that ever man laid by.”.

Homes of Family Names in Great Britain - Henry Brougham Guppy 1890

Many, if not all Mixons and Megginsons, can trace their lineage back to John Megginson I who settled in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1651. John was the Headright on board the ship "Orange", captained by Moore Fauntleroy. According to several sources, the ship departed England shortly after Oliver Cromwell's seize of power in England as all those who supported King Charles I of England fled to the Virginia colonies.  John Mixon, who is also known as John Megginson, the Cavalier and the Royalist, laid the foundations for many Mixon and Megginson families from all over the U.S.
The objectives of this project is to:
-Using Y-DNA, to seek out related  Mixon and Megginson lineages or other extended/allied lineages.
-Aid research in determining the relation among males with the surnames and others with similiar or different surnames
-Encourage project participation in determining connections and promoting reconcilation between the two or any other male lineages 
-Spreading the long standing traditions of the families and the history that is rooted all the way to the first English settlement of the Virginia Colonies.


Project Y-DNA results can be found at:

To become a participant of the Mixon/Megginson project, you can click here to submit a Y-DNA test. I highly encourage any participant to test with a minimum of a 37 marker Y-DNA test to assist in confirming relation. Also, the combination of Y-STR and Y-SNP testing can assist in confirming relations. Any questions regarding what is Y-STR and SNP testing can be found here
Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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