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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Nicholas Marchant, b ca 1512, Rotherfield, SSX, m. Mary ? - Don Marchant [march123 AT]
    • Silvester Marchant, ba 2 Feb 1543, Rotherfield, SSX, m Alice Westgate
      • Anthony Marchant, b ca 1590, m Mildred Selwyne 25 Jul 1611, Chiddingley, SSX
        • Thomas Marchant, b c 20 Oct 1622, Hurstpierpoint, SSX, ENG m Mary Head
  • Thomas Marchant b c 20 Oct 1622 Hurstpierpoint, SSX, England - Don Marchant [march123 AT]
    • Thomas Marchant b c 8 Jan 1664/65 Ardingly, SSX, England m Ann Jarat (Jerrat)
      • Edward Marchant b 17 Mar 1696 Cuckfield, SSX, England m Sarah Symonds
        • John Marchant b 11 Dec 1728 Ardingly, SSX, England m Dorcas Alfrey
          • Henry Marchant b c23 Mar 1777 Shermanbury, SSX, England m Mary Knight
            • James Marchant b 20 Feb 1809 Leigh, KEN, England m Sarah Ann Barton
              • Henry John Marchant b 6 Sep 1844 Hadlow, Tonbridge, KEN, England m Esther Lavenia Weaver
                • Jesse Henry Marchant b 14 Jan 1872 Coaling, Tuscaloosa Co., AL m Cain Medders
                  • Fleet Wood Marchant b 20 Apr 1900 Bibb Co., AL m Marilla Lou Stewart 181294
  • John Marchant, b c1705, Stratford, CT - Liz Merchant Garrity [thomas.garrity AT]  M-1 75844
  • Thomas Merchant, b. 1727, Milford, CT m. Sarah Perry - Philip [dna AT]
    • Reuben Merchant I, b. 1765, Wallingford, CT
      • Reuben Merchant II, b. 1794, Waterbury, CT  m. Ellis Smith
        • Helen Ellis Merchant, b. 1841, Jefferson, NY  m. William Stephen Jones I 
  • George Washington Merchant b c 2 Aug 1809 VA or MD d 21 Sept 1884 Taylor Co., WV m Margaret Frier - okidoc [kjmopt AT]
    • William Henry Merchant b 24 Oct 1838 Allegany Co., MD d 22 Apr 1891 Astoria, Wright Co., MO m Sarah Ann Mabon
      • William James Merchant b 24 Mar 1874 Texas Co., MO d 17 Mar 1966 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK m Mary Anna Scott M-2 115296
  • Charles Henry Merchant, 31 Jul 1838, East New York, NY, USA m. Mary Lincoln Gunn -Shaun C Merchant [Shaun.merchant AT] 
    • Francis Elmer Merchant, 17 Sep 1873, Marshfield, OR, USA m. Mar Margaret MacDonald B198594

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